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Ass - hot zone That ass can not please a woman - a profound error. According to sexologist, rectum - a full erogenous zone is the same as the vagina. It also placed the nerve endings responsible for pleasurable sensations. In addition, almost half of the women the uterus is to bend backwards. Anal sex gives them a chance to get even and uterine orgasm, but it is rarely achieved even with vaginal intercourse.

- Upon stimulation of the anus in women orgasm is much more intense than a clitoral or vaginal, and pleasure is felt deeper and much longer. If a woman ever "flown" in contact in the ass, then she will want to repeat this experience.  Through hardship - to the stars most crucial moment of anal intercourse - penetration. Joining member into the anus prevent circular muscles. In case of irritation, alas, they are compressed, and the goal - to relax them. If you enter roughly partner provided crack the anus, which is necessary to treat, and about anal sex have long forgotten. Therefore, the first step is to warm up.Men need to caress the clitoris and anus tongue women. An indispensable tool in the hands of this matter. Hold your fingertip on the anus, gently massage it gently put your finger inside, and then begin a slow circular motion. All this time, do not forget about the clitoris. Feeling that comes relaxation, type two, and then three fingers. Ask the woman with tighter and breathe evenly, it helps to relax. Only now it is the turn member.  After 4-5 contacts muscle becomes elastic and supple. But we must remember that a couple of days ass "forgets" experience and it should be re-stimulated. First time limit to hand caresses. Reaching the "understanding", anal sex can be practiced almost every day. Woman - our steering Taking a member, a woman should be tighter, and then the member will no obstacles. - Introduction - a crucial moment, because it is possible to injure the bridle member - warns sexologist.  To avoid trouble, the head put a bridle on the anus, finger, press down on the wide part of it, and the point at this point gently push inward. The rectum is not quite straight, so guide member at an angle.So, if he aims at the navel. Start with a slow gradual penetration. When the hole stretch - go to intense frictions. How to get around - back and forth or rotational, fast or slow - tell a woman. After all, it is important that anal sex is not brought her discomfort and she could focus on the pleasant sensations. Best position for intercourse from the rear - side position, knees bent. Acceptable, and the knee-elbow position. You can try also the position where the woman lies on her stomach, one leg bent sideways and forward. Fit and missionary - legs partner on the shoulders of men. Having mastered the basics of anal intercourse, the woman comes to perfection, if you learn in the course of the upper thigh muscle strain. These simple exercises replaced limb movements back and forth, adding a new sensations partners. Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider in the film "Last Tango in Paris": before anal intercourse hero picture smeared ass partner butter podmazhesh not - you will not go is easier to penetrate the anus, using special greases and sprays to relax the sphincter - they reduce pain. Lubricants besides contribute to the healing of wounds and soothe irritation.  Best lubrication water, or better yet a silicone-based: if products contain fat, the more likely to break the condom, plus they reduce sensitivity.   soap, petroleum jelly, vegetable and animal oils better do not use! Remember! Anal sex - yet specific occupation. There are conditions that must be met for a successful process without unpleasant consequences. Enema - it is made ​​with warm water using a syringe. If the bowel does not empty, there may be unpleasant surprises.

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