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Method 1: "Jelly tab"
Your tongue should be very moist and soft, it does not pack the elastic rod, and sprawled wide and do the very, very slow motion licking labia minora (and you thought the clitoris?'s A little early to be!). Coming in the groin area as soft jelly tongue abundantly irrigating everything in its path with saliva. Then come back to his lips. You can have chance to touch the clitoris. From time to time leaving, then coming back to it again. Not only increase the pace - do it all as slowly and gently. There is a tactic by which a woman simply zvereet: keep the slow pace as long as possible, even if a woman is ready to increase the pace, do not increase it from time to time make small (3 seconds!) Pause - it will lead her even more. Proceed slowly and for a long time, have patience, before the final stage make another very long (6 seconds), pause, and then fling your favorite as a starving dog and bring it to its logical conclusion. Its crazy orgasm will tell you that you did everything right!
Sposob2. "Flight of the moth"
The best! This method requires little skill. The difficulty lies in the fact that the relaxed language needs quite fast paced. Well, imagine that your tongue - is the wing of a flying moth. It is a gentle, tickling and fast. Thus, language is relaxed. Tickle large and small lips, then the clitoris with one and the other side. I do not advise you to strip the head of the clitoris - it's too sensitive, and any, even the most gentle touch can cause a woman's discomfort and even pain. Except in cases when a woman is strong enough warmed up.
Sposob3. "Flight of the Bumblebee"
from "Flight of the moth," the method is characterized in tense "wand" language. Temp same or faster. Same tickling, just as you understand more intense. This method is suitable for well-heated woman or for the finish line during the transition from any more delicate process.
Sposob4 "Eight and zigzags"
Never drew the language in the womb at your favorite eights and zigzags? Try it. Piquant pleasure. Eights and zigzags can draw very tiny and large, you can draw them very quickly, and can be slow, the language can be very soft (which is perfect for the beginning of the game), and can be solid, like a finger, and then it finishes. It all depends on your technique and its desires.
Sposob5. "In the rhythm of Latin"
Immediately reservation - only suitable partners with an innate sense of rhythm. Cut in "Latina": salsa, merengue, cha-cha-cha and "dance" in the tongue of their rhythm. Write out the tongue feasting. If you've ever studied together dancing (latin is very popular), you will certainly be easier to tune in to the rhythm. By the way, so it is possible, and a member of the dance (in the classical sexual intercourse). If all else fails, do not worry, you certainly have lost a lot, but your happiness that you have never had. Because, if they had to abandon this alone would be very not easy. If you do We aim to master this art - take a few dance lessons, listen to latin, move into her rhythm, and when it vzhivetes, then the language will be able to dance.
Sposob6. "Pendulum"
Well, it's easy! Drive your tongue from side to side, but do not forget about moisture, moisture in general oral sex - it's like the "Our Father." At first, do it slowly (do not be afraid to do too slowly, be afraid to start early to make quick and easy!), Gradually accelerating. At the finish line there is one simple rule: do not stray from the pace and rhythm - and orgasm you pocket! This method is universal: I like all women and orgasm is achieved very quickly. But, I must say a few monotonous, so if you will combine the "pendulum" with other methods, for sure will not go wrong.
Sposob7. "Rollers"
wraps teeth lips, bowing their clitoris, and begin to "roar" it in their "rolls" up and down and from side to side. I put this method into intense, but in fact it can be done very delicately. Notorious Kama Sutra even recommended him to start. However, the whole thing in practice: the more often you do "kunni" his lady, the better you get it.
Sposob8. "Icicle"
Yeah, you guessed it - you just need to make a blow woman. Mark in the mouth on her clit and literally "suck", just as it does to you.The only difference is in the amount of "member". Method - one of the most intense, used at the end. Instant and rapid orgasm.
Sposob9. "Duet"
is the combination of methods. Any of the above combined with the stimulation point "G". Find it easily. Tuck thumb pad up into the vagina to the middle phalanx (actually happens and further recommend to find out by experience), and they begin to vibrate slightly (fast flexion and extension). Language at this time doing his job. Orgasm - Incredible! And often and clitoral and vaginal simultaneously!
10 "The Spy"
And now you open your mouth wide, far puts out tongue out, and then implement them in your girlfriend's vagina sweaty! And there begin to fabricate all that is able to flex your magnificent friend and your unbridled imagination: twist, burite, make them friction, rub against the walls, etc. I ask to consider only one item. This method is not for every woman. Few can experience the fun with this method. Most of it is simply indifferent and they lie and suffer your whim. Some extremely unpleasant. How to determine what type of your partner? Well, ask her about it - you do not Gerasim? Yes, and it did not seem to Mu-Mu, in which case - answer.
Now repeat the main tenets of female pleasure:
1. "Slowly" - can not be too slow, it can only be too rapid. Peremedlit impossible
2. Moisturize: everything has to be very wet, if not its lubrication, the saliva in your score.
3. Soft and delicate language at the beginning and a clear, steady rhythm at the end.
4. The basic postulate of the finish line - do not stray from the rhythm

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