Thursday, 4 December 2014


Older sister, my wife - Ian has always attracted my attention. Besides a lot of reasons. Not that my wife did not meet or was scary. Not at all: my Lenka - very cute chubby girl with impressive bust and lots of frank bedding desires. Ian, on the contrary has always been a model of modesty, temperance and moderation. She married only 25 came out at the same time (!) And lost her virginity. Masterpiece of chastity, in short. In this case, Janka - winner of a very good shape (unlike Lenka, then really there is no secret, with her ​​waist stress) and long legs. Several upsets just barely falls short of the first breast size, well, never mind, and it is a very pretty there.
Now her 31 years, her husband, whom she loves, and six year old daughter, Lisa, a very pretty girl is growing.
I myself 24 years old.
During this summer I happened to take back to our cottage with Ian Lizka. My favorite mother-in-law with his father went to the south to some kind of resort, so of who can drive a car but I was left alone. Younkin husband sit behind the wheel for unknown reasons afraid. Lenka did not want to go - to the work of her troubles some have not had time to do. So we went three. I was going to take them, to be there for the weekend and by Sunday evening return to the city, leaving them at the cottage.
All the time spent on the road, as far as possible in the rearview mirror, I admired Ian. Beautiful woman what to say. When we arrived: as usual, had a bonfire, barbecue, drink wine variety, then laid Liza sleep, while they themselves were on the terrace to talk about lofty matters. All the conversation I sneak beheld her knees. Chatted until late. When ready to leave, it just happened at the same time went to the door and almost collided in it. A few seconds, pausing, we stood in the doorway forced pressed and looking at each other in the eyes. Here Ian embarrassed eyes down and slipped inside, the so-called kitchen.
She stood at the tiles and something to think about. I quietly walked up behind her, as if I drew some strength, and put his arm around her waist. Her body tensed, sensing approaching the brink of a foul in the relationship. In spite of this, I gently touched his lips to her neck. She started, I heard a long sigh, and then she completely relaxed, as was the cloth - soft and pliable.
I once again, this time more openly kissed her neck. She threw her head back. And I covered with kisses opened defenseless neck. She was shaking, I felt that shiver all over. My hands, leaving the waist, slowly crept up and at some point turned on her chest. Bra on it naturally was not (still hot), and I felt under his hands firm flesh nipples.
A few seconds later, I ran his hands under her shirt and behold, her breasts were in my hands. I continued with the utmost passion kissing her neck Yana. Her breathing was ragged and broken, she shivered. Then I took her nipples with your fingers, gently squeezed and twisted them.
Oh, it's a miracle, nipples parous women to breastfeed. Some people do not like them, some people call these most such nipples doorbells. Fools! What could be better than to feel under his arm hardened flesh of female nipples, nipples married woman giving birth?
Jan moaned. Very quietly, but I heard that her moan. My caress her breasts intensified. I felt like shaking slightly and her legs buckled. She leaned with both hands on the table, and when his feet again almost brought her, leaned forward slightly, gently stuck like its gorgeous ass to me. In my erect member state to stone.
Jana unfolded. It was a sight! She stood in front of me in the dim moonlight battened down almost to the chin-shirt, nipples, her breasts sticking out of my penis is not worse, and the gleam in her eyes was just crazy.
"What do we do?" - She asked. I did not answer. Our lips closed in a kiss. Long time since I have not kissed. And even more of a prude Yana I did not expect this: she kissed a passionate frenzy over heels in love schoolgirls, finally got some access to the object of his dreams. I felt dizzy, I hugged her and held her close to him. My right hand slipped from Yankina waist and was on her ass.
Again she tensed, but relaxed again a moment later, his arm around me. My tongue was walking around her mouth, faced with her ​​tongue explored her mouth. Her tongue from time to time penetrated into my mouth. We sucked each other's lips, tongue flicking tongues. And at this time I squeezed her ass and slowly lifted her skirt. Ian moaning with excitement.
And then, finally, my fingers touched her panties. Ian sighed dramatically and discontinuously. At the same moment my hands were under her panties on the delicate skin of the buttocks. I pressed against the wall and Ian with even more passion stared at her lips. She responded in kind.
She is tall, almost my height, so I do not have to bend down to caress her ass. And very soon, I gently touched his finger to her anus with an asterisk. Her legs were loosed again, and she sat down slightly, allowing me to get more candid in her crotch. I leaned to kiss her neck and then felt under your fingers deeper wading under her panties Yana soft hairs and wet sponge. Somewhere very close hiding hole of her vagina.
I felt how wet she was, droplets of moisture soaking panties down her thighs. I could not resist. I jerked it and leaned forward. Jan put her hands on the table. One touch styanuv panties with her ​​ass, I pulled them down, dropping to the floor.Ian freed of them one leg. Tearing off his shorts, I spent a couple of times by a member of the effluent from the desire Janina pussy, I brought him inside.
Prior Yana this point, it became fully to realize that she is doing. But it was too late. Shame struggled with her ​​desire, innate modesty with instant attack of lust.
I actively acting pelvis leaned forward and pressed his body, then gently touched her clitoris. At this point, any kind of doubt it was finally left to Jan. She spread her legs wider and slightly lowered her ass, allowing me to penetrate deeper into the vagina.
I stood up and took her tight ass. Then repeatedly slapped her hard. Ian moaned and almost fell forward on the table. Her body convulsed orgasm. I did not stay, stronger and deeper into it vsazhivaya their weapons.
Finally she managed to slip out of my penis. She was exhausted, sank to the floor. Convulsions orgasm continued to rock her.My cock was in a combat situation, looking at her face. Ian reached out and took hold of it. I took her by the hair and gently pulled in the direction of its members. "Come on, kiss it!", I said. Very carefully Ian kissed my wet red head. Then, emboldened repeatedly moistened it. Then, apparently deciding to yourself something like, walk, so walk, eyes closed, took the head of my penis in her mouth.
Could suck until she had ever not happen very often, but it turns out her perfectly. Not every experienced minetchitsa could compare with it in this. Her tongue fluttered over my head, my head was moving back and forth, massaging member elastic lips, and his right hand caressed his ground in time with the movements of the head. Here and I could not resist: the abdomen began to grow hot wave, splashing out a few moments later a thick jet of sperm in her mouth.
Swallowing, Jan raised her face and looked at me. Running down her chin a few squirts of sperm, and her lips glistened, covered with my semen. Jan licked by sending in your mouth cum that covered her lips. This picture is indescribably excited me: it's no joke, it's the very chaste Yana, which has always been a model of modesty! My cock started to rise again. Ian fright watched his metamorphosis.
I took her hand and almost forcibly led into the room where he was going to sleep. She silently followed me. I turned on the light and pushed her on the bed creaking softly. Ian lay down in front of me, legs spread wide. Under my gaze hungrily wandering over her body, her nipples hardened again and now looked up, crowning the little mounds of breasts. I looked down below at the mound of black hair on her pubic hair. Legs Jana spontaneously bent at the knees, moved apart more and thus opening has not yet had time to dry crotch. Her pussy was very beautiful. It gives me such a wave of desire, a lust that I wanted to call it, just the same, p .... What a pussy: wet lustful f ... adult parous woman who wants me again.
"you have great p ... ", I croaked. Ian, if he had not heard, said, extending his hands lips of the vagina and made ​​me all the charm of its n ... "Take me!"
I do not have to wait long. My cock was already in it. She hugged me kicking around the waist and then picked them up and put him on my shoulders. When my every movement she repeated: LDa- Denmark yes-|. Then I appreciated the advantage of women who gave birth to not give birth. I have never complained about the value of their own members, and it happened even took their mistresses hurt, head bumping into the uterus. Here, no matter how hard and deep thrusts I am not a member of it, she just moaned loudly with pleasure, not expressing any displeasure from pain.
It was an unforgettable picture: Jan lay in front of me, I held her legs in front of a very them wide apart, and she actively wanker her clit and through groans I heard: "e ... e ... me! Stronger! Otymey me! Come on, curves ... me! I'm your whore I like your x. .. ". I was stunned. My Ian showed more and more new talents.
Barely having time to remove a member from her vagina again I finished. Jet of sperm splattered on her stomach, a few drops to the face and cried down. Seeing is not complete satisfaction with his mistress, I knelt down and pressed his mouth to her p .... She put her hands on my head. Just had my tongue into her hole and then touch the clitoris, Jan also finished. She clenched her legs my head. Her legs were shaking finely. She let out a low moan and a prolonged standstill lying on the bed, legs spread wide. I did not look it: seduced and fucked me a woman, an older sister of my wife, lustful prude, chaste harlot, my Ian.
Jana little by little regained consciousness, aware of the incident. Her eyes darted, and reflected on the face of fear and confusion. And she remembered that just spoke to me curves ... her my whore in her big wet p ... so I tore it up his lustful hole x ... etc., etc. Her face was very red, and when she finally noticed that I looked scrutinize her crotch, learning all her wet folds, it became simply crimson. I smiled and sat down beside her. Ian squeezed legs and tensed again. I leaned toward her and kissed her gently on the lips, gently accidentally hitting the hand left nipple. She winced, but then, apparently thinking that made ​​you will not return, once again relaxed and hugged me close to him.
The next day passed in the ambiguous views and subtle slapping on her ass. We went for a swim. During the swim I casually standing with yankoy next to his neck in water, put his hand into her panties. Investigated the ass, and then touched the anus and began to massage it lightly, and then hugged her other hand and depriving maneuver, introduced a finger into her ass. She gave a little squeak, but then relaxed again and hugged me, running hand in melting and holding my erect penis.Feeling its hardness it is quite purred and wagged his back freeing his anus from my grip of.
evening, having only after putting Lisa, and waited until she falls asleep. We rushed into my room, throwing off from himself to go clothes. Sex and this time was even more rapid than yesterday. Ian again semiconscious begged me curves ... her in all holes, etc., etc. I mercilessly fucked her, just the same, raped, hard pressed to bed and powerfully vsazhivaya her n ... his flushed x ....
I turned it over. Ian wanted to get up on all fours, but I would not let her and kept her e ... lying, back, closely pressed against her ass. She was helpless, lying beneath me legs wide apart and slightly down his ass, so I was more comfortable to fuck her.
I felt that she was close to orgasm and then went for broke. I got up, took his wet hard cock in her hand and leaning it to Yankina anus, strongly pressed. It was a little painful, though her ​​ass as my cock was densely covered with grease from Yankina n .... Deprivation ass virginity thing is pretty heavy. Ian moaned, her hands clasping the pillow. "No, no, do not hurt me!", I heard. But it was too late: the head of my penis was already inside her ass. I slowly introduced him deeper. I felt sorry for her ass, I saw how she tenses, missing inside myself, my fat cock. "No-o!" Whimpered again Ian. But I did not listen to her. My x ... by this time completely turned in her ass, yet it was quite slippery. I slowly began to move back and forth, feeling gradually relaxes the sphincter of her anus, allowing me greater amplitude f ... her ass. "It hurts!" Whimpered again Ian. "Relax, baby!" I advised her.
fucked her in the ass I have ten minutes, Jahnke have seemed like an eternity. When he had finished it, I went to the terrace, wash the penis and when he returned, he found her in the same state, lying on a bed. Her anus covered with my sperm, had not yet completely closed, demonstrating seductive hole leading into the bowels of the ass.
Jana lifted her head and looked at me with an injured haggard appearance. She figuratively compared deprivation ass virginity with childbirth, but I promised her that she does not regret what happened, and soon learned how to get from anal sex almost more pleasure than from normal vaginal.
The next day, in the morning, sending Liza play with neighbor girl we once again began to look with interest at each other.Yankina ass still hurt after my yesterday over her bullying. Nevertheless, my main focus was just on her. Ian tried to reason with me, but I convinced her that if now is the time to watch out for the next time will be just as painful and all of its yesterday's torment will be meaningless. Sighing sadly, Ian agreed.
We climbed to the second floor to get to us unnoticed was impossible. Jana took off her panties and lifted her skirt, bent over, leaning against the bed. I knelt down and kissed her between the legs to reveal the already wet p ..., lick clit, tongue began to tickle the anus. From such a frank and unusual for her caresses Janka quickly wet. Her legs trembled as usual, reporting on the readiness to surrender to me.
My cock easily entered her wet hot p .... Ian arched and moaned. I was faster and stronger than dig into her flesh his fat gun. She moaned, shaking and requested me to continue. When specifying what, how and what it is to continue. It was exciting.
I spread her ass and began to massage the finger anus. Then he licked his thumb and slowly brought it inside Yankina ass.She squeaked, but my efforts frictions again forced her to drop her head on the bed and moan with abandon.
Finally it was the turn of her ass. When the head of my cock touched her anus, Jan tensed, sensing a new flogging akin yesterday. However, a member of entered it surprisingly easy, although it caused a certain portion of pain. Ian asked me not to move for a while and give her a chance to get used to a foreign body in his ass. After a couple of minutes the pain was almost gone and Janka authorized regular anal sex. After a few minutes, she was surprised to see that wow so pretty nice, although a bit painful and, in general, she likes our depravity, it enjoys only on what is the secret of my horny slut. Her fingers at this time actively masturbate pohlyupyvayuschuyu wet with excitement n ... and tickled her clit. I finished and stood for some time without taking a member of her backside, giving semen drip inside.
Janka shot with my stake, sat down on the bed and said, "Hmm, I liked it, will have to try another". And then, after some thought, she added, "I want you". But seeing my utter devastation, did not insist, but just took my dick, pulled to her and began to suck, just the way he was: dirty, just taken out of her ass. I felt a new wave of excitement fills the void posleorgazmennye. A member of the newly stiffened. I felt that Yankina hands tremble again. She sat on the bed, spread her legs and said, "Take me! Fuck wherever you want!."
I lifted her legs tight together and keeping them in front of him brought a member of her claim .... It's pretty wide delivery torn vagina clenched around my cock. Ian moaned louder than before. A few minutes later, she asked me: "Now go below". Of course there was a view of the ass. Member easily overcome the barrier of the anus. Yankina legs lay on my shoulders. She massaged her clit again and eyes fainted again floating away into the depths of buzz.

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