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These pictures are taken by the Brazilian photographer Andre Arruda, who was born in 1967 and lives in Rio de Janeiro. The project «Fortia Femina», which means "strong woman" is a kind of study on the muscular body of a woman. In the general sense of the word bodybuilding - it's just a sport in which the muscles pumped up hypertrophied size only to demonstrate their rather than to achieve results in the Olympics or other high-intensity sports. Bodybuilding official discipline recognized only in 1940, it was originally exclusively male sport. Only since the late 70s of the 20th century women in the west began to seriously engage in bodybuilding to improve their status.
Fortia Femina13 800x655 Strong Women Andre Arruda

Fortia Femina17 Strong Women Andre Arruda

1) Filipe Abro, a columnist for the site Arte, dedicated to the art, believes that this project reveals the essence of these women from two sides: strong and weak. Photo: Flavia Luzada.

Fortia Femina16 Strong Women Andre Arruda
2) In the photo - Alessandra Toribio

Fortia Femina15 Strong Women Andre Arruda

3) However, female athletes are faced with a paradox throughout his life: they are constantly evaluate the results of their work in the mirror, but the prejudice of society prevents them to feel like a real woman. They are very different from the usual female character - delicate and fragile, so they are considered too masculine.

Fortia Femina14 Strong Women Andre Arruda

Fortia Femina13 Strong Women Andre Arruda
5) In this photo shoot photographer was not trying to show the strength bodibildersh and allowed to reveal their femininity, which makes this exhibition completeness.

Fortia Femina12 Strong Women Andre Arruda

6) Andre Arruda started working on this project in 2004, inspired by watching the competition bodybuilders. Then he still had no idea about female bodybuilding .

Fortia Femina11 Strong Women Andre Arruda
7) In the photo - Dean Zardos

Fortia Femina10 Strong Women Andre Arruda
8) In the photo -Klaudia Francis

Fortia Femina9 Strong Women Andre Arruda
9) Andre said that the bodies of these women come to life like sculptures, bathed in bright sunlight.

Fortia Femina8 Strong Women Andre Arruda
10) The photo - Alessandra Toribio.

Fortia Femina7 Strong Women Andre Arruda
11) In Brazil, bodybuilding believe sport beyond the limits of decency. Bodybuilders have no support from the sponsors, and they have to make a living coaching.

Fortia Femina6 Strong Women Andre Arruda
12) No company in Brazil did not consider it necessary to participate in the project or to help with the publication of books and organization of the exhibition.

Fortia Femina5 Strong Women Andre Arruda
13) The photo - Stella Campos.

Fortia Femina4 Strong Women Andre Arruda
14) The organizers had to listen to many unpleasant remarks in his address on the occasion of the project.

Fortia Femina3 Strong Women Andre Arruda
15) The photo - Monique Venturini.

Fortia Femina2 Strong Women Andre Arruda

16) During the next exhibition Andre Arruda even received several threatening letters and criticism of his work.

Fortia Femina1 Strong Women Andre Arruda
17) The photo - Ana Claudia Macedo.

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