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Who better to tell you how to deliver a man heavenly pleasure than he does?
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Journal of Sex offers you to get acquainted with the advice and experience of experts - 77 males of all ages and professions. Read, draw conclusions, and forward - to experiment on your partner!
1 My ex girl paints lips with red lipstick, and then another encircles her nipples to give me to understand where to kiss you. It was so unusual! 2. I really want her when she whispers in my ear something about how she was good in bed with me last time. All the details! 3. Best of all, if sometimes during sex my girlfriend does not remove the shoes. When I'm on top, I like to use the heel as a joystick to control the position of her legs. 4. I get turned on when she washes the dishes and stretches to put the plate in the closet - her short skirt or gown is lifted up ... and I'm ready for anything. 5. Maybe I am the only one in the world, but I was incredibly starts when the girl leads the tongue behind my ears. 6. We do this in front of a mirror, so that it reflects our every move and we could pry themselves. 7. I love it when she rubs the belly of my penis. She has such delicate skin, I'm terribly nice ... 8. One day she came into the bedroom in a totally wet t-shirt, through which could be seen protruding nipples. Tremendous sight. 9. I love to a girl during sex was a short little silk nightie, which she sometimes flirtatiously lifts to be seen, as I get into it. 10. Sometimes, she licks her lips and whispers that can not wait to try me ... I have before my eyes dark with desire. 11. I like having sex in a pose "spoons", then I feel almost her entire body. 12. When my girl on top, her breasts so attractive swinging to the beat of her movements - that's what turns me on the most! 13. My girlfriend once did an amazing thing - as if the "forgotten" at the time of sex native language - and began to shower me with enthusiastic compliments in French. Became one evening a beautiful stranger, with a charming grassirovaniem. 14. I love when my wife during sex (at a time when I was there) compresses and then relax the vaginal muscles. 15. Nothing drives me crazy like when my girl she takes my hand and puts it between her legs. My brain instantly turned off, there is one wish. 16. I just melt when my wife during sex wears silk gloves or a scarf and takes a gentle stroking me to them or gently tickles. 17.The most amazing feeling of oral sex I had when I was hanging on the bar. Arm muscles were tense, and this is interspersed with feelings below had an extraordinary effect! 18. I love to have sex to loud music. The girl should try to drown it - it's very exciting. 19. Recently, she bought a small glass balls and put them in the freezer. When they are cold, she pulled them and ride on my naked body. The effect of ground ice with hot skin crazy. 20. Most of all I like it when she caresses language head of my penis and testicles while doing massage and does not stop as long as possible. To finish, I need a lot of time - but what a time! 21. Once, during a holiday by the sea is one incredibly attractive young lady seduced me under the water. Our bodies (and every movement) were ten times easier. 22. My friend and I play this game: throwing dice and taking actions under a certain number of our secret list. For example, if I get the 7 - it should show how she masturbates. 23. If we are somewhere in a public place, she pressed her ass to me and makes a couple of movements in different directions. I can not think about anything except about having sex with her. 24. My fiancee sometimes prohibits touching her hands when she caresses me. I am allowed at this point to use only the lips and tongue - I was always crazy. 25. Outdoors me very winds, especially if the clothing to keep as far away from the scene. So exciting! 26. When the kiss she strokes my head, and it's nice because I'm ready to purr! 27. We sometimes do this: I lay on the bed, face down, and she on top of me - leads down my back and buttocks with his bare chest and abdomen. It does not take a couple of minutes, I roll over and begins a ... 28.Before you engage in oral sex, she brushes her teeth some mint toothpaste with the effect of frosty freshness or chew mint gum. I of goosebumps running. 29. I'm on the neck is a very sensitive area: when a girl kisses me back, my legs are like cotton for a few minutes. 30. My wife and I adore long before sex kissing. This enhances sensitivity. I especially like it when she suddenly presses his lips together and I have to fight it to get back the kiss. I always come out the winner, of course.31. While I was kissing her all over, she squeezes and pats his chest. This spectacle will lead anyone. 32. I love it when it shines upon me, but does not use his hands. And keeps them behind his back, as in the competition for pulling apples from the water. I seem to like challenges. 33. I love when it shines upon me from the waist down, slightly lowered his jeans for me - it turns out that I was bound to go ... as if I was in her captivity. 34. When I'm on top, my girlfriend grabs my legs and begins to overwhelm me to the right and to the left. It's pretty cool! 35. I like it when she looks at her as I do cunnilingus. I always try to look at such a moment sexy. 36. I give birth to role-playing games, especially when she suddenly begins to pretend hesitate virgin. 37. In summer, when the heat in the room, my girl likes to, I took over her body with ice cubes. When they melt on it, remain wet streaks that I obvozhu language. I love summer! 38. If, after the usual sex, we turn to oral and then back - I'm ready to be in shape all night long. 39. In addition to pose "69" turns me pose "4." My girl is lying on me and caressed with both hands and the mouth of my penis. And I'm just happy. Selfish, but at least a few minutes! 40. When I'm on top, it rests on my shoulders with his hands. I have overcome the resistance, and it is terrible winds - and she laughs during sex is engaged in fitness. 41. My wife sometimes maketh language "eight". She touches his lips to my ear and his tongue draws circles. I love it. 42. I like to do it standing up. There is a feeling that her vagina tightly holding my penis. It's very entertaining and unusual. 43. When she sits on top of me, it does not remove the bra. I like to shoot it himself - at a time when I want to. 44. I love it when during sex, her hands are on my buttocks. So it can guide my movements, then pressed me to him, then let go. 45. Once we were driving along a deserted road somewhere far from the city - and she sang my youthful dream. Accosted me right while driving. And then we parked in the woods and continued - this time on the back seat. 46. There is an opinion that men are not sensitive nipples. Nonsense! Can check for yourself: Bite them gently with your fingers or play - you will see what will happen. 47. My girlfriend sometimes his tongue along the inner surface of my thigh, and then blowing on it. This is something! 48. Before I was ready to cum, my girlfriend spreads her legs as wide as possible - so I can get into it more deeply - and both of us well. 49. It seems to me that a woman does not necessarily scream or moan during orgasm, as in erotic films. Expression on her face at this point more eloquently than any sounds. 50. The last time we had sex on the floor. When you lie on a hard surface, there are very different feelings. I liked it. 51. I like it when a girl me during sex praises. Maybe it is a trick, but I am led to fucking her and want to be even better than she speaks! 52. I get excited when a woman gently licks my area is a little below the navel. 53. While I was watching the sports channel, my girlfriend suddenly sits next to me in short shorts and a sports topic and makes an interested look. She can, and curious as to what happens on the screen ... and I have not. 54. While I was doing her cunnilingus, she puts her hand on my head. When she tightly squeezes his fingers, I understand that it is good. 55. During sex, I like to hear their own name. Especially when it occurs among her moans ... with pleasure. 56. When we were in the restaurant, she casually took my hand under the table and launched it to her skirt. That they might go to bed, I had to take account of and lead her home. 57. Sometimes my favorite do not need to do anything special to make me. She just gently kissing my lower lip, and I'm ready to pounce on it.58. If she knows that I'm in an important meeting, from time to time (not too often) sends me a message, which says that she wears and how she wants me to do. I usually end up negotiating an accelerated pace. 59. It sometimes strikes up my eyes. This is something incredibly passionate when you do not know what you touch next. 60. She recently was lying on the couch watching TV - and out from under the skirts were seen on elastic stockings. She did not have long to wait for me. 61.To show me that she wants me, she takes my hand and starts to fabricate her following language - I really like. 62. Once, my girlfriend called me and said that she had car broke down. When I came to see what had happened, I did not find a problem.In addition, the skirt she was indecently short. And when she once again opened the hood and bent down to see what there is - it was just a low blow. Almost literally. 63. I get turned on when blowing on my nipples. They immediately become harder and more sensitive. 64. My girl tied me some scarves to the headboard of the wrist and began to fondle. I was so helpless - and I was very excited! 65. Once on my girlfriend were silk shorts, and I did not think so pleasant to touch them! However, I could not stand it long, they had to be removed quickly. 66. I like it when she does not wear under summer dresses and sundresses underwear. I would like to immediately make love to her. 67. When we have sex in a pose "is on all fours, and I'm back" - she asked me not to move and do everything myself. Long I can not stand it. 68. When we have sex, most importantly - do not turn off the light, so I like to look at her body! 69. If we have not seen, she shows me how to give yourself pleasure, while I was there. And I just sit and watch (but not too long). 70. I love it when she moans while stroking my dick mouth - these vibrations deliver incredible pleasure. 71. Paradise on earth - that's how I call it: when a girl is sitting on top of you and bends down to hair tickle your face. Nothing can be compared. 72. I like to have a girl was intimate haircut or did not have pubic hair. It's an amazing feeling. 73. On the feet a lot of points, massaged that she leads me into such a state ... I do not answer for myself. 74. I once dated a girl who loves to have sex in the morning. To seduce me, she woke up and the first thing told me what she had a wet dream. Nothing to do - only to embody her dreams. 75. Well, of course, to have sex in bed, but, in my opinion, it is important to change the place of action. For example, in the bathroom on the washing machine in the kitchen, on the carpet in the living room. 76. I love it when she does not let me get into it right away, hurts ... I know she calls it the "rule of 10 seconds." Before you all start, she says at least to ten. From that, I want it ten times more. 77. In my opinion, there is nothing sexier than a woman who behaves in bed naturally and does not mimic the fun, and do what she wants at this point.

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