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Hymen - a unique piece of the female body. It is available only in female human, apes and some species of antelope. Purpose hymen is unknown. There are two assumptions. First - it serves to protect the internal genital organs, the second - it prevents too early sexual activity.
Long ago, a virgin is considered a special creatures and even endowed with magical properties. Remember one of the most popular artistic subjects: virgin, to tame the unicorn? In our mundane time accepted that the hymen - just a fold of mucous membrane of the vagina. No mystery, solid anatomy.
It was believed that defilement, that is taming Foremothers mortally dangerous for any man, and especially - for her future husband. And then it came to the aid of the groom more experienced comrades.
Why does the presence or absence of virginity is still someone cares? Maybe we said genetic memory that ingrained in our brains as installing TV psychotherapist 1990 Anatoly Kashpirovsky?

Virginity sinless

Apparently, this setting appeared in the Middle Ages, when the sexual relations were officially regarded as unclean and sinful.They would be banned completely, but continue to race all the same as it is necessary. As a result, virginity has become a symbol of purity and innocence (who do not agree - that the evil one, and place it on a fire).
The world is changing, and the girls have remained hostages of the concept of "virgin - well, not a virgin - is bad." Unclean, filthy, depraved ... This and married, nobody will. First of all, who needs a "defective product"? Secondly, where is the guarantee that she will give birth to a child from her husband, and not from someone else's uncle?
By the way, say, in Muslim countries even today the bride, was not a virgin, may be stoned. And this beautiful custom: after the wedding night to hang a sheet on public display? 
Tips for defloration
1. Do not consume alcohol before the first sexual intercourse.
2. Turn the light music.
3. A man should be gentle and affectionate, and should not make any sudden movements.
4. Before the first sexual intercourse is required prolonged foreplay (petting).
5. girls the best is in the "supine" (other councils bend your knees to break the hymen was less painful).
6. Be sure to be protected. What at first intercourse is not pregnant and do not catch infections - no more than a myth.
7. The main thing - it's comfort and safety.

Virginity is dangerous

Our distant ancestors were big fibber. It is known that several thousand years ago in the temple of the Assyrian goddess Ishtar Servants of worship practiced ritual defloration with a special wand in the shape of a phallus. At the other end of the world (in Peru), and much later the mother deflower their daughters in public places ... However, most often, defloration rite performed by men. A description of this action is extremely reminiscent of gang rape.
Perhaps the most "romantic" version of this rite: Woman goes to the forest to her deflowered local hermit in animal skins and horns attached to the head.
Asked why the girls did so badly at the end of XIX century, said the founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. He explained that on the one hand deflowering seen as a transition to adulthood. And this transition should not hold anyone anyhow, and the spirit of the ancestor of the tribe. If a virgin will get someone else, he can get angry ... And then expect trouble - says our Dragon, who cajoled girls beauties.
On the other hand, to a virgin then treated not as an innocent girl, but as a dangerous creature, a kind of time bomb. Which was associated with the belief in ancestor of all women - Great Grandmother.
This is the Grandmother was extremely unpleasant particular, indomitable and lush. It is, inter alia, also killed all men who met its path. So in every virgin is, hidden piece of the Great Grandmother, and only after the loss of her virginity girl loses and becomes an ordinary housewife. 
It was believed that defilement, that is taming Foremothers mortally dangerous for any man, and especially - for her future husband. And then it came to the aid of the groom more experienced comrades, carried a kind of exorcism, then returned disarmed bride.
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Virginity is desirable

Defloration, translated from Latin means literally "pluck the flowers." And who has not dreamed of men, these "flowers" to disrupt, but more?
In ancient China, men believe that sex with a virgin will cure all diseases. Landlords brothels XIX century scoured the whole of England in search of virgins, customers were willing to pay for them serious money. Yes and modern enthusiasts claim that there is a particular pleasure to deprive female chastity.
As it turned out to be a virgin commercially beneficial art flourished among prostitutes simulate virginity. To create a convincing bleeding, it was enough to insert into the vagina piece of sponge soaked with the blood that is extruded during intercourse.
Fish bladder filled with blood, giving even more spectacular results. By the way, this is still a favorite way of Thai prostitutes portray innocence. Improved model - balls filled with pigeon blood mixed with anticoagulant, sold in Thailand in many sex shops.
In the Muslim paradise, where, as you know, a true sweetens a harem of beautiful virgins, their innocence magically (spontaneously) is returned every night. On the ground, all the more prosaic: restore virginity plastic surgery. The procedure is called - Hymenoplasty. In Russia there are many centers where such operations are practiced, and Muslim girls from former Soviet republics often become their client.
The most appropriate age for defloration - 18-20 years old when the hymen well extensible, with her tears woman loses the least blood.
With age, the membrane thickens, loses its elasticity, which leads to greater blood loss, and increased pain during her break.

Atlas of Innocence

Even having thoroughly studied the structure of the female external genitalia on anatomical atlas, not every virgin is able to figure out where her hymen. It is very difficult there all arranged. What to say about men!
Let's try to clarify. Hymen - a fold of mucous membrane of the vagina that closes the entrance to it and is 2-3 inches from the labia minora. In Pleven there are small holes, if they were not, menstrual blood and would accumulate in the vagina.
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Hymen may be absent at birth, accidentally tear as a result of masturbation or a failed introduction tampons. One of the horror stories that scare each other girls, is the myth of the hymen breakage as a result of cycling.
The real loss of virginity - hymen rupture - occurs as a result of sexual intercourse (defloration). Typically, this process is accompanied by slight bleeding (10% of cases it is not observed). Normally 3-5 days the edge of the hymen heal, and repeated sexual acts are harmless.
But here, if you deviate from the norm. If the hymen is elastic or if a hole in it large enough, the sex life may some time and with the undisturbed flow of Pleven. Sometimes the hymen is so strong that a man is not able to break through it. In such cases it is better to carry out surgical defloration.
So the girls and women are ... 
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