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Use them to their destination

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We learned a ton of literature, watched a bunch of movies, TV series, and the stellar positions in the "Twitter" so that you have access to the most sexual advice. You just have to use them!

1. Have sex in clothes, as did the characters of the series "True Blood" last season.

2. According to a survey conducted by Cosmo, men find the sexiest here this sms: "I want you right now."
3. In his essay for GQ Kelly Oxford swore that sex barter - a great invention. Try it and you. You throws his clothes in the washing machine instead of buying it in a sex shop toy and try it on you.

4. "People should be more huddling in clothes. This leads to great discoveries. " Cameron Diaz.

5. Jenn Berman, a sex expert American Cosmo, argues that in order to enhance sexual desire, often need to get an orgasm.

6. Polls show that Sailor Moon - the character with whom were not averse to have sex with most guys. Here's a topic for another role-playing game!

7. Put on gloves cashmere and slowly stroked his penis.

8. In the position she does not drop from the top to the end, so that you only penetrates the very tip. Play with it a little bit.Then get up and go to the kitchen for a glass of water. After that, go on - already at full capacity. Completeness sensations MCH guaranteed!

9. Silk scarf over his eyes - is erotic. Knotted scarf mouth - not only sexy, but also fresh. He just does not expect from you such a step, and hence the excitement of what you decided to drown his moans will sharp. 10. Mistimed fitball (fitness ball) to the wall, seated on his favorite and jump on it from the heart.

11. Add the pasta in saffron. A study conducted in 2011, showed that this spice - a strong aphrodisiac.

12. Sex-poll Trojan brand condoms showed that most exciting sex in most people took place in the car. Now you know how to use the back seat!

13. The second place on the drive for sex? Someone Else's Bed!

14. During oral sex Hold the vibrator in his penis.

15. Hold the bar. Another study found that the chances of women to orgasm increases with a beautiful partner.

16. Move your hips during sex in the missionary position. This increases the likelihood that your man will point G. 17. "We often play. I love sex theatricality. I love myself look good and when my wife to dress. " Sting.

18. More often eat yogurt - low-fat dairy products make you slimmer, but at the same time stimulate the libido.

19. Men lose physical desire, disappears when mental stimulation. Want to glow did not subside? Have sex in a position that stimulates the visual - for example, pose rider back to the partner.

20. Several times drip lubricant on his penis. Connects the dots with your fingers until he begged for mercy.

21. Sit on a running washing machine and girth of a man down. Hint: in the "Cotton" the most powerful vibration.

22. Ask him how to caress your nipples. Scientists say that the thrill of nipple stimulation activates the same part of the brain that caress your most intimate areas.

23. tease a man by licking his body language. Including a hair dryer, and direct it to the places that you just licked.

24. Tie the hands of the man lying on his back to the headboard, tie shnurkomra dioupravlyaemy vibrator to his penis. And now take up the remote - it's time to play with the speed!

25. Revision of the "Brokeback Mountain." You will be surprised, but heterosexual women excite romantic gay scene.

26. Speed ​​up the culmination of: according to studies, if a woman imitates predorgazmennogo moaning and breathing rhythm, it helps her to quickly reach a solution.

27.Bystro Spread your legs and show him their underwear when he opened the car door for you. We have assembled this scene in advertising Agent Provocateur with the actress Paz de la Huerta.

28. When it comes to you in the position doggy style, lie down on your stomach. So it will not penetrate too deeply into you, but will stimulate the point G.

29. The next time you find yourself in a drugstore, buy a lubricant finally, stimulating desire. And then somehow hands do not reach!

30. Making of a lazy morning love. It is proved that people who have sex before noon, feel happier than those who do not.

31. During sex gently vpeysya nails in place of his lower buttocks. This area is usually deprive the attention, and she is very sensitive.

32. If he is close to orgasm, and you - not yet, gently surrendering head with your fingers. This will help to delay ejaculation.

33. "There is nothing wrong with a beautiful belt for stockings ... I like to occasionally wear it." Heidi Klum

34. Surround your sex toys care. After using my them, take out the batteries and store in a plastic bag.


35. Be inspired voyeuristic scenes from "Game of Thrones" and engage in sex in a place where you could potentially caught.

36. Ask him to write the language of some phrase there - during cunnilingus!

37. Read the youth romance. They are usually far sexier than adult counterparts.

38. Ask the man several times quickly to touch your tongue to the inner sanctum.

39. seduce him during your favorite TV series. According to a survey of men miss the spontaneity of sexual life.

40. Turn to "comfort sex". Sexologist Ian Kerner uses this term on its website Good in Bed: "It's like ordering food from trusted Chinese restaurant. You do not need a menu, because you know - your favorite dishes will certainly be tasty. "

41. Climb into the bath, taking the ice bucket. Spend an ice cube on his cock in hot water until it melts. Skin feel hot and cold at the same time make him moan.
42. Squeeze a lubricant on his chest and uses it to lubricate them his penis.

43. Highlight the night only for oral sex. Everything else - banned.

44. Rihanna wears fishnet tights during performances, and you put on them in bed. 45. Ask the guy you arrange striptease.Channing Tatum, the epitome of male beauty, will play a stripper in the movie "Magic Mike," which will be released this year.

46. ​​Look at his hands. In men whose index fingers are shorter nameless, usually big you-know-what.

47. In your sexy playlist to be She Will Be Loved Maroon 5 and David Guetta Sexy Bitch.

48. It is by bending the legs, and you're in position on top of the girl back to him. Your body relies on its feet.

49. Tell him: "I'm excited." Relationship expert Ish Major says that these words can instantly inflame male desire. Here's another option: "I am excited at the mere thought that you and I would find myself in bed naked."

50. Try it in action vibrator, designed for sex, but not masturbation. We like the model Lelo Tiani or We-Vibe 2.

51. Stand over him, so that his knees were at his shoulders and work on the main erogenous point MCH hands. Your man all seem stunning - and the feeling and appearance.

52. Take the example of Blair and Chuck from "Gossip Girl" - climb into the dressing room during a party to hug passionately there.

53. Tighten the (but not too much) straps on his hips. This will help to deliver to his penis more blood and, therefore, will be a monumental erection.

54. Arrange a pillow fight, stripped naked.

55. Add to the salad sesame seeds. It is rich in zinc, which will increase the level of testosterone (and you, and he has), and it's good for your libido.

56. Orgasm is happening in my head. Do you want to speed it up - to represent sexual imagery.

57. He sits on the couch, you sit on it back to him (her knees on either side of his hips) and then put your hands on the floor.Begins to move! 58. Watch porn together. Studies show that more women are watching it alone. But a good partner in this business can not hurt.

59. According to a survey Cosmo men find the sexiest home pastime next outfit: yoga pants and a tank top straps.

60. Send him a sexy mail, beginning with the words: "When I get home, I'm ..." What will be the continuation of obscenity, the better.

61. Long sharp nails again in vogue. Use them on your man gently but firmly - he likes scratching the back, inner thighs and breasts.

62. "Do not call my penis cute. Even if it bear outfit and he looks at you with a smile. " Ashton Kutcher in "No Strings Attached".

63. It lies with knees bent and thighs clenched. You sit on it and leans back on his feet. Now pull the legs so that they lay on either side of his head.

64. Ask him to submit your most intimate place clock dial (very cute!) Let kiss each "digit" - gently and carefully. Several times in a row.

65. Type in the bottle almost hot water and take a ride on his pubis - where nerve endings are concentrated. Temperature add MCH pleasant sensations.

66. Arrange a sex party for two at the beginning of the week. Research has proven that such a shake easily cure the Monday syndrome.

67. Do you feel that orgasm is somewhere near, but never can it be achieved? Ask your partner to change the speed and power of penetration.

68. masturbates in front of him. 48 percent of men dream to see how you perform a solo program.

69. Try to pose "spoon" upside down. To do this, sit down on top of him, stretch your legs forward, lie down on your back and then roll down the side so that it remains within you.

70. Hold the head in the mouth, draw eight fingers on the trunk of the penis. This will increase the blood flow to it.

71. Use the "alignment technique." It increases the chances of women to orgasm. To do this, ask the man at the missionary position in contact with your clitoris pubis.

72. At a meeting jump into his arms hugging her legs and push her to his pubis. Paparazzi caught plenty of celebrities in this erotic pose. I must try!

73. Make a list of what you are not doing sex. Every month on the cross out item. Resourceful in bed couple love retain longer.

74. To unobtrusively tell the guy that you would like to get him in bed, focusing on what it does best: "You kiss me so gently ... I would like you to just gently touched me there" .

75. Another hint of "Game of Thrones" - try domination. As Princess Dayneris that of an innocent virgin became mistress, who know exactly what they want from men.

76. tease him a few days before sex. Remember the "Twilight. Saga. Dawn: Part 1 "? Waiting inflames!

77. Close the garage door, get on the hood of a car and asked the guy to enter into thee standing.

78. The G-spot easier to find when a woman is excited. Prepare for your search!

79. Ask him to open his eyes. Sexologists claim that men are more likely close them during sex and therefore distracted by other thoughts.

80. Suppose that you have a firm will face during orgasm. The man will remember him with a sweet shiver. Besides confirming - Trey Songz song rapper Love Faces.

81. Take a shower immediately after work. Women aroused more quickly when they feel clean.

82. Try the game - put on a necklace of caramels (they are sold in supermarkets) to your thigh and ask him to eat a few pieces directly to you.

83. Having bought a new pair of shoes, first put on them in the bedroom, and then in other places.


84. "Miranda loves it when I'm being dirty." Singer Blake Shelton that loves his wife.

85. Be demanding. Women who do not hesitate to ask their partners about the weasel, get more orgasms than modest.

86. Climb on it, lean back, holding himself up on his elbows and move back and forth, caressing his body his penis until it becomes solid.

87. Do yourself and him a cocktail that energize you: vzbey in blender banana, half a cup of orange juice, milk and yogurt.

88. "Light a candle, put the camera as far as possible and cover the lens with gauze." The director of "Sex and the City 'Will Gluck on how to shoot a home porn.

89. You - on the back with her legs spread. A man stands over you and stimulates your clitoris big toe (of course, immaculately clean).

90. Put a mirror beside the bed. Random "frames" plexus of your bodies, snatched during lovemaking, add poignancy.

91. Think of Me sexy alter-ego - like Sasha Fierce Beyonce - that will appear during sex.

92. Ask him to wind your hair on hand during sex. Scalp many nerve endings that will add you sexual sensations.

93. In order to put on a condom by mouth, the tip should be directed to your throat, and a ring - is right in front teeth.Attach the end of the condom to the penis and roll it to the base of the lips.

94. Do not forget about cardio! Women who visit the gym, orgasm twice as often.

95. seduce him in the shower. The survey showed that 48% of men often think about sex when washed.

96. "The key to unlocking the secret of strong marriages in Hollywood: good porn." Actress Lisa Rinna.

97. Turn on the heater in the bedroom. Since working principle of hot yoga: the higher the temperature, the more flexible body.

98. Take the Lead. Men often complain that their partners are passive in sex.

99. Tie him hand before you make a blow. This will increase your sense of power over his pleasure.

100. where you can feel the approaching orgasm - make a couple of Kegel exercises. This will help to get an awesome treat.



When you first look at a woman most men, above all, pay attention to its external data. They are attracted to thin waist, long hair, beautiful legs and magnificent breasts. Men who want to join with a partner in a long term relationship, prefer to see a woman in such qualities as honesty and gentleness. Very often men of mature age partner attract much younger than them. It is considered heterosexual people who engage in sexual relations only with persons of the opposite sex. In contrast, homosexuals and lesbians prefer to have sex with partners of the same sex.


Women are not less than men like to watch porn, for example, porn Katya sambuca or other video. This fact, although most of them do not admit it. It is known that Casanova hardly makes a difference between having sex with a boy or girl. His amorous adventures and numerous victories came to us through the centuries, and its name has become synonymous with the word "depraved." Kissing - an important part of lovemaking. In Kama¬sutre they devoted a large head. After reading it, you can see that the Indian word for "po¬tseluy" sounds like "Sthala", and he is of four kinds: NIMH, samyana, avakumbanna and yudha. NIMH - a simple touch of the lips. Samyana - kiss with tongue. Avakumbanna - kiss, requiring the use of hands.Yudha - playful kisses. According to the poll, while the deep, mostly first kiss a woman thinks about three things: Do it the partner; what to do to a man very excited; over whether it is a bed. The French kiss is a link between a trembling kiss and kiss "battle language" of the Kama Sutra. He is not aggressive, but persistent, nemyagky but gentle. He gives the partner feel your desire. As shown by numerous experiments, works of Richard Wagner, Chopin and Tchaikovsky's most beneficial effect on mood sexual partners. A similar effect is able to produce a classical Japanese music. According to the results of the survey in Russia can be seen that the modern women in choosing a partner clearly prefer men of strong physique, well-mannered and caring, sensual and imaginative

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In Cambodia every month attracts wealthy tourists in search of entertainment. Here girls from the early years learning the art of sexual relations, and by age 16 become real priestesses of love. Tourists visiting the Marquesas Islands, will come in at the wedding of the leader of the islanders. According to tradition, guests must show their sexual art master of the house, make love with the bride. Sometimes couples use vibrators in the form of a language or a banana. Such sexual toys can be made ​​of metal, plastic or rubber. They are elastically bent, sometimes glow in the dark, which makes the game of love special shade.According to the research found that the vast majority of women experience orgasm during foreplay and the sexual act itself is not necessary for them. Male orgasm is also easily reachable during foreplay. In the history of medicine recorded two cases where a giant bust brought its owners of a lot of anxiety: in a 14-year-old girl from Oklahoma, he weighed 7.2 kg, of the women of Spain - 9.52 kg. In the life of African families, there are times when the husband is not physically able to give his wife a child. Knowing this, the couple asked the leader to solve the problem, and that sends a special man, whose duty is the process of increasing the population of the tribe. More than 80% of male geteroseksuolov at certain periods of his life dared to dream up on homosexual intercourse with a close friend or any stranger .

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About 95% of women from time to time present themselves in the arms of a friend or a stranger. Such manifestations should bother you only when such fantasies have become regular and come over short time intervals. For men and Venda tribe Benin labia partner are the subject of worship. From ancient times, the girls of this tribe play a fun game: sit opposite each other and stretch out their hands "sponge". If you firmly believe that is not going to end up romantic encounters with sexual intercourse, for caution. Even if partners playful mood, they should not attempt further excite each other. The most frank affection in Kama Sutra called disturbing. If a man caresses his chest, stomach and buttocks partner, he provokes her to respond in kind. Gradually disturbing affection turn into hugs. Indian sages gave a precise definition of the concept of "hug".The action is called a hug, if a man attracts partner, firmly clinging to her and caressing her body. Slipping his hand on the shoulder of beloved man as if asking her to stay with him, squeezing her hand - be gentle. When a man stroking her waist sweetheart, this weasel is called "proximity badge." You should not have sex immediately after a heavy meal, as the increased physical stress on the body breaks down digestion and reduces the number of sperm produced. If you do a massage partner, make sure that you warm hands. Before they come in contact with the skin of your lover, be sure to put on a little palm massage cream. In addition to the innocent touch of the first meeting, the Kama Sutra tells of a more frank affection. When a man touches the partner's neck fingers, his actions are regarded as a declaration of love. The first acquaintance with the inner world of another person usually occurs during visual contact. The friendly look - the easiest way to show your potential partner interested in. If during sex you do not like any of your partner's actions, and you are silent, not wanting to upset him, soon your dissatisfaction with the situation can result in a sharp protest. But firm "no" is not a way out. Cleopatra carefully care for themselves, spending a huge amount of time to make rejuvenating milk bath, after which the skin gets its unusual freshness. Human sexuality is determined by its behavior, manner of speech, gait, gestures and attitudes to others. Body odor and tone of voice can also influence people. Active people during intimate games is different. If you prefer a partner about the rhythm - they were lucky. If not, it may be a misunderstanding. It is known that active people during sex prefer that they resisted. Sexy clothes very quickly able to excite the partner. For greater effect, you can ask him in what garb he would like to see you, and try to fulfill his dream. In one of the tribes of South America has an unusual tradition. On the wedding night the bride spends with his mother. At this time, it teaches the art of seduction, men and some of the subtleties of the game of love. Modern science offers humanity a large number of ingenious devices to gain an erection. First among these is the vacuum pump, shaped vagina. Women are very sensitive to smells. They can easily feel the presence of pheromones in the air and the musky smell and as quickly determine the condition of the immune system of any man. If your partner tells you that is ready to go from kissing to sexual intercourse, but you can see that it is not so do not rush. There is a strong likelihood that it plays up to you, wanting to do something nice. Being in the company of strangers, partners can not openly engage in sexual contact, but they have a great opportunity to experience unusual feelings of concern by surface petting. Meet your future partner can be in any location: on the street, in the store, on the beach or near the house. Best if acquaintance will be held in places where you will have similar interests: theater, library, sports club or swimming pool. Add a little romance in a relationship just. Shared decision foam bath and a small candlelit dinner bring to life exactly the flavor that makes it an unusual and intense. It is known that men like best stimulation of the genital organs, and women are focusing embrace before intercourse. Emotional stress stimulates the nervous system . This state partners very often becomes the prelude to a particularly rough sex. Touch of aggressiveness gives intercourse unusual shade of spontaneity. According to the theory of Robert Stenberg, romantic love is ephemeral and does not imply in the future making any commitments. During lovemaking one partner may be blindfolded. When the eyes are closed, he sharpened hearing, smell and touch. Not seeing action partner, a person can not predict them, and this is even more excited. Sometimes there are disputes between the partners. In most cases, the problem can be worked out, making it clear opponent that you value and respect his opinion, but like to "do it" differently. Viagra - known means to increase potency, but this drug has some side effects. One tenth of regularly using Viagra men experiencing severe headaches. Many people think that alcohol has on the body stimulating effect. Ethanol in small amounts acts on human raskreposchayusche, but when using it in excessive amounts in men decreases potency. There are a few qualities, having a woman can convince a partner that she is the embodiment of his dreams. These include sensitivity, honesty, sexuality, tenderness and pliability. If a man after sex is always trying to make sure that his partner is fully satisfied during lovemaking speaks to her and compliments, it will always be at the center of female attention. If a woman is sufficiently unfettered, before having sex, it can show your partner an easy striptease. Such a small idea will remain one of the most vivid memories of sex for both partners. Immediately before do with sex partner, you need to think about the appropriate setting. Nice music and heady scents will create an aura of Oriental harem and help you turn away from the boring reality. If a man makes love, feeling the slight hunger, he can act effectively as all his energy will be directed at obtaining sexual gratification. More than 60% of today's girls are ignorant in matters both female and male physiology. Women relate to the penis as a partner to something incomprehensible and inaccessible. In ancient times the temples of Aphrodite there was a special caste of priestesses, which was the main occupation of the satisfaction of sexual needs of men come to pray. In Hawaii Woman in wedding night innocence deprives priest. The fact that the blood, which appears as a result of rupture of the hymen, the people of the tribe Gaida considered dangerous to life.

Pansexuality - a sexual orientation, not taking into account the differences between the sexes

Pansexuality - a sexual orientation, not taking into account the differences between the sexes
Pansexuality - a rather complex concept. This is not a bisexual, although panseksualy do not discriminate between the sexes.It is in any case not transeksualnost though panseksualu spit trance in front of him or a person with innate gender. Actually,Pansexuality  - a complete disregard for the gender differences, finding a kindred spirit, a close emotional contact with your partner quite independently of whether, to what sex and sexuality that belongs.
Men, women, androgynous, intergendery, bigendery, Transgender, Genderqueer - all these definitions of gender identity (gender) do not have to panseksuala values. Pansexuality ignores the differences between the sexes, focusing only on the spiritual closeness, understanding and mutual respect. Panseksualy often do not know about their own orientation or reject it, confusing with bisexuality or sexual perversion, though neither the one nor the other, it is not.

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