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Every woman wants to be a great lover, but not everyone can deliver unearthly sexual pleasure to your partner. Unlike geisha ... With these Japanese beauties any man feel macho. About intimate sexual secrets and techniques of the geisha.
The word "geisha" in translation - "a man of art." Initially, the role of the geisha were men: the actors and musicians of the theater.They were entertained by men only singing, dancing and fun conversations. Later in this profession there are women who after a while made art geisha only their craft.
Modern geisha can sing, dance, play musical instruments and has sexual "science." Its "original" purpose is not at all lost significance: Japanese beauty with "porcelain" makeup - is, above all, sensitive, attentive and positive woman, who can not only take pleasure in bed, but also to become an excellent conversationalist.
Its main merit is that she knows the secret of enjoying life! At Geisha special mentality and psychology, the basics of which are as follows:
Ray of light
Japanese girls are taught from childhood to think positively and enjoy every day. Joy and a smile on the face of the future geisha can cause even the singing of the birds in the garden or the beauty of the sunset.
Upon reaching adulthood, she lights up the serenity and confidence and knows a lot about happiness. Such a genuine positive allows it to retain not only the beauty but also health.
Subtleties of the soul
Geisha knows the psychology of men - otherwise it simply would not have managed to become unique in conversation and sex.
She knows how to listen, understand and capture the mood of the man, his desire - at a glance and poluzhesta. Japanese makes everything beautiful, quietly, peacefully, and with a smile on your face!
Sex in Japanese
Sensual fusion of body and soul in love - that's how you can describe sex with a geisha. Affectionate and flexible, pliable and playful - a geisha can be in bed with a man.
In erotic games focus is on the gentle touch, and emotions are not expressed moans and cries, and in silence - internal impulses and movements of the body.
But to become a true geisha, some knowledge of psychology is not enough: you need to have and certain sexual skills - you must train your body.
Muscle of love
Every true geisha can skillfully wield their vaginal muscles (VUMami). In earlier times, access to this science had only favorites - Geisha and Concubine. Today this knowledge accessible to all.
Vumbilding - training the muscles of the vagina - allows you to maintain the health of the female reproductive organs. During the exercises to strengthen the muscles of intimate enhanced blood circulation in the tissues, improves the condition of the vaginal mucosa, activation of protective function is restored to normal microflora and lubrication process.
Moreover, since the start of classes at the changing nature of women, increases self-esteem, the confidence in its appeal.
Regular classes to strengthen vaginal muscles allow a woman for the first time before an unfamiliar experience vaginal orgasm. In addition, the possession of these muscles skillful delivers tremendous sexual pleasure and partner, and the most geisha.
Thanks vumbildingom woman not only improves your health, but also the sexual partner's health, increases virility.
During sex with a woman who developed vaginal muscles, man overcomes more resistance than usual.
At the same time he feels an incomparable pleasure, which contributes to the powerful ejaculation after intercourse, preventing stagnation in the male genital organs.
The most famous and effective exercises to train the intimate muscles - Kegel exercises. It is best to perform them using special vaginal balls - then the result will be faster, but for starters, you can do without them.
The advantage of these exercises is that they can be carried out in any place and at any time.
Determine which muscles need to train, it is very easy: try to stay urination - while it will work the muscles of the vagina.
There are 4 embodiment Kegel exercises:
1 Acronyms
Tense and relax the muscles of the vagina as quickly as possible. At the initial stage it is necessary to make reductions of 10 - 10 relaxations. After a while, you can increase this number to 30.
2 Slow compression
Compresses and decompresses the muscles for 5 seconds. 5 seconds - a break. Tighten your muscles and hold them in that state for 20-30 seconds, then relax.
3 gradual stress-relaxation
Tighten the muscles slightly and secure position, in 3-5 seconds strengthen voltage lock, again, increase the tension ... And so to the limit. Need to relax in the same way - gradually.
4 Popping
Potuzhtes as DURING podah or use a chair, but not much, but in moderation.
Should be done by 3-5 sets for each option exercise 3-4 times a day. Just a day is necessary to perform the exercises 120-150, combining the various options.
Erotic massage
Geisha excellent command of erotic massage technique that perfectly relaxing, allows to achieve harmony with the body and relieves stress.
The main elements of the erotic massage:
- grinding
Japanese woman performs massage rhythm, rhythmic movements, focusing on the male erogenous zones: chest patch on the back between the shoulders, the neck, the inner surfaces of the legs, thighs, popliteal fossa, genitals.
When this is turned on relaxing music and lit incense sticks. You can also use an aroma lamp - suitable for this awakening desire oil patchouli, ylang-ylang, and cinnamon.
Erotic massage geisha - a game in which there is no room vanity. To make a good massage, you need to love partner's body, admire it.
Basic techniques
Before you do the massage should be applied on the hands softening cream or butter.
Best to start from the back. Get down from the shoulders to the waist and the legs. Then ask your partner to roll over on his back.Abdomen and chest need to massage the bottom up or from the center to the sides of the circular motion. Especially have to be careful with the skin of nipples - traffic on this part of the body should be tender and light, you can connect kisses.
Then you need to turn the male sexual organ, which you want to do massage stroking, slow movements. At this stage, professional seducer pauses alternating stroking manhood massage chest, neck and legs.
After such a relaxing massage, it's time to just sex.
All skills geisha in sex is determined natrenirovannosti muscles of her vagina and the ability to feel the desire of the man. This, unfortunately, can not be taught theoretically. Only practice will help you achieve perfection in the art of delivering pleasure to the man, and of course, yourself. Meanwhile, some details still there:
Do not have sex on a full stomach. It is better to have intimacy aphrodisiacs:
lactic cocktails with fresh fruit
-kedrovye and any other nuts
- sour cream and fresh herbs
Sex begins with thoughts, conversations and shared experiences, and ends up in bed. True geisha always knows what she wants her man. She guesses and feels his wishes.
Geisha gives a man what he wants, fulfills all his whims. However, it is not imposed on men in relationships, demanding attention.
Japanese geisha never asks a man: "When you come again?". Give the man in bed all he wants, but when he realizes that you - the best, he would come and stay with you. The strongest network - invisible entwining soul and brains of men.
Geisha use "secret love spell" - copying gestures, words and facial expressions of men. This is accompanied by the establishment of a contact on a subconscious level.
All of these simple techniques in combination can make any woman, not even having a perfect figure and appearance models, skillful seductress - a real geisha

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Intimate Geography: erogenous zones
Sex, ladies and gentlemen, is a delicate matter. A good sex - it is, thin double ...

A significant portion of the adult population are seriously concerned about the problem of the century: how to have sex. Some, of course, concerned with the quantitative aspect. But most of them have grown up and are now interested in the qualitative aspect of the matter. And this is - a complex and often unpredictable. How to enjoy himself, and deliver it to the partner? Especially partner ... If a man 'factory' just the thought of something spicy, then the woman will almost always need a lot more time and action. No, I do not need to become chair and recite memorized passages from favorite books! Excite There are other ways ...
And here comes to mind is the concept of "erogenous zones". Like a magic spell ... or like a dark scary forest.
So, what is it, erogenous zones? There are many definitions. Among them there are such abstruse that discourage sex for a few days ... Perhaps the most readable reads: erogenous zones - areas of human skin, the impact of which is pleasant sexual sensations. Ie promotes excitation and orgasm approaches. This is due to a simple physiological reason: they have more nerve endings, allowing experience more pleasure with the right touch. Sensitivity zones can vary from one person depending on the circumstances (mood, well-being, fatigue, and so on. N.). With age some areas may become more sensitive, and more - less.
That's gradually come to the main: Why do we need erogenous zones? Here we must digress and once again noted that male and female - are very different in nature beings. The fact that one nicely, another, perhaps more than German death ...
Yes, not offended at me strong half of humanity, but the men in this sense are arranged much easier than you, gentle and beautiful ladies. Good nature bestowed upon the male Homo Sapiens function of fertilization, and that he should not try to shirk such an important and long-term employment, directly linked the transfer of genetic material, sex and orgasm. And now ejaculation and pleasure are inextricably linked ... Man gets an orgasm, if fulfilled its biological task - to put the seed. In scientific language male sexuality called "phallocentric" because it is the culmination of penetration and ejaculation, everything else is given much less importance. But we should not underestimate the "everything else": the woman who knows the geography of the body of her husband - a priceless treasure. It will teach a partner to receive a much more exquisite pleasure than planned evolution. And, it will agree, something which is ...
But that's me all about men but about men? Let's talk about you, or rather, about your sexuality ... And, as I promised, here are all going to be very difficult: woman performing its biological task - bearing seed, becoming pregnant, nurturing a child, etc., etc . - Is not necessarily to be rewarded for it just like orgasms. Most should be worked on. If a man is sexually selfish, he must endeavor to his partner also received a bit of pleasure. Here in this difficult matter to every man the knowledge to help the disposition of hot spots on the body of his partner.
How to search? First of all: the erogenous zones are divided into unconditional (mouth, genitals, breasts - everything with them is clear there is nothing to look for, you just have to figure out how more like a partner) and individual - there could be anything ... Yes, and placed these zones -individualistki as they please, no particular system is not keeping.
But there is hope: through the experience of ancestors made up some benefits for the localization of these amazing points.

Start with your head. Of "cunning" individual erogenous zones undisputed leader - the ear (and not just because "that women love with their ears"). In the ear so many zakoulochki ... Any curl may become the place from which a serious flare flame.
Neck: gentle touch to excite her more than half of women of all ages.
"The cat's place": located between the shoulder blades, in the middle. Is so called because cats of all sizes, mating, the female teeth hold it in that place ... Well, we are all family.
Hands: palms, fingers and wrist, elbow depression, self elbow, the skin over exude vessels. According to statistics, petting hands pleasant for all women. The main thing is to choose an occasion and environment, because every woman wants to stay at least a minute charmer at the court, which is a gentle gentleman kissing sexy fingers ...
Abdomen: in fact, a springboard for action. Considered particularly sensitive abdomen and navel.
Buttocks: say, the Greeks especially appreciated this part of the female body ... One of the appeals to the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite was Kallipiga (ie Oh prekrasnopopaya!)
Loin and rump: less erogenous, but about 10% of the women called their most sensitive part of his body.
Feet: Feet, popliteal fossa, inner thighs. Not for nothing in the ancient Chinese medical treatises recommend massaging the feet for a speedy recovery. The soles are thousands of nerve endings - hence the sensitivity.
Folk wisdom: in search of female gentle places can come to the aid of the people's observation: the most sensitive parts of a woman subconsciously trying (not, well cover is clear. But we are not about these places) ... decorate. Draw conclusions: the beloved is bracelets - pat wrist prefers beads and pendants - pay attention to the neck and the valley between her breasts.

Almost all of the recommendations are suitable for women and men. But there are some nuances.
1 terrible secret. Men have a prostate gland - is hypersensitive. She is ... inside the male body. Omitting proctologic details, remember that most of it is this erogenous zone hypersensitive and psychological side ...
2 Keep in mind that many men hate touching the face of torture immediately after shaving. Although on the face is full of nerve endings and moderate rare unshaven man against the will of massage ...
3 Remember that as far as it was not a nice man, he is waiting for the continuation. Do not torment him, go to the main part of Marlezonskogo ballet.
So it's just clicked and ...? Erogenous zone - not the power button. Not so simple, unfortunately. Knowledgeable people say that the principle of the erogenous zones only works when the partners care about each other. And especially this point is relevant to women.
And there's one little feature: the erogenous zones are first and second order. What does this mean? If unexcited woman to stimulate the clitoris, it will be a nervous jerk, and not getting a fountain of fun ... And if hot and ready for sex lady kissing tenderly in your ear, it is likely you do not even feel it. So follow the order ... stimulation of erogenous zones - from the "modest" ... and lower and lower.

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