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I usually do not talk to men about certain things. But for you, I'll make an exception - and tell you what you could never know if it had not come on this site ...
• bra •
If you decide to give it to me, it is very kind of you but it is not necessary go to the store, if you know just what my measurements 90-60-90 The fact that the first "90" will not say anything about the seller what do I need a bra - it is necessary to know the number of cups. Dimensions Russian galterov bust - from 0 to 6 th - almost out of use, and all are now European standards, which are designated by the letters A through F Size AA - the smallest. If my size from PP, then one of two things, or I'm waiting for the child, or the surgeons too far with silicone. 5 myths about menstruationare women at this point do not want sex -Do women at this time are always in a bad mood for a few days -delay means the disease or pregnancy are women can not get pregnant during menstruation -All women feel when it starts 5 truths about menstruation -As this time, often on the face pimples Even adults respectable ladies -If I met in what some long trip, then the law of meanness menstruation is bound to come, even if it is not the time doctors claim that this is due to the change of climate, congestion during the flight and stress, but I know that this is just to spite me -By the same law of meanness all begins when I put on my best clothes -First two days I feel weakness and pain in the back of Tom, who invented tampons and pads, you need to erect a monument. I even agreed to chip in on this. • Former lover • I'm with him almost did not feel anything. And have sex with him I did not want to deal with. The word of honor. • Orgasm •Women's magazines insist that I should receive a salary not less than my male colleagues and have no less orgasms than they are. As for salary - that's for sure. And without orgasms and I live - if I did not even happen at all, I still get pleasure from sex. Men are not given - they are always waiting for the judging of the chord, which allows them to understand that the concert is over and you can go to your wardrobe. 6 things I do not need to say: What I gainedWhat happened to the carburetor, muffler and suspension of your car Well, if you really really want, then tell me - but without burning the details What I do not is that, in what I'm wearing What you do not like children What have someone of my girlfriends beautiful legs and chest What I quite come up to the role of your wife and the mother of your childrenare 6 things that I need to say: What I'm beautiful to me What you in bed as good as ever with anyone What stretching from pregnancy on the abdomen very erotic What I'm smart What not even just a clever and very -And with me a great sense of humor What I do not like your mother • Protection • Hormone pills - a wonderful invention, but they have little flaws: they need to be taken daily at a certain time, and I every now and forget about it sometimes, I'm sick of them in spite of all the achievements of pharmaceuticals in recent years, I feel that taking a pill, I gain weight, and I have thick hair grow on your feet Other methods of female contraception is also far from perfect - a spiral hurts to put on and take off, besides, I am afraid that it will shift and cause inflammation. With regard to any caps and spermicidal ointments, do not understand how I should use them? According to pharmacists, in the midst of an event I have to swing by a partner inflamed passion and run to the bathroom - put the cap. Or create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom, removing from the tube ointment and evenly distributing it on your vagina. To this I can only say that women prefer male contraception. Namely - the condom, which is entirely to ... say, men of conscience. • Pregnancy • Women love children, but do not like to be pregnant. And whatever alleged experts, there is nothing natural in this state is not. Is it possible to call a natural: -necessity to lie down on your back, if you want to remove the socks; -Ability sobbed two o'clock in a row because you remembered very sad poem about the hare, which threw the hostess; -pristupy nausea at the sight of her husband; -hozhdenie five times per week in the clinic with a jar of urine; -soznanie that within you there is someone. By itself, this would not be so surprising, but when you consider that you are with this "someone" even a stranger ... • Sex for 1 minute • Sometimes women also want all happened very quickly. Once a month - the best schedule for a short sex. • Home - dry • When I'm excited, I'm getting wet - it facilitates you the way to the right place.When I get tired, nervous, long'm on my feet or do sports, I also get wet. Who need it, do not know - is that manufacturers of gaskets for each day. • Alarm • If I often tell you the following phrases mean in our sex life you need to change something: y I have a headache; -Need go for a walk with a dog; -ty do know that I do not like to do this afternoon, Careful, you mnesh my dress; -by I think my some inflammation. Anyway, until I see a doctor ... • Pornography • I'm not going crazy from it and find it quite boring monotonous spectacle. However, the excitement I can still feel - but it does not compare to the ecstasy that I can experience, seeing as the heroine of my favorite series of one hundred seventy-sixth series finally allowed Alfonso to kiss her hand. My turn-ons are not action, and intrigue. In pornography intrigue, to my taste, is not enough. • Alcohol • A glass or two of wine can enhance my sensuality. In addition to the alcohol, which has a stimulating effect on me, an important role to play full bladder - when I want to go to the toilet, I always want a little bit, and sex. You have the morning too it happens. • Erogenous zone • Today, it can be a neck. Tomorrow - ear. The day after they are generally all somewhere disappear, but next Friday erogenous zones will have me everywhere - from feet to neck. The fact that women's erotic zone gene is not something permanent - they migrate throughout the body, depending on my emotional state. Therefore, be of good comfort, invent, try and not get hung up on the usual route: ears, nipples, navel. • Masturbation • We also do it, although less frequently than men.Maybe some of this is actually required for romantic music, lacy underwear and vibrators with a double set of batteries, as it is usually shown in porn movies, but usually women much less demanding on the entourage and dispense with his own hand, pressed against the inside of the thigh. • Loss of virginity • While we are chatting with her ​​friends, in paints remember what happened, I do not like to talk about it to men. Because in fact it does not so spectacular event. In any case, do not call it the best sex of my life - the appetite, as you know, comes with eating ... • difference • Unlike men, wome us never compared to each other the size of their genitals. Does not bother me that my girlfriend is more or less than I do. I must say, do not know much like the look of these organs from me or the other, by the fact that almost never do not see them. • Gynecologists • 75% of all women (and I am among them) prefer men doctors. Because I had them less shy. The fact that I was much less likely to have to have close physical contact with women, so I feel much discomfort and embarrassment when I was examining one being with me the floor. • • Ejaculation During orazma many women have ejaculation - scientists are still trying to explain this meaningless from a practical point of view the phenomenon. Moreover, still completely unknown - what it consists of liquid secreted by a woman during ejaculation, and what authorities it is produced. These slimy, almost clear discharge may occur, even if I did not have time to reach orgasm, but only "prepared" to it. • Cellulite • I hate him but he is almost every woman - no matter how thin or full.These fatty lumps, making the skin look like orange peel, actively formed on the buttocks and back of the thighs.Another ten years back in our country about cellulite, no one thought - and even a film actress, acting in bathing suits, quietly demonstrated cellulite bumps in the frame. In these happy times called cellulite "dimpled ass" and did not find anything criminal in it. Now find. I struggle with cellulite: do massage, doing sports, I wear all sorts of magic knickers and tights, and even spend mad money on protivotsellyulitnye creams. All of this helps if it is very weak. The trouble is that every woman should have a little fat accumulation, otherwise it would not have nor have regular menstrual cycles, nor pregnant. The only pity is that these savings are arranged just so - that they would not hide somewhere inside, wherever they who have not noticed? Oh, and if I ask you: Do noticeably, I have cellulite - please pretend that you did not notice • Muscle Men • If I say that I do not like bulging muscles, because it is inelegant, I dissemble. I can like skinny men. I can marry a man, whose pants I can not get into even for a million dollars. I can tell admiration that my beloved waist as Natalia Goncharova (38 cm) ... But biological laws still told to me to look back on the strong muscular men that are strong enough to bring me and my offspring production and enough to protect me from the saber-toothed tiger. • I lie to you, when I say ... • -I want to see you like my girlfriend. (Do not want to.) You're the only one who can understand me. (Except for Lisa, Masha, Dasha, Anna Nikolaevna, and my mom.) -I finished. (It is not excluded.) -I not like muscular men. (See above.). I'm not myself I can move this dresser. (I told you that I can not move myself this dresser!) -I will never lie to you. (The main thing that you believed in it.) • Point G • Another female mystery - the notorious G-spot deep in the front wall of the vagina. In my vagina few nerve endings, but at the point G, their concentration is very high, so it should provide stimulation dizzying results. It is a pity that there is still the presence of this wonderful science to the end point is not confirmed. But nor disproved. I do not know if I have this point - but something enjoyable during sex, I sometimes have to endure. Perhaps for that I must say thank you to the point G. ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- Author unknown

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