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So, here is what are the benefits of fellatio (ie oral sex) the female body:
Teeth. Sperm contains valuable minerals that strengthen the gums. Moreover, existing therein zinc and calcium is not less expensive pastes promote restoration of dental enamel. If oral sex twice a week, the likelihood of tooth decay is reduced by 40 percent.
Chest. In the men's semen contains the hormone prostaglandin. When ingested, it stimulates the production of female hormones, including estrogen. Women not only improves the condition of skin and hair. Due to estrogen increases the amount of breasts and thighs. And no plastic surgeons do not have to! This effect is only achieved when a woman swallows sperm.
Burning calories. Scientists claim that the 26 minutes of the French love to burn calories from one eaten pizza. And 53 minutes of oral sex, he graduated from the orgasm, destroying three burger and a packet of crisps.
Anti-stress. During it stimulates the nerve endings on the lips and produces the hormone oxytocin, which has a relaxing effect. Doctors also say that semen contains lipids and amino acids, which have great healing effect in stress diseases of the stomach - gastritis, colitis, ulcers. Pregnancy.
Blowjob woman receives a dose of DNA partner. When a future pregnancy it helps to get accustomed to the fetus in the womb. In fact, after fertilization mechanism sometimes does not work "recognition" proteins partner, and the fruit is rejected.But in constant contact with the sperm body gets used to it, and the immune system does not perceive as foreign proteins.Before conception, doctors recommend a three-week practice of oral sex. True, there is one "but": the sperm is required to swallow, otherwise all treatment awry.


How to excite a man
Beauty and the Kama Sutra does not interfere in the art of seducing men, but it is not in them.
Results of a poll conducted by poll, show that among the most sought-after qualities of a woman's sex appeal (55%) of men is valued more than the external data (49%). Slightly lagging temperament (40%). Mind in this series, unfortunately, is not the first position, although there are exceptions.
Emperor Napoleon, who had an insatiable sexual appetite, quite often, especially in campaigns, practicing one-off meetings with random ladies. Delicate tasks of this kind usually served imperial aide. It is noteworthy that when Napoleon asked his aide to find him a lady of the night, he had emphasized that the woman was smart. Adjutant this condition plunged into a deep bewilderment: why a woman in bed mind? Napoleon claimed that with a silly woman he will have nothing to talk to "the breaks."
Summarizing the numerous reviews amateur connoisseurs and just a ladies' man about what should be "ideal lover", we tried to get close to a solution of this great mystery.
So,  a woman can excite almost any man - is the one that ...
Loves himself
A favorite subject of men's dreams - delicate, beautiful, temperamental woman who for any reason will not interfere in his life and infringe on his freedom. Also look for him, to collect information about the favorite ways of spending leisure time, require visits, gifts and calls for no reason. At the same time it should be sensual, loving, affectionate, to know how to excite a man ... List angelic virtues is endless. Can a woman be so in our country, where men of childbearing age ten million less (and the corresponding competition)?
Oddly enough, yes. But in only one case. If she loves himself more than a man. If it goes on a date for his own pleasure, and not to "everything was like people." And sex is involved for themselves, and not in order to keep a man. With her husband lives because he loves it, not because of the money and not because of the baby. And after the act of love is more than listening to yourself and your feelings, and not inflate the sponge over the fact that he immediately ran to the shower. Woman who loves herself, the "thing in itself" - a mystery to men.And what could be more interesting to solving a mystery?
Uninhibited sex
The art of flirting we gradually mastered - each in their own way. Why, easy and fun to indulge in these games in a vertical position, many are beginning to feel embarrassed, clamped and numb in the process of transition to a horizontal plane? Continuing to tease partner fooling around and be naughty, you can get rid of the shackles natural impulse voltage and give each other a lot of fun.Do not forget that sex - a natural extension of romantic love. A woman who arouses men, wearing beautiful lingerie and stockings, even when no one is going to undress her. Just - for themselves. All kinds of erotic accessories her tone.
She never chirps and says in a low and deep voice. Even if you have the nature of the highest soprano - do not worry! Talk muffled, and your voice will sound beautiful and exciting.
The main thing - not to raise it. Even the most pleasant voice, jumping up to the cry sounds disgusting (not least because the tone is increased by several times) ... And learn to enjoy. Will not enjoy what is happening - nothing good happens.
Proactive, but not aggressive
Most men prefer it not that lazy, but often somehow do not dare to take the first step. It goes from teenage complexes, when the boys were afraid to invite a girl to dance at the club. In turn, those who behave aggressively in bed - a child apparently pulled girls' pigtails, to get their attention. Any aggression - a sign of weakness, and the best way to repay it - to take the initiative itself. Furthermore, the activity in the bed turned men.
If you lie like a log, and wait for a man with you something to do so, then it is likely that he will be with you to apply it as a log, and not as the most charming, attractive, beloved and unique.Throw the man a soft call, start to caress his first - this works especially well if he is accustomed to your inactivity. The result will see.
Not complex for nothing
Woman personifying masculine ideal, is not ashamed of her body, no matter how thick (thin, tall, small) it may be. This does not mean that it does not look after themselves - no, she regularly makes hair removal and pedicures, hair and nails. But there are moments that just for one trip to the beauty salon, can not be solved. Big nose. Small breasts. Wide hips. Therein lies the difference between a woman and a woman just a nice pleasant in all respects. That it is easy to change, and the latter is easy to change, and that change is difficult or impossible, and so it is large enough. If you love yourself for who you are - the same thing will not hesitate to make a man.
It is for this very reason, bbw, who, seeing himself in the mirror, smiling with pleasure myself and say that a good man should be much, do not suffer from a lack of fans ... Another aspect - do not hesitate to be in an awkward situation. Broken heel - safely break off the second and proudly Go through life (to the nearest shoe, home or to a friend). Burst in the gym leggings? Occasion for jokes and early termination of studies to date (as well as buying new clothes!). You may ask, what is the link here to have sex with? Direct. Woman, uninhibited in life, 90% of the man considered as a special, uninhibited in bed. And these associations, it should be noted, are not unfounded.
Likes to give pleasure.
Some ladies of corrupt modern glossy magazines, lying in bed with a man most concerned, if he could please them. The idea that a lot depends on them, they somehow never occurs. Men's remarks on "real bliss - this is when you, my dear, good 'cause they have at best distrust.
Meanwhile, the golden rule altruist - to give more than to receive - works in the bed could not be better. Sexologists believe that their own actions people start up is much stronger than on the actions of the partner. That is why the perfect sexual contact occurs only if the lady tends to excite a man, tries to give the partner no less, and even more than it receives itself.
Understands man
Theoretically, every woman knows that a man, if it is considered not as a person but as a male, is quite simple and predictable in their desires and reactions to a particular stimulus. At the same time, in practice, when it comes down to it, women are often not aware of it the report of a man waiting for some special understanding. Here's a typical situation. She says: "I'm cold!" (Waiting, of course, that a man will throw her hug). And he proposes instead to warm alcohol.
Bed - not a place for understatement
Of course, do not always want to ask him, do, say, your favorite way and that, and a pleasure to order is not the same. But if you ask once, and in the process enjoyable for male ear and sighs and groans of pride to make it clear, as you very well, then the next time to request unlikely to have ... One of the nice features is the male that the conditioned reflex in man produced much faster than Pavlov's dogs. If the logical connection between "Up Food" guinea doggie initially reacted immediately, then the sequence of "special affection - she's happy" man usually picks up from the first half.
Make a man compliments
"My dear, I am with anyone so well it was not like you" - is taken at face value only fools. Smart woman says her man is the same, but in a more constructive manner. It certainly praise all its advantages (sharpen its attention to detail, this works fine), but also casually mentions that if he paid attention to some how, especially her pleasant moments, the happiness it would be limitless ...
Well, in general, there is no limit! And so in this area even more so. Happy and constructive sexual relationships have a positive impact on life in general. Experts say that wealthy sexually couples usually prosperous and spiritual, and even the material sphere.
Now more specific options to become the goddess of love for him ... The beauty lies in the fact that from time to time to arrange for him and like a sort of unexpected orgy, hitting his imagination sophistication and elegance love art. This "event" is usually preceded by careful preparation, all the details need to be thought out, and your idea brought to life with a single purpose - to make it clear to the beloved, and that you have the only woman for whom he had always dreamed of.
The meeting place can be changed
Bedroom, in contrast to the rest of the home space should be something unearthly, drowning in luxury (bedroom interior can be solved in blue, red or green). Buy the most plush linens, create soft lighting.
Drizzle with your favorite perfume shelf with the laundry - it should recognize "your" smell. And let it wakes him the most pleasant associations. Once in the bedroom, he should imagine that he was on his way to paradise. You can light a fragrant candle and fill your room with a pleasant subtle scent of flowers.
Remove from the bedroom all the children's clothes and toys
Nothing here is meant to remind you about the work: a computer or typewriter unwittingly send your thoughts at the wrong direction.
In the pink stockings, waist - in a corset
Women are well aware of how indifferent men to an elegant expensive underwear. Do not be shy!Even if you consider that these stockings with Podvyazochki, high heels and bust you look ridiculous, and under the arms you run over treacherous fat folds, in doing so he probably thinks differently: "Wow! Did not expect! And what a good idea! And all for me! "
If desired, no matter what you may have been build, you can always find something translucent, alluring, that is right for you, and will look much more sexy than the old training. If you walk in a "cause" as the apartment you can not, put your outfit impact on the bed and attach a note in which an interest, whether he wants to see you today, when the children will settle in this attire.If it turns out that he was tired and wanted to sleep, do not worry, wait until tomorrow.
The Elixir of Love
Supplies in advance bottle of champagne or a fine wine that pleases both of you. Choose beautiful glasses. If you do not drink wine, fill the carafe soft "love" drink made by his own recipe.
Without music, nostalgia!
Music is able to carry us to the past. Maybe you have a tune for you sometime in the beginning of dating danced and loved each other. This record should be ready in the case that you are going to revive old.
I want to invite to dance ...
Many of us are marrying at all forget about how nice dance to your favorite tune. Even if you're not in the restaurant, but at home, dress for each other, and light the candles, put on some music for the soul, a dance.
Mermaid Lagoon
Sex in the shower or in the bathroom - it's unforgettable. This "priestess of love" will not fail to add to the bath fragrant oils. Scents of jasmine, chamomile, geranium, marjoram, lavender and roses relax. Relieve stress aromas of vanilla, orange needles. Excite - the smell of sandalwood, ylang-ylang, sage.
Striptease for one spectator
Rules of the game - he was wearing and does not dare to touch you. You dance and gradually undress (remember some video, it helps).
Operate the paparazzi
One evening, take a look at him with hungry eyes and shout: "Hey, you knowingly walk to train!Come on, raise your hands! That's biceps! Let me take a picture of you. "
Take a moment, when my husband starts talking on the phone with your boss, mom or friend.Kneeling down, open the zipper on his pants. Talk to him as it is able to do once you have. I wonder how he will stand talking on the phone?
And soon there is good
In this case, will have to do without preamble. You do not have time - you have to leave for a visit or a car waiting at the entrance. Passionately and quickly - this "primitive" sex remembered him for a long time.

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