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Shopping - is an art.
Daveed - Softly
While one can not pick out the right clothes and tormented by the thought that you have to spend the whole day hanging out unsuccessfully shopping, others not only spend the time usefully, correctly picking the perfect sitting and fashionable new clothes, but still get from this process, a good portion of positive impressions.
It's very simple. To your mood and was at the height and your wallet suffered minimal losses, it is only necessary when shopping to follow simple rules.
And you will be happy!

Creates his own style

Massmarketa in which we buy clothes, always obeyed and will obey the laws of mass fashion. Remember: these ladies themselves create their own style! As a result, these women always stand out from the crowd.
To begin to determine what styles suit you - Slim, young and in any style (a casual, sports, romantic, and so on. D.) Give the image of femininity and a certain elegance. Then he came into the store, you'll know exactly what you're looking.

Dictate fashion

This does not mean that you should stay in one of the selected style. You have the right to be different every day - depending on your mood may change and your image.
When you begin to pick up items on the above mentioned principles - you will be ahead of fashion, and as a result become independent of it.

What is important is not the brand and the quality of

Buy branded clothes in stores only if you can determine whether it is high quality. The main quality indicators: inseams processed overlock, lining - made of natural fabrics, there is a loop for a hanger.But not to pay triple the price just for the brand name, you can find a place for budget shopping.

Do not persuade yourself

Everyone familiar with the situation when, happily going to the shopping trip, you come back or anything else, or not that I wanted. And all because of not finding the right things, you take the other and just to convince myself that you need it. To avoid this from happening, make a list of useful things. If you are unable to acquire the necessary scheduled day - to postpone the purchase. You will soon find "their" thing (perhaps accidentally see in a shop window).

Mannequin and hanger

Never buy a thing, if it liked you when you saw it on a friend, neighbor, and so on. D. This unconscious imitation, but not your own style.
Another thing - a mannequin or model, to represent it - they just show outfit. Just an example of it, you will understand, to face it you or not. Then buy.

Limit spending

Make a plan to update the wardrobe for each month and is allocated a certain monthly amount to buy for yourself. Thus you will avoid unnecessary spending and accurately you'll know what you need. In addition, you can keep an eye on in advance and imagine things once, but fully, make a shopping trip.Start with a short shopping, but every month of this approach increases the time by 15 minutes.Stroke learn quickly locate your model and size.

Find your "sink"

Very often the quality is really cheap stuff you can find in stock shop. They exist at the expense of his circle of regular customers who want to buy the original product at a reasonable price. Find it on the map the location of shops and devote one day to find the one that suits you.

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