Tuesday, 4 November 2014


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Woman adventurer
adventurer, Playgirl, easy and carefree pace the life. No, this is not a lady of easy virtue (as you could possibly think of). On the contrary, for the sake of a good quality sex and she is ready to go on material costs. After all, she, by and large, it is necessary too, as men - sex for sex, new and previously unknown sensations for naked adrenaline opportunity to practice in the bed sport in order to maintain the sexual forms. However, unlike men, adventuress not intended purely sporting interest, it does not need self-affirmation and drawing his victories in the circle sebepodobnyh. This woman - a true foodie, tenderly and lovingly-collecting thrills, new emotions and beautiful life episodes. Woman travel. Often leaving the home town on business issues, leaving the zone of influence of her husband, she gradually gets used to the nomadic way of life and light with respect to have sex. Yes, and betrayal in another city itself is not considered (as seems to be mentioned in the same I adored the TV series "Sex and the City"). And because of traveling recklessly woman has an affair on the side in a train with a random and such a cute companion, with a work colleague who shared with her ​​the charm of "working" trip to the local Aboriginal people, shot in Bartschik behind the next corner from the hotel. A female experimenter. Check it easily over excited face, slightly mad gleam in his eyes and rosy cheeks. After all, it's all in anticipation - it's her first time sex. What makes it such a step? Curiosity, the desire to compare your man with another, to taste the forbidden, and therefore such a sweet fruit? Yes everything is actually J After all, life is one, and men - beautiful, burly, of blonde, oligarhovyh and hot - so much ... Woman thrown. Men like these, rightly considering their most promising type of "one-off" of women. Devoted husband or lover, just divorced or simply abandoned to their fate and roadside steam life, these ladies are tripping over themselves to prove to themselves and others (of the beast in the first place), they are still sexy, desirable and in demand.Woman cheated. bursting volcano of passion, a flurry of emotions and focus most incredible erogrez. She brazenly changed man and she is ready to do anything to avenge scoundrel. Do not confuse this type of going to the one-time sex with a woman abandoned women. After all, the new man in her eyes is not a savior, and the same bastard, bastard pig and ungrateful as former counterpart (they are all the same !!!). lonely woman. She lives alone for a long time - without a man, sex and everyday craniotomy. Intima zero, and sexual desire - even a shovel to shovel neighbors. As a result, a deep dissatisfaction with the constant melancholy, aggression and terrible tension. Why such sacrifices and extreme? Better to sleep with the unfamiliar man exhausted and stomp on, pretty humming under his breath vulgar motive favorite songs.Woman in love. She is all ready for a loved one, even on a one-time sex, devoid of emotional and romantic color. Just to be with him, just to touch him, just to get access to his precious body (in time for the shower does not work). Head over heels in love with a man (boss, colleague, neighbor, President, Gosha Kutsenko, etc.), she lives in constant expectation of a miracle, ready to do anything and even more (break of the night and come to him with a bottle of vodka, condoms and snacks , to clean up after his cat, be a lover when living wife; ride him all the cities and villages as touring the fans). female friend. So the circumstances - a couple of explosive cocktail (a mixture of martini, vodka, champagne and ice), soulful conversations on the age-old theme of "Guys - goats and swine, women - bitches and fools" sacramental asking the question "Do you respect me, uh?", and now somehow magically the two "friends" in close horizontal position. © Yu. Maksymenko

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