Saturday, 8 November 2014


Standards of female beauty
in the figures described quite simply:
"Sixty ..." - sigh, remembering you,
and twice - exactly ninety. Hautes ninety - this bust is decorated bra and top, bottom and Well - I'm not afraid - What What people call "ass."

Ass in the mirror less visible
than the eyes, hairstyles or persons
And yet it is divided
on two neat buttocks. We recall it was only after fatty meals, Oh well - sad myself alone, waiting for affection and attention.We sit on the ass all day long home, at work, in a restaurant, Well, sometimes hand will be scratched, or words sometimes get hurt. priest sees the sun once a season in Turkish all-inclusive beach At the hour when we are naked, sorry, She up tanning lie down. Same instant crazy guys, Seeing tight buttocks at you, even though they are fed with hands, suddenly fly off, wailing like birds. Because time immemorial, How to express himself ... poponyatnee attracts these men Area just below the waist. Did you see how the guy with melancholy figure maiden gossiped about? He motions of a circular hand Popa certainly mark. guys are in the gallery. Rubens. "The Rape of Europa." And what men chained opinion? explain. By bending female priests. Da Vinci Code - this is nonsense. What eternal mystery of the Mona Lisa? Lisa knows she always With secret to beautiful bottom. Sweetheart, do not go to a fortune, if you catch sight random uncle, KNOW THAT ALL NOT ONLY AHEAD,SOMETHING LIKE THEM AND BACK.



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