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Did you know that ... Sex promotes intellectual development, strengthens nails and hair, helps to successfully pass the exams, protects against flu and depression, relieves pain in the back and keeps you young. And that's not all the benefits! Thus, we consider all the benefits of sex in order. 

aggressiveness decreases at a regular sex life support and, conversely, prolonged sexual abstinence, it can be activated. biochemical process, powerful and extremely diverse, there is a body of people having sex. Catching cortisone immediately stimulates metabolism and provides a sense of happiness, and overflowing with man. release of adrenaline, which causes the work to the limit all the organs: the heart beats faster, the pressure rises, the body mobilizes its energy reserves - also holds for lovemaking. Flexibility of thought (and thus the ability to quickly react to certain circumstances) develops in a regular sex life. Longer feel young. Indeed, the sexual life prolongs youth. The reason for this is the sex to stimulate and rejuvenate the system of ductless glands. When you make love, pituitary, adrenal and parathyroid glands, the ovaries in women, prostate and testicles in men with high work intensity. If a woman has sex on a regular basis, she looks younger than his age by about 5 - 10 years, it has much less wrinkles. Sex tends to smooth out wrinkles.longer life for men who have sex regularly. The male sex hormone testosterone promotes the formation of proteins in the body. Accelerated protein metabolism, which leads to more rapid leakage of the life cycle - the body ages faster. And with long-term abstinence, this hormone also accumulates in the body. Testosterone is produced by more than men, largely because they live less. As a full sexual intercourse ends discharge and reduction in the level of testosterone in the blood, and damage from an excess of male hormones becomes smaller. adulthood woman needs to continue their sexual lives. Older people who regularly have sex, much better feel physically and psychologically, than those who had long since parted with intimate relationships. It is noteworthy that only older men claim that their need for sex has decreased over the years. For older women, on the contrary, sex is important more than for men. In addition, scientists believe that women in the elderly get more pleasure from sex than ever before. This is due to the fact that they no longer need to think about contraception. Immunity against influenza produced during lovemaking. By the way, the immune system is most active at night - so in that sense, the evening is more effective sex morning. What dosage "for immunity" recommend physicians? Aesculapius from the Institute of Pennsylvania believe that only one or two times a week, but regularly. yoga (or some of its elements) is manifested in having sex. Studies show that people who lead a regular sex life, suffer less from insomnia and better able to cope with a variety of stressful situations. After orgasm people feel complete peace of mind, they relax, "disconnected" from the problems. For this reason, the majority of men after sex usually fall asleep soon. Sex not only helps to improve sleep, but also contributes to the well-being of people during the day. Wellness and healthy sleep help us to cope with stressful situations and find the correct solution to most. Calories in sex decreases immediately. Reduced glucose in the liver, as well as muscle and adipose tissue. During intercourse burns 150 to 300 calories (for example, to burn 300 calories should be 40 minutes aerobics or swimming crawl, 60 minutes to skate or beat badminton shuttlecocks, 50 minutes pedaling a stationary bike 16 km / h or play tennis etc.). Thus, it is safe to assert that sex - one of the best ways to lose weight. best cure for depression. Like chocolate, sex uplifting. Scientists have proved that the sexual gratification of the person much less prone to depression. lot more red blood cells found in the blood of sexually active citizens and citizens of. The blood picks up oxygen faster and delivers it to all organs. Love the game and its energetic require completion of the work of dozens of muscles, some of which are "idle" even when playing sports. Active heart pumps blood, and she rushes through the vessels with high pressure. Because of this, not only reveals the smallest capillaries, but can even grow new ones! Scientific is called angiogenesis. Thus, better blood flow occurs. voltage is removed. Consequence of regular sex - poise. The body is set hormonal harmony. Cleansing of acne. Regular sex increases the activity of hormones and thus helps open the pores of the skin and cleanse your face. Gives hair shine and promotes the growth of nails. Regular sex life drives the hormones, their level gets higher, and that has a positive effect on hair and nails. Regular Sex - a great tool training muscles of the pelvis, as having sex, women especially hard straining his muscles. Stimulates the brain namely pituitary and pineal gland. Brain during sex, well supplied with blood, which increases the ability to think clearly. Therapy Oxygen passes during sex. Relax the bronchial tubes. Shortness of breath during an orgasm leads to a deep breath in a moment of relaxation: in this way the blood is enriched with oxygen. Eliminates back pain. Superfluous to explain how useful charging and gymnastics can be sex. Phase orgasm gives a heavy load: blood pressure can be up to 200/120 mm Hg, the pulse rate - up to 180 beats per minute. But in view of the emergency mobilization of the body at this point (inherent nature) heart failure does not occur and it is good training for him. Thus, regular (no frills) sex is a good workout for the heart. Cholesterol levels in the blood decreases, blood pressure returns to normal. Curative effect on mental development. During sex hormone release occurs extra adrenaline and testosterone, and this reaction rate, attention, and memory. Werner Habermehl, one of Hamburg scientists proved that love action, increasing the level of adrenaline and cortisol hormone, stimulate the activity of "gray matter". So makes the human brain work better, and people are getting smarter. At the same endorphin and serotonin increase confidence. miracle cure for diabetes prevention. With the accumulation of sexual tension (ie, abstinence), insulin production decreases. And after orgasm in both men and women, all the endocrine glands, including the pancreas, come in tone. Increased insulin production is stimulated carbohydrate metabolism. Because endocrinologists believe regular lovemaking excellent prevention of Type II diabetes.chances of getting a heart attack is significantly reduced. Sex - Cancel exercise heart circulation, as between the prelude and the first orgasm vessels expand and then collapse again. Strengthens the heart muscle and an extra dose of estrogen that are released into the blood during sex. The likelihood of heart disease is reduced if sex takes place at least three times a week. Researchers at Queen's University in Belfast (Ireland) found that in men aged 40 - 55 years who have sex three times a week or more, the likelihood of heart attacks and strokes is reduced by half. But the "sudden" heart attack in bed with a middle-aged lovers of thrills do not happen because of sex per se, but because of the banal physical overexertion. sparing effect on the entire body and anesthesia from all kinds of pain. Good regular sex treats and even painkillers know any women who are so "sores" as headaches, malaise (because it does not importune!) And even ladies' migraine. How does this happen? Also popular scientists explain. Immediately before hormone oxytocin orgasm level rises to five times compared to its normal level. This, in turn, leads to the formation of endorphins that have analgesic effect for any type of pain. After the strongest orgasm or series of orgasms a woman is so "off" that this state resembles anesthesia. Comes true not just shake up the whole body, and its revival every time. Regular sex - this surge of vitality and the desire to exist in such a rhythm. Enthusiasts in lovemaking will be rewarded with protection against colds. It is proved that the lovers rarely get cold. In the blood of men who have sex regularly, contains 30% more immunoglobulin "A" than that of the active supporters of abstinence. These antibodies strengthen the immune system and, consequently, protect the body against cold, influenza and other infectious diseases. Even manifestations of herpes (which, in general, is a sexual infection) is inversely proportional to the intensity of sexual life.Schoolboys useful during the delivery of the session. Regular sex helps students to successfully pass the exams and get higher marks, says the German sociologist Werner Habermehl. A group of researchers from the University of Hamburg, under his leadership tested the students before and after sex, reports Ananova.  As scientists discovered, regular sex life greatly improves mental abilities, and those students who abstain from sex are more difficult to achieve good results in their studies. In addition to the reduction of time for Learning, students living a regular sex life, get better grades than those who avoid sex. Bright, rich, healthy and interesting life waiting for people who are reading this article, made ​​the appropriate conclusions and the next day they are not forgotten, but in my own practice as seen above statements are true.  Author: Elena Potebnya

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