Sunday, 2 November 2014


Two coveted the white semi-circle -
The dream of every nenapudrennogo other.
They like cheese, like two moons in the sight of hangover -
Not a drop too much in the outline and pattern.

Involve touch, touch the delicate skin
(But shlopotat easy for it and in the face) ...
Ready to dream about them all - old and young,
dumb, legless (unless castrato!).

Face, gait, yes, says a lot,
but only for them glazeesh, since still standing.
Himself baby feel hunting - passion!
And to them for a long time and enthusiasm to drop.

And you're in paradise when they slowly caress,
"God is!" - You are at the moment you know.
was rounded and simple it a fad,
Kohl did once he is a miracle.

Oh, lady's ass, the top of dreams,
damsels, a symbol of beauty constant,
sweetly smooth your shape
ravished my mind forever damned!

Barely see bend your lines,
I guess I'm just losing my mind.
than once, I'm with you violate discipline,
But decided not to comply once.

I so admire your perfection
Prigozhestyu tender and velvety skin,
Obyat you it is bliss!

Believe me, I will not think twice shy,
As soon excites me to shiver
and Anfas your profile on female ass!

eahw30sx (351x307, 2124 Kb)

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