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Decent "size
In humans: The average size of the male sexual organ - from 5 to 10cm.
scientifically proven that the "statistical average" male phallus at rest - from five to ten centimeters
in erection - from fourteen to sixteen,
the difference in length (quiescent) changes during the onset of erectile dysfunction: a short penis often increases much more than a long one. "Worthy" facts The world's largest erect member reaches a length of 27.9 cm. A very small penis - only 1.1 cm in length. Everything in between, is the norm. "Decent" statistics in 19% of male sexual organ in length from 16 to 18 centimeters, 29% of men in the world phallus length ranges from 14 to 16 cm, which is considered the norm, with 21 % this body from 12 to 14 cm, 9% of manhood from 10 to 12 has such phalluses mostly immigrants from Asia: Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, 4% of men - from 8 to 10 cm, 2%-from 6 to 8 cm, and only 1% have a phallus less than 6 cm. "Worthy" exception, 11% of men have the phallus from 18 to 20 cm. They often use limiting nozzles; 3% characters can affect the size of their penis lady 20-22 cm , 1% have a phallus longer than 22 cm. " Decent "geography biggest sex organs are the men in the following countries: England - 26,67sm, Germany - 21,59sm; Denmark - 20,32sm; America - 19,68sm, Sweden - 19 , 6cm, France - 19,6sm; Africa - 19,05sm. 


Historians claim that the first condom was leather, and wore it the Pharaoh Tutankhamun. You can verify this by visiting the National Museum in Cairo. Then in the course went bullish bubbles and sheep cecum.
Moreover, recently revealed that condom use and the Romans. Archaeologists have found in one of the ancient temples of yellowish, slightly rough, closed at one end of the cylinder. But for a long time, scientists did not know that it is nothing like the Roman condoms. The researchers first suggested that strange product - something like a ritual cup. The fact that they are made of resin - the only available if a flexible material. The resin was treated with a special compound that created the seal on the surface that the resin does not stick to the male and female genitals. Over time, the resin fossilized, and that is what the researchers introduced misleading. However, the latest analysis using revolutionary technology showed the presence of sperm in the walls of the cup. Found them quite a bit, only two or three on the glass, but the use of scanning technology has allowed the properties uniquely identify and fix the exact place of their location. Obviously, the sperm penetrate the micropores of the resin.
Need to use a condom as a contraceptive and as a protection against evil diseases matured in Europe in the XV century. The fact is that in 1493, Columbus and his crew brought not only gold and jewelry, but also a mysterious illness that immediately dubbed the "gift of the New World" and "revenge aborigines." In fact, it was syphilis. It became carriers of the sailors and soldiers. Wildfire syphilis spread throughout Europe and India to China. The epidemic has not spared anyone.
In 1564, when almost all sexually mature population of Italy was suffering from "revenge natives", a prominent physician and anatomist Gabriel Fallopian proposed to use a canvas bag for protection from this nasty disease. Pouch proposed to impregnate medicines and inorganic salts. In his book "of De marble dallico» Fallopian strongly advised to use during sexual contact, this linen bag, which, according to him, was supposed to protect against sexually transmitted diseases voluptuaries.Whether or not impregnated with various liquids pouch protects against infection, history is silent. However, this particular bag has launched a further development of much-needed items intimate properties.
As you persperkivy?
As you persperkivy?
Until now, it was not possible to ascertain the origin of the word "condom." Some believe that it comes from the Latin condus, which accusative sounds condum, others - from the name of an English doctor Condom, court doctor of King Charles II (1630-I685). The King ordered his doctor to come up with something to protect against syphilis. The doctor suggested the use of oiled caps from sheep gut. Doctor's invention had to the court, and soon all the aristocracy used these means of contraception and protection from amorous ailments. However, they were used several times, so the disease continued to spread. But illegitimate children were born less.
Over time, a linen bag for a special purpose and special people turned into a product for everyone. Mass production began with the 20-ies. our century. Boom in its use began in the mid 80's and continues to this day, which is understandable, because AIDS, as they say, does not sleep. In our country for a long time condom shamefully called "product №2». Soviet condom dated thirties, was much thicker than today's models. Then came the modern latex - thin, but strong enough material, which serves as a raw material for the juice of rubber trees - a rubber tree. For a short time the product has undergone a lot of changes. The length of the condom to roll out modern state reaches 18 cm. Manufacturers have taken care of lubrication. For women who are afraid of the wrong time to get pregnant, produce models with extra protection - treated spermicidal coating containing nonoxynol-9.
Condoms exist alongside other contraceptives and are available in numerous versions: flavored, colorful, pupyrchatye or raised, with or without lubrication from sheep gut, latex, polyurethane. Good condoms have a shelf life of up to five years.They were checked for quality in many ways. As with other contraceptive condoms do not provide 100% protection, although with proper application of their effectiveness is quite high.
In addition, the condom is one of the items in the set for survival. If you put it in a sock or sleeve, it is possible to carry water. However, the water should be poured slowly, then it can enter about a half liter; while it is stretched to a length of 30 centimeters. Condom can be used as a waterproof container for small and medium-sized objects that need to be protected from moisture. Of the two condoms can make a slingshot. For these purposes, cheap condoms should be used: thick and without lubricant. In general, the condom - it is a very useful and versatile product.

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