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Hollywood rules sex, intimate emancipation in Western Europe, but
exotic Kama Sutra - The few specimens of intimate life, with an eye on
that build relationships bedding lovers of modern Russia. At one time
received the freedom of the country, including - sexual freedom, and only heard
was: Indian Kama Sutra, love French, Swedish family. Surely in Russia do not
have sexual traditions?
were! Traditions, including - sexy, have any of the people. But, on the one
hand, in the East to carefully treat the written sources, and therefore
came to us in the form of ancient Indian virgin tracts intimate property with
another - in the West, advertising is much better than in Russia, so in the view
of many all we do in bed that copy the Europeans.
Yeah and Russian historians are in no hurry to defend doctoral dissertation on the topic
of fornication in Russia - in the first few decades of the Romanov dynasty on a number of
political reasons were destroyed priceless scrolls and ancient chronicles of
the times. That accounts for much of the history and traditions of the Slavic peoples (including
those - the development of sexual relations) to restore <circumstantial evidence> -
evidence of aliens.
Ancient bacchanalia
Byzantine historians considered Slavs branch of the Huns. Procopius
describes our ancestors as people of great height, weight, and powerful tremendous strength
to skin color: golden-red. But the hair of the Slavs already in the VI century were
mostly blond. Prevailed in Russia at that time, patriarchal relations and
polygamy (usually - from two to four wives). In this case, none of the tribes
of his wife in bondage husbands were not. Moreover, <unloved> wife could
almost officially, openly, to change their husbands. And if you find a partner, who <offered
them my heart>, promising to make <Home> wife, the Old Slavic ladies changed
Strategist In Mauritius, another Byzantine historian of the same VI century, surprisingly
called Slavs favorite method of copulation - in water: on the lake or river
shallows, and even afloat of a wide river. Mauritius and was amazed that
the Slavic youth before marriage and marriage amused group sex
during the holidays - about virginity nobody thought.
Sexuality long time (up to the XII century) associated with our ancestors
on the occasion, laughter, singing and some music. For example, one
of such kind of celebrations of the ancient Slavs - in honor of the god zhenitvy Lada - later
became the day of Ivan Kupala. It is difficult even to imagine sexual expanse in honor of
Lada, if you remember that far more of a decent holiday of Ivan Kupala in the XVII
century Orthodox monks wrote: <Then there is the men and young men, the great fall in
the women's and girl's vacillation. Tacos same and wives muzhatym lawless desecration here
harlot concept arose about the VII century and meant only that the girl
looking for a husband (wandering). At the end of the VIII century, when the Magi in a row on the difficult role
deflorationmens - in <maiden bath> the day before the marriage, they were deprived of virginity
of the bride, who for some reason have not lost it yet, - the notion of <harlot>
changed. They started calling all the ladies who have lost their virginity. From XII to XVII
Century harlots believed unmarried girls who have come into intimate contact, and widows,
taking in his men. Only in the XVIII century, thanks to the Herculean efforts of
the church, the word harlot became abusive. But it is not offensive, then I would very much
like a church. Accordingly, in the language and in legal practice, the degree
of sinfulness subdivided. Fornication - a relationship with an unmarried woman, adultery
- a married. Called the girls prostitutes shameful.
<specialty,> as familiar old Slavic intimate relationships has been the lack
of traditions bestiality and homosexuality, as well as categorical unwillingness of men
make their victory over the ladies for general discussion. Splurge same success
with the ladies practiced and ancient Indian heroes and Western Knights.
Sexual taboos
founder struggle <for the moral fabric> in Russia should probably be considered:
Princess Olga. In 953, she published the first known edict (1050 anniversary,
by the way, can be noted) on sex-wedding theme - about money or
compensation for duffel bezdevstvennost.
However Magi forbidden to engage defloration only Prince Svyatoslav in 967,
declaring that henceforth defloration - the direct duty of the husband and his
dignity. Svyatoslav tried to ban dancing and <in obscene Time>, then
there are days when vserusskih holidays were observed. The fact that the dances in
many nations of the world, including the Slavs were considered erotic fun - during
the time jumps and jumps denude intimate places, at the usual time covered
skirt, mantle (cloak) or a jacket. But it was a clear enumeration of sexual
reformers - people began to rebel. I had to cancel an order.
Satanic passion
should be the main contribution to curbing <satanic passions> in Russia made ​​the Orthodox
Church, which began actually approved in Russia in XII century.
As a class, the Magi were eliminated. Midwives, traditional healers announced <broads
bogomerzkih> subject to the full annihilation of. Even protection from conception through
the medical herbs was considered <ubivstvom serious>.
Tatar-Mongol yoke did not prevent Orthodoxy to fight with these types
mylen (baths), a maiden (the day before the wedding) and marriage (shared bath
spouses immediately after the wedding). They replaced the mandatory separate
washing of the spouses after <sin intercourse>. Sex, even between husband and wife was seen as
sinful, the exception was only for the sake of intercourse conception.
church forbade women <erect eyebrows and krasitisya, lest prelstiti
man in pogybel sweets telesnyya>. Numerous posts and fasting days (Wednesday
and Friday) spouses gap left only 50 days a year, the sexual. And in
each of those days, even though the wedding (!) - no more than a single act.
imposed a ban on the position <standing> - makes it difficult to get pregnant, so it <not
for procreation, but merely for the sake of weakness>, that is, in the name of fun. Those who
commit sexual acts in water declared wizards and witches. Norms of Christianity
for the woman during intercourse is only one position - face to face,
lying motionless at the bottom. Forbid kissing of the body. <Good wife> was considered
asexual wife, disgusted by sexuality.
severely punished, and the couple, who, during the wedding feast
was used Old Church Slavonic rite, - took up chicken feet and tore
the chicken in half. Personified defloration custom was recognized <demonic
During confession, everyone had to report about the private affairs of its own. Priests
were instructed to ask a lot of questions to the laity on the subject, including this one:
<Not eh puts you a mouth and finger his neighbor in their place and where obscene
Titted Russian
Russian people, however, suspiciously sluggish to react to the priests' sermons. As
the most affordable means of expressing emotions in inhuman conditions of life, crepe
and developed abusive slang. And all of a six or seven words neodnokorennyh
dirty sexual nature was nasochineno so many variations that to
this day does not dream of all languages ​​of the world combined. Of them were composed
limericks, nursery rhymes, proverbs and sayings. They were used in the dashing quarrels and
Humorous indiscriminately, and everyday conversation.
As for the church prohibitions on sexual pleasure, it is already to the XVIII century
was common proverb: sin - when your feet up and down - the Lord has forgiven.
Noteworthy, in particular and the reaction of people in the <role breasts in Russia>. The Church in
all times ridiculed and decry most women's breasts, to the extent that the
harlots wrote on icons with faces terrible and huge breasts. People are on
a similar reacted the same way - trying to marry the girls corpulent, with a bust
size of the seventh-eighth. Yes, and the girls used a lot of tricks to make
breasts bigger.
To this day came potion, which was used in the villages of Central
Russia, those who have chest was less than a fourth the size. Three spoons female
milk, spoon honey spoon of vegetable oil and a mug of peppermint broth.
Chest, they say, has grown by leaps and bounds.
would venture to suggest that in the XVI century, and should seek the origins of the strange relationship
between the mother-in-law and. At that time, fathers sought to give his daughters in marriage as much as possible
before virgins - 12 - 13 years. Compassionate same mother, in order to protect
their girls from fatalities in the first wedding night itself went under
zyatev. And then, while continuing to carefully protect the health of young daughters, years 2 - 3
shared a bed with my husband, and with his son. Similar relations-relations to such an extent
become the norm, the Church went napopyatnuyu! If during normal
adultery could yield up to 10 years of hard labor both for fornication, usually punished by
10-15 years of daily repentance in the church, for adultery between son-and
mother-in the most severe punishment was 5 years of penance - daily confessions in
the church (ie, man came out of the house to the church, knelt and two hours
beat bows, asking for forgiveness from God).
Devilish orgy
According ethnographer Nikolai Gal'kovskogo <sexual peak> our country
has achieved in the XVI century - <ordinary people caught up in the debauchery, and the great man excelled in
unnatural forms of sin, with the connivance and even the dual
position of the church>.
copulation were engaged not only in taverns, but sometimes on the street. The main
bath brothels became common at the time for men and women. Weddings were
used to mark two or three days, and already on the second day it was impossible to
find a single sober and very few guests at this time did not have
sexual relations with three or four members of the opposite sex.
Even cooler splashed rich. Their marriage lasted a week. And the tone is usually asked
the guardsmen - the main culprits penetration into Russia sodomy (homosexuality).
perverts number grew and in monasteries. It came to that seen was in
bestiality head of the Russian Church, Metropolitan Zosima (in the XV century).
At weddings also in the royal family were walking around two weeks. And the only thing that
scared them - the evil eye. For example, the third wife of Ivan the Terrible Sobakina Martha
died two weeks after the wedding. All contemporaries assured - from
the evil eye. Of course, no one was measuring how much she drank at that time, how many
ate and if she had syphilis. By the way, syphilis, according to the authoritative
Russian historian Kostomarov, was brought to Russia by foreigners in the early XVI
century, and the end thereof he was mowing the Russians better than cholera or plague.
Female parish
started a decisive battle with the fall put, as usual, lady. It is known
that Catherine the Great issued a decree on the early construction of the first settlements in Alaska
in 1784. But few people know that in the same year, she banned the use of
shared baths and ordered him to build a separate soap - for men and women.
However, with the same time it is possible to count and <base> with baths rooms
and suites for lovemaking. That thrives to this day:
There are women in Russian villages:

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