Monday, 19 January 2015


People. A bird's-eye ... Photographer Katrin Korfmann

Photo artist Catherine Korfman (Katrin Korfmann) is interested in photographing people. That there seems to be unusual? Unusual is the starting point shooting, which was chosen by Catherine. It takes people with bird's-eye view. In this, too, there is nothing outlandish, but our heroine feature is that it removes the only people in their moments of greatest congestion in crowded places or during political, religious and sporting events.
Photographer argues that from the perspective of its point shooting is very interesting to see groups of people, especially if it is not organized activities, and say the usual weekend in a city park or in an area of ​​excellent weather, when everyone wants to take a walk or just sit in the sun.
In addition to stories about wayward life of the masses of clusters, Katherine Kofman and removes staged works in which the characters take place strictly scrutinized and a total weight is a kind of picture that is revealed in all its glory only with bird's-eye view. However, the photographer believes that any gathering of people is not an accident, and regularity. Here are the reasons and consequences of Catherine Korfman just exploring in his work.
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