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Have you ever thought about why getting pleasure from sex together - this is normal, and the same fun but without a partner - is indecent? Masturbation labeled a "sex-ersatz" for the loser and did it for nothing.
Traditionally it is believed that self-satisfaction are forced to resort to only those women who were not lucky to find a partner. However, sexologists claim that about 80% of women are doing it from time to time, and about 45% do so on a regular basis. Are all of them are out of luck in your personal life? And what about those women that are able to achieve orgasm only during masturbation - about half of such?
Think of masturbation as a means to explore your own body. A woman who knows how to reach orgasm it much easier to negotiate with a man in bed and show or tell me what is required of him. For full sex requires knowledge not only about your favorite erogenous zones, but also their own. To do this, you will need a bit of free time, there are no foreign and somewhat erotic fantasies.
Sleight of hand - and no fraud! Make it your own
Item suitable for this activity is substantially less than the position in the "Kama Sutra." The most common position - lying on his back. You can lie on your stomach, sit cross-legged, kneeling or stay in a warm bath. Combine business with pleasure and pleasant start with self-massage - you can use any moisturizer or massage cream that you like, if it happens "on the ground", a favorite shower gel, if you dive into the water. In the water or cream, you can add a drop of essential oil of ylang-ylang.Walk along the massage lines of the body. Do not forget about the inner thighs - but in this delicate area, proceed as carefully as possible, and then focus on "hot spots".
Safety: to avoid a nervous breakdown, disconnect the phone and close the door stronger, unless you wish to provoke a favorite for spontaneous sex, allowing catch yourself doing this. In any case, do not enter the vagina and your fingers do not touch the mucosa, which was cream or soap. The exception to this rule is, perhaps, only olive oil. Otherwise, it may happen that you will not think about pleasure, but only on how to get rid of unpleasant itching, burning, and thrush. Gentle vaginal microflora does not require gross interference from outside. For "deep" Intrusion use special gels and lubricants.
"Manual" pleasure
There is no consensus about which of the fingers is designed for intimate caresses, still no. Try using the index or middle, when you get to the clitoris, but first go over the labia, using different methods of influence - ironed, massage, pat - as long as not empirically determine what you like the most. Then focus on the clitoris or the area around, if you feel that feeling close to painful: 1) Imagine that you have radio operator Kat, transmit morse code report. Finger movements short, abrupt, but almost without a pause. 2) Draw fingertip concentric circles. 3) Make a few moves up and down. And choose what is right for you!
Safety: nails must be perfectly clean, and the shape of their flawless. No burrs! Intimate places too delicate to be scratching. And the risk of infection is increased to place random.
10 years ago the TV series "Sex and the City" was the advertising platform for vibrator "Unbridled Rabbit", which became an instant bestseller. "Subject" conversation
For pleasure, you can use the force of friction. Reins on their genitals area pillows or blankets, activate the soft toy clamped between her thighs, and rough seam in jeans.
Safety: Not biting the pillow pet hamster if not visited any toy in the jaws of a puppy? Do not lay on a blanket cat? Check your "object" for cleanliness. This rule applies to any means available, which you use to lovemaking.
Orgasm hip!
You can reach orgasm just impacting hip. But on the technique will have to work. First, squeeze the maximum thigh tightly during masturbation as soon as you feel that rush of pleasure at hand. Practice this approach for a while, and then develops in a "conditioned reflex" phasing out "the work" of the fingers and replacing them with the compression hip.

Momentary pleasure from the sex shop
To reach orgasm with a suitable toy for adults can be much faster than when "man-made" process. You only need to decide what you are lacking and what kind of orgasm you prefer. If you are in the "fullness of sensations" , choose a vibrator or dildo (with no motor of the dildo, but, in contrast to the cold vibrator, this device is in the process of becoming warmer) .
If you prefer clitoral orgasm - select clitoral stimulator. Model vibrator with a curved tip designed specifically for those who are in search of the G-spot or have already found it. If your erotic fantasies more than one man , it is necessary to look at the vibrators with two lugs.
Safety: Do not skimp on orgasm! The more expensive veshchichki from a sex shop, the better the material from which it is made, the less chance of allergic reactions. For "water" comfort choose waterproof toys in order to avoid electric shock.
Everything is good in moderation! At too frequent use of sex toys can be a painful addictive!
That all went smoothly
  • Water-emulsion lubricants do not leave stains. They can be used with sex toys.
  • Silicone lubricants give a sense of the amazing slip under the water, when a natural lubricant is washed away.
  • Lubricants with vitamin B5 and aloe vera to improve the condition of the mucous membranes.

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