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When you first look at a woman most men, first of all, pay attention to its external data. They are attracted to slim waist, long hair, shapely legs and magnificent breasts. Men who want to start with a partner in long-term relationships, prefer to see a woman's qualities such as gentleness and honesty. Very often men of mature age attract their partner much younger.It is considered heterosexual people who engage in sexual relations only with persons of the opposite sex. In contrast, gays and lesbians prefer to have sex with partners of the same sex.

Women as men like to watch porn, for example, porn Katya sambuca or other videos. It is a fact, though most of them do not admit it. It is known that Casanova almost did not make the difference between having sex with a boy or girl. His amorous adventures and many victories have survived through the centuries, and its name has become synonymous with "depraved."Kissing - an important part of lovemaking. In Kama¬sutre they devoted a large head. After reading it, you can see that the Indian word for "po¬tseluy" sounds like "Sthala", and he is of four kinds: NIMH, samyana, avakumbanna and yudha. NIMH - a simple touch of the lips. Samyana - kiss with tongue. Avakumbanna - kiss, requiring the use of hands. Yudha - playful kissing.According to surveys conducted during the deep, especially the first kiss a woman thinks about three things: Do it the partner; what to do to a man more excited; over whether it is a bed. The French kiss is a link between trembling kiss and kiss "battle tongues" of the Kama Sutra. He is not aggressive, but persistent, nemyagky, but gentle. It gives your partner feel the desire. As shown by numerous experiments, the works of Richard Wagner, Chopin and Tchaikovsky's most beneficial effect on the mood of sexual partners. A similar effect is able to produce classical Japanese music. As a result of the survey in Russia can be judged from the fact that modern women when choosing a partner clearly prefer men strong build, well-mannered and caring, sensible and inventive

In Cambodia each month attracts wealthy tourists in search of entertainment. Here the girls from an early age learn the art of sexual relations and to 16 years become true priestesses of love. Tourists visiting the Marquesas Islands will be able to come in at the wedding of the leader of the islanders. According to tradition, guests are required to show their sexual arts master of the house, to make love to the bride. Sometimes couples use vibrators in the form of a language or a banana. Such sexual toys can be made ​​of metal, plastic or rubber. They are elastically bent, sometimes glow in the dark, which makes the game of love special shade. According to the research found that the vast majority of women experience orgasm during foreplay and the sexual act itself is not necessary for them. The male orgasm is also easily reachable during foreplay. In the history of medicine recorded two cases when a giant bust brought its owners of a lot of anxiety: in 14-year-old girl from Oklahoma, he weighed 7.2 kg, of the women in Spain - 9.52 kg. In the life of African families, there are times when the husband is not physically able to give his wife a child. Knowing this, the couple asked the leader to solve the problem, and he sends a special man, whose responsibilities include the process of increasing the population of the tribe. More than 80% of male geteroseksuolov at certain periods of his life allowed themselves to dream up on homosexual intercourse with a close friend or any stranger .

About 95% of women from time to time present themselves in the arms of a friend or a stranger. Such manifestations should disturb you only when these fantasies become regular and come through small intervals. For men and Venda tribe Benin labia partner are the subject of worship. From ancient times, the girls of the tribe play a fun game: sit opposite each other and stretch out their hands "sponge". If you are firmly convinced that it is not going to end a romantic encounter sexual intercourse, for caution. Even if the partners playful mood, they should not try to further excite each other. The most overt affection in Kama Sutra called disturbing. If a man caresses his chest, stomach and buttocks partner, he provokes her to respond in kind. Gradually transformed into disturbing caress hug. Indian sages gave a precise definition of the concept of "hug". Action is called a hug, if a man attracts partner, clinging tightly to her and caressing her body. Slipping his hand on the shoulder of beloved, as if a man asks her to stay with him, squeezing her hand - be gentle. When a man stroking waist sweetheart, this weasel is called "proximity sign." Do not have sex right after a heavy meal, as increased physical activity on the body breaks down digestion and reduce the amount of sperm produced. If you do massage partner, make sure that you warm hands. Before they come in contact with the skin of your lover, be sure to put on a little palm massage cream. In addition to the innocent touching the first meeting, the Kama Sutra tells the story of a frank affection. When a man touches his neck partner fingers, his actions are regarded as a declaration of love. The first acquaintance with the inner world of another person usually occurs during visual contact. Friendly look - the easiest way to show your potential partner's interest.If during intercourse you do not like any action partner and you are silent, not wanting to upset him, soon your dissatisfaction with the situation may result in a sharp protest. But firm "no" is not a way out. Cleopatra carefully look after themselves, spending a lot of time on the adoption of anti-aging milk bath, after which the skin gets its unusual freshness.Human sexuality is determined by its behavior: the manner of speech, gait, gestures and attitude to others. Body odor and tone of voice can also have an impact on people. The activity of people during intimate games is different. If you prefer a partner about the rhythm - they are lucky. If not, there may be a misunderstanding. It is known that active people during sex prefer that they resisted. Sexy Clothing able to quickly bring a partner. For best effect, you can ask him in what garb he would like to see you, and try to fulfill his dream. In one of the tribes of South America has an unusual tradition. On the wedding night the bride spends time with his mother. At this time, it teaches the art of seduction, men and some of the subtleties of lovemaking. Modern science offers mankind a large number of ingenious devices to enhance an erection. First among these is the vacuum pump, shaped vagina. Women are very sensitive to smells. They can easily feel the presence of airborne pheromones and musk and as quickly determine the condition of the immune system of any man. If your partner tells you that is ready to go from kissing to sexual intercourse, but you see, it is not so , take your time. There is a strong likelihood that it accompanies you, wanting to do something nice. Being in the company of strangers, the partners can not openly engage in sexual contact, but they have a great opportunity to experience unusual feelings of concern by surface petting. Meet the future partner can be in any location: on the street, in a store, at the beach or near the house. Best of all, if the introduction will take place in places where you will have similar interests: theater, library, sports club or pool. Add a little romance into a relationship just. Shared decision-foam bath and a small candlelit dinner will bring to life exactly the flavor that makes it an unusual and intense. It is known that men like best stimulation of the genitals, while women are focusing embrace before intercourse. Emotional stress stimulates the nervous system . Such a state partners are often a prelude to a particularly rough sex. Touch of aggressiveness gives sexual intercourse unusual shade of spontaneity. According to the theory of Robert Stenberg, romantic love is ephemeral and does not require further making any commitments. During lovemaking one partner may be blindfolded. When the eyes are closed, he aggravated hearing, smell and touch. Not seeing a partner actions, one can not predict them, and this is even more excited. Sometimes there are disputes between the partners. In most cases, the problem could be resolved by giving the opponent understand that you value and respect his opinion, but like "do it" in a different way. Viagra - known means to increase potency, but this preparation has a number of side effects. Tenth of regularly using Viagra men experiencing severe headaches. Many people think that alcohol has on the body stimulating effect. Ethanol in small quantities acts on human raskreposchayusche, but use it in excessive amounts reduced potency in men. There are several qualities that having a woman can convince a partner that she is the embodiment of his dreams. These include sensitivity, sincerity, sexuality, tenderness and flexibility. If a man after sex is always trying to make sure that his partner is fully satisfied during lovemaking speaks to her and compliments, it will always be at the center of female attention. If a woman is quite unfettered, before you have sex, it can show your partner a light strip. Such a small idea will remain one of the most exciting sexual memories for both partners. Immediately before sex to do with a partner, you need to think about the appropriate setting. Nice music and heady scents will create an aura of oriental harem and help you turn away from the dull reality. If a man makes love, feeling the slight hunger, he can act more effectively because all its energy will be directed at obtaining sexual gratification. Over 60% of today's girls are ignorant in matters both female and male physiology. Women belong to the penis as a partner to something incomprehensible and inaccessible. In ancient times the temples of Aphrodite there was a special caste of priestesses, the main occupation of which was to satisfy the sexual needs of men come to pray. In Hawaii Woman in wedding night deprives innocent priest. The fact that the blood that appears as a result of rupture of the hymen, the people of the tribe Gaida consider life-threatening.

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