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Intrauterine device - this is one of the most reliable methods of contraception today. But, despite this, not many women decide on the method of preventing unwanted pregnancy. Let's try to figure that out of what they say about the IUD is true, and that - a real myth.
Of the thousands of women who use traditional spiral throughout the year, pregnant only six to eight. And if we talk about hormone spiral, it is only one of thousands of women is pregnant.
In our country it is customary to use two types of spirals: hormonal and traditional. If we talk about traditional spirals, they are as follows: plastic base around which is wound a copper or silver wire. Metal ions inhibit the movement of sperm into the uterus, and, moreover, prevent attachment of a fertilized egg in the uterus.
Hormonal spiral effective, as after their installation in a woman's body, one day starts to separate "portion" of progesterone, which makes the cervical mucus thicker and thus "impassable" for the sperm. Thus, the sperm just can not get into the uterus. Made this spiral of plastic and shape it resembles the letter "T".
1 After installing the Navy should abandon the use of tampons.
This is a real myth. If you install a spiral, you can not move it either, nor remove the swab. The fact that the tampon is not found as deep.
Therefore, if you decide to engage in sports or swim recovered, there is no reason to give up tampons. However, many gynecologists recommend using tampons yet alternately with gaskets.
From the constant use of tampons is better to refuse.
2 If pregnancy is still occurred, the coil can damage the fetus.
Of course, the probability that the pregnancy occurred after the installation spirals still exists, but it is very, very small. If a woman is still pregnant, the coil is usually not removed, as this may increase the risk of miscarriage.
Specialists believe that the IUD will not harm the normal development of the fetus, and not interfere with the normal course of labor, so the fear is not worth it.
3 After installing the spiral need every month to go for a visit to the gynecologist.
That's not true. After installing the Navy, you will need to come to observe the gynecologist in a month, but only in order to make sure that the coil is installed correctly. After that, you will be quite routine inspections required every woman - every six months.
However, it should be noted that after the installation of a spiral, you must immediately consult a doctor just in case if you have any severe pain in the lower abdomen or spotting that are not associated with menstruation.
4 spiral increases the likelihood of a woman of cancer of the cervix and the uterus itself.
This statement is also no sound and fundamentally wrong.
Recent research scientists show that the installation of traditional and hormonal spirals perfectly safe, and to any such effects can not lead.
But the absolute truth is that a woman should regularly visit gynecologist, and the spiral here at all to do with it.
5 Woman at any time can independently verify the presence of the helix.
It really is. Make it easy. First you will need to wash your hands, then, lie on your back, spreading laterally bent knees.
Relax your muscles and as deeply as possible enter the index or middle finger into the vagina.
Fingertip, you can easily feel the ends of the "antennae" (threads) spirals that come out of the cervix.
6 During intercourse, a man can feel the presence of the helix.
Yes, it's true. But there is, in very rare cases.
Partner can feel the pricks plastic filaments, which are at the end of the spiral. But it's not a big problem, since you can always ask your gynecologist to shorten the thread ends so they do not interfere during intimacy.
7 IUD can be installed even parous women and women, new mothers.
It really is. Even women who have not had time to have children, can set both traditional and hormonal IUD.
However, it is important to note that they do so gynecologists with great caution, since the spiral increases the risk of inflammatory diseases, and therefore, as a consequence - infertility.
IUDs can be installed and nursing mums after six weeks postpartum.
8 Install the Navy recommended during menstruation?
Yes, it's true.
Of course, you can set the spiral at any time, but it is recommended to pass the installation spirals in two or three days before the end of menstruation.
Why? The fact that in this case the gynecologist is confident that she is not pregnant, moreover, during menstruation cervical canal naturally expands and spiral doctor will introduce easier.
Due to this it is possible to make the process of introducing a spiral less painful for women.
Finally it is also necessary to note a few features of the Navy.
They are good because side effects such as nausea, vomiting, weight gain, which are sometimes observed in the tablets are almost completely excluded. It is also important to say that the set spiral can only be a doctor with a plastic tube, which is inserted in the Navy.
It should be noted that you can not put a spiral all women.
Insertion of an IUD is not recommended for the fair sex who have acute inflammation in the pelvic area, as well as tumors of the external genitalia and uterus

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