Wednesday, 5 November 2014


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Every woman at least once asked myself this question. And most likely answer it correctly. And all because of men's magazines, porn, movies and television often do not give the most accurate information. But figured out how things really are.

1 Sexy Clothing sexologists believe the most attractive to men is the kind of woman in jeans with an unbuttoned the pants or a shirt with the top button undone. Many plants look young lady, dressed in a man's shirt or T-shirt that barely cover their ass. Many people find sexy girls in stylish glasses. 2. Underwear Many men like to have sex with a partner without removing her panties - it seems quite sufficient to move them to the side. Preferences on form has not been found, but some men, contrary to the expectations of women, they do not find thongs sexy. As for the "exciting" colors, the opinions differed, however, and psychologists, and men agree that pink, gray, purple and blue in no way stimulate the desire to make love. 3.Sound Most men die of delight, when the lady says (or groans) low hushed voice. Loud groans same and even more cries sound sexy and exciting, only 6% of men. 4. Right words Many men admit that they are crazy when their favorite utters various sexual obscenity - during sex or before (at the time of foreplay or in a taxi on the way home). 5. Aromas of wood Men like pleasant smells, but mostly not perfume, and natural. Rough sex promise aromas of sage, sanadala, ylang-ylang. Full of tenderness and warmth love game provide smells of orange, vanilla and pine needles. The best option is essential oils. 6. Bad temper British scientists reported another shocking news - many men gets incredibly kind zlyascheysya women. This is explained by the fact that at the moment of moral tension in her beautiful breasts heaving, breathing quickens and shining eyes. 7. Rich inner world of women believe that men are attracted to bright appearance - a certain breast size, waist size, the shape of the lips ... But all men pay attention to the other! VTsIOM found that 55% of Russian men think that the most attractive in a woman are gait and rallying opinion, 40% said that they are attracted by temperament.

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