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Still, the female breast has some mystery. What is she so attracted to us, so bewitches? It would seem, well, what's in it such - ordinary breasts, no more ...

Meanwhile, most of the men, throwing leer at one or another of the fairer sex, pay attention not primarily on the legs, buttocks and even the face, namely breast. Of course, the old Freud would quickly explained to us that, well, it comes from my childhood, or rather, from infancy. The first experiences of the child are associated with this part of the female body: warm milk, satiety. Then he was excommunicated from the chest.

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This action has caused him some psychological trauma. And since he is looking for that same breast taken away. Frankly, to me these psychoanalytic delights not love. Want to stay some secret fascination of the female breast. But generally takes me another question, namely, what was the criterion of beauty in the chest or another time, of certain nations. Because, if we judge by advertising, movies, etc., today in honor flat-chested girl, about which my grandmother used to say: board - two nipple.

But a few years ago, the ladies tried all ways "their property" increase. To such an extent that blouse popped and burst. To achieve magnificent forms woman went under the knife of a surgeon sewed implants injected under the skin of different gels. Residents of the United States almost to a man dreaming enlarge their breasts to the sixth, eighth or even to the tenth dimension.

However, today many women are "building up" a bust, but the scale (pardon the pun) are not the same. Here, for example, famous for its shape (thanks silicone implants) Pamela Anderson breasts, on the contrary, decreased. However, evil tongues say that she did not do it for aesthetic reasons - huge breasts began to interfere with her right to hold back, and the star of the screen start to slouch.

However, women need to remember that the criteria of beauty female breast are constantly changing. And besides, you will not please all: single men like big breasts, others believe that if it does not fit in a man's hand, then this is not the chest, and the udder. Incidentally, the biggest breasts on the version of the Guinness World Records has died from not so long ago, porn star Lolo Ferrari: the weight of its artificial bust amounted to 13.8 kg.

What breast male part of humanity originally considered the most attractive at all times? As I said, the criteria of beauty changed. In ancient times, women's breasts are a symbol of life and fertility, and therefore was in honor magnificent bust. Full breasts were a symbol of sexuality in ancient times. The standards have changed in the Renaissance. Poet and connoisseur of feminine beauty Petrarch wrote: "They should be small, white, round, like apples, elastic."

Spanish fashion in the XVI century demanded a completely smooth bust. To not develop breasts at night little girls put on her lead plates. A day paralyzed chest corset. At the beginning of the XX century in fashion was flat, almost boyish chest. But in the 30-40s of last century ideal of beauty was the plump woman with a well-developed breasts.

In addition to the vagaries of fashion and there are so-called national preferences. Many of the peoples of Africa and India are crazy about large breasts with large nipples, because their religion is strong cult of motherhood. Promotes busty ladies and Americans. In Argentina, a growing number of breast augmentation through implants, because there are many descendants of Spaniards and Italians, who like busty ladies. But in the neighboring country rich Brazilians are paying a lot of money to their wives and daughters had surgery to reduce the bust.

The French recognized connoisseurs of female beauty, graceful women prefer to trim a small bust. In Japan, until recently, was taken severely constrict the chest to make it invisible, because many hundreds of years of Japanese thought no chest symbol of femininity and beauty. Today Japanese tastes have changed.They say that now in Japan are very popular strippers from Russia.

But really big breasts - it's not very healthy. According to owner magnificent bust, the first half of life, they "suffer from devouring their views of men who communicate exclusively in conversation with breasts." The second part of life falls shy saggy breasts became so after birth. In addition, owners of "surplus" tortured back pain, insomnia.

And recently, a group of American doctors are studying breast cancer, made a sensational discovery: scientists had discovered a clear relationship between the level of intelligence of women and the value of her breasts. It was found that with increasing breast dramatically decreases the level of intelligence and memory of the woman. "The ability to think straight bolshegrudaya beauties not typical" - the conclusion reached by scientists ...

and last verses that are already familiar to many on the internet:
Boobs Tit said, pushing her in the side of cute: "You do not wanna see, my friend,gently caressing peasant hands? " Boobs Tit replied: "I have long dreamed about,and hope, God willing, blouse burst upon us. It's time to b We light up! I'm so often dream: Both we go out, we have excellent in the world there, We like two big melons, lips cling to us men, We kiss here and there and gently rubbed his hands, and procrastinate and caress, From itself do not let go! " answered her sister: "It is unlikely to happen to, because all the right grab the head. She spit on tits, let alone contemplate! She did not have the hands of men - She has a migraine from them. " They began to rebel boobs and nipples swell grow heavy juicy, juicy, bursting with transparent bodice. Then head intervened: "Sex should? heck with two! Untie, glupota, I verses busy! " I probably rake, but I will say about poets: Their worldly interests do not affect sex. They write rhymes about dreams, their scribbling Diaries, they are usually desires Replaces verse and chat. with integrity in the Russian way , I summed up the moral: "Baba did not think boobs, and, frankly, very sorry ...

 Boobs home sell Ready billions of sea and mountain to conquer, play backgammon on the roof. You can relax on your tits, look at them for hours,licking, sucking and kissing in the bushes under heaven. Bring the way, boobs harm And I for you will not deny Back quite a few years, boobs ruined Troy. From them, you can go crazy, about trees ubitsya, Until boobs need to grow, To enjoy the view. The face and ass, good, but something is missing, of course boobs that else? They always decide. On fire, flowing water, look at it forever, But what about boobs, Lord? They look, of course. Big, small, do not care, but the main thing that was, cuddle them, pozazhimat, what better this world? They need to create a monument, on the stone would have flogged them, I'm ready to blow up the US, just a couple of juicy boobs !!!

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