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Folk classification of some bodies 
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in addition to taking in gynecology and urology classification genitals, most nations of the world have their own graduation, which takes into account not only the anatomical features, but also often give detailed and nimble personality characteristics of these owners "of love" .
So the Eastern Slavs folk wisdom classified virtually all components of what is called now sexology.

Folk classification of the male genital organs. 

"Laskun" - phallus 8-10 cm long when excited. "Grouse" - 11-12 cm. "Favourite" - 13-14 cm. "Sultan" - 15-16 cm. " Balda " - 17-20 cm. "Yelda" - 20 cm. According to the thickness of the phallus in a state of excitement: "The Kid" - 2.5-3 cm. "Prince" - 3-3.5 cm. "King" - 3 , 5-4 cm. "GOLOVAN" - 4.5 cm. "Elephant" - 5 cm or more.

By activity in the sex life: 
member very easily excited, erection can occur without cause or just the thought of intimacy. "Groom." Phallus men who had relationships throughout life with just one woman. "pod." phallus boys, still not knowing the intimacy with a woman."Boyfriend." Phallus experienced men, who had relations with many women. "Pop." sexual organ, the head of which is closed foreskin even when erect. "Amanita". Phallus, unable to eregirovaniyu on because of old age. "nail." Phallus impotent.

Classification of female genital mutilation.
(as noted by researchers, it is more poetic than the classification of the male genital organs) along the length of the vagina: "Manilka" - vagina up to 7 cm, "Lebedushka" - 8.9 cm. "Heron" - 10 cm . "Durilka" - 11-12 cm. "Bear" - more than 12 cm. According anatomy: "Celka" virgin body. "wilding" vagina with extensible hymen, which persists until birth."Chilean" penis virgin, but without a hymen. Very common among Indian women in Latin America and the girls Polynesia. The girl's mother from an early age so strongly tempted to her that destroys the hymen. "Eve" the owner of a large clitoris. It is believed that the owner of a large clitoris is very sensual, but not smart. "Cutie" with a vulva located close to the vagina clitoris. During intercourse this clit rubbing directly penis partner, which leads to a rapid satisfaction. "Pava" sexual organ with high-mounted clitoris in relation to the vagina. Needs additional caresses, as a member of the sexual act is not rubbing on the clitoris. "nincompoop" vulva, distinguished by a very copious lubrication during arousal. Often causes discomfort in the partner. "Princess" the most attractive sexual organ: the clitoris is well developed, the labia at the entrance to the vagina in the form of a bud bright pink color. Is usually combined with the small size of the vagina. "Princess" is usually found in women of average and below-average growth, with developed hips and pelvis. "Princess" is suitable for intercourse in any position. "Apron" sexual organ with highly developed small labia that cover the vaginal opening and hang upon excitation beyond the labia majora. It is believed that a woman's body usually develops as a result of excessive masturbation on the labia, especially in adolescence. "Monkey" vulva with abnormally long clitoris, more than 3 cm. "Drupe" underdeveloped flat body with the same underdeveloped labia. Low position of the vagina. "Drupe" common in thin women with a narrow pelvis.Considered the most unattractive genitals for men. Owners of a "drupe" usually differ frigidity.

For sexual activity: 
"Bacchante" - sexual organ with excitable erogenous zones. "Madonna" - the vulva, who knew only one man caresses."Daisy" - body girls before puberty and body hair. "Forget-Me" - not to give birth penis . "Sunflower" - sexual organ dissolute woman; "Potbelly" - vulva spinster. On location gender gap: "Sipovka" - sexual organ with a low, close to the anus, located genital slit; "Korolivka" - high location, closer to the abdomen, genital slit. "Ladushka" - normal perineum, located exactly in the center. Sexologist M. Kinessa also pointed out that different nationalities has its own anatomical features of the genital organs. , for example, French, Greek women, Italian, Portuguese characterized by narrow and short sheaths . In black women, Arab women and the Polynesians are more long vagina. Among Spaniards, Germans, and Japanese women predominate gruzinok underdeveloped genitals. Among men "champions" in length and diameter of genitals are considered representatives of the black race in general, and the tribe of Hottentots (South Africa) in particular. Among Europeans "have something to boast" Southern Slavs: residents of the former Yugoslavia and Bulgaria. All bases hide his manhood are the Japanese, and especially - the Koreans and the Indians of Central America.


American psychiatrist David Reuben wrote his book "Everything you always wanted to know about sex and were afraid to ask forever" in 1969. The motivation was: scientist without stopping to wonder why people are much more aware of the surface of a distant moon to us, rather than about what is happening in a matter of 15 inches from the navel.
What should be the length of the penis?

Razyvayut that one day Abraham Lincoln was asked what should be the length of the legs in humans. One moment thinking, he replied: "I think the legs should be long just enough to get from the trunk to the ground." The same normal penis: it should be long enough to get from the man's body to the vagina. Whenever possible reproduction? reproduction possible as long as the sperm can be poured out into the vagina, not spilling around. Race with too short a member would have died out millions of years ago. between penis size - length, diameter, or any other form of measurement - and the ability to cause an orgasm in your partner there is no interdependence. Almost all the sensual aspects of a woman focus on achievable genitals - the clitoris, the pudendal lips and the surrounding areas, including the vagina, penis easily accessible teenager. In sexual relationships, as with any art form, the main thing - quality, not quantity. however, were made ​​research to determine the length of the phallus. Erect penis should be the average of 15 cm with a range from 12.5 to 20.8 cm. Official world record set a man whose penis is erect at the time had a length of 35.5 cm and a diameter of 7.6 cm. Where and under what circumstances occurred this competition, history is silent. What angle of the penis during erection? Usually this angle ranges from 20 to 40 degrees from the vertical, that - the wonders of nature we do not surprise - exactly corresponds to the angle of the vagina. Fortunately, the exception to the rule - it is a very rare condition known as Peyronie's disease, which in the medical community often referred to as a twisted nail syndrome. Penis of a patient suffering from this disease, really twisted. Is screwed into the vagina some strange formation of scar tissue. At the time of erection the penis can then take the north-west direction, and its head, trunk turning to the south-east. It is clear that in such circumstances, sexual intercourse deliver one disorder. treatment difficult and few people can be very successful. But the disease itself, thank God, is quite rare. How much sperm ejected during ejaculation? ejaculation can be compared with the launch of a rocket into space. When was the erection and penis inserted into the vagina, comes into effect a chain reaction. From sensitive receptors located under the skin of the penis, pulses are transmitted in the sexual centers spinal cord and brain, which in turn provide a greater flow of blood to the penis. Gradually work included all the senses, coming to an excited state, as in the inflated ball. And now comes the critical moment, and had sexual intercourse ejaculation corresponds to the bursting of the ball. At this point, the person loses all contact with the outside world, apart from a few cubic centimeters of the vagina, receiving his penis. effect is included in the powerful internal pump that injects approximately 7 grams of sperm 5 -6 consecutive ejection. average ejaculate is teeming with 500 million sperm. During the life of a man ejaculates on average about 20 liters of semen. That is, in theory, he is able to generate 500 times more people than there are on the planet today.Fortunately, out of 228 sexual intercourse fertilization can only occur during one of them. priapism - a bad joke of nature?Usually after copulation erection disappears quickly. Happens for unknown reasons, it is stored for 5-6 minutes. The rest - a matter of gravity: "Everything that goes up must come down." However, although the phase relaxation seems automatic, sometimes the system fails and causes sexual nightmare called priapism. * This painful sensation caused by the incessant, silnonapryazhennoy erection. In short, priapism - this negative positive. Grotesque phenomenon that such a condition more common in men who had previously been very difficult to get an erection! In the first minutes of the unfortunate experiences feelings of King Midas, when everything he touched turned to gold. He maybe three, four, five times in a row to copulate without any effort! He is shocked. Erection, it seems, grows stronger with each coitus. But this condition continues for too long, and the man begins to doubt whether all normal. Ejaculation is impossible - there is nothing to erupt. Delight of orgasm gives way to grief. The very thought of sexual intercourse becomes unbearable. Eternally rampant penis causes nothing but suffering. And here is the victim begins to dream about how to become impotent. It's a bad, cruel joke that the body plays with itself. Usually priapism - a symptom of severe disease affecting the whole body. Sometimes priapism can cause abnormalities of the vascular system. Usually the patient tries to heal itself, indulging in repeated sexual intercourse and masturbation. In despair, he comes to the doctor. Sometimes, though rarely, rest and painkillers can eliminate the abnormal reaction. But most of all get rid of it help incisions - cuts on the edges of the penis. From tanks spilled blood, and the body and its owner finally be able to relax. * Priapus - Romans fertility deity, guardian of gardens, the patron of fishermen, sailors, prostitutes, libertines, the eunuchs, a rake and a homosexual. According to one version of Priapus was in the nature of two of the phallus, on the other - three (the third - the head of Priapus). Text: David Reuben "Everything you always wanted to know about sex and always were afraid to ask"

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