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Associated with virginity as myths and legends, it is no wonder confused.
MifN1.Vse start in 13-14 years
Who is this "everyone"? Teens just a lot of talk about it, for lack of any other way to prove their "maturity" and independence. The average age of onset of sexual activity among Russians - 16.2 years (the world average - 17.4). And the age of sexual debut depends on the well-being of the family, of intelligence and level of education and, of course, on the level of self-esteem. So, up to 16 years started on 1 of 4 students; of vocational schools - every second.
Myth N2. Hymen thickens with age - and deprive yourself of innocence rather than later, so it's harder to
actually anatomy of the hymen, the value of her holes and the density is very individual and depends not on age, but on the characteristics of your body. If it was rubbery in 18 years, and not 28 "zadubeet."
MifN3. Early sexual activity is harmful to health
is not a myth. Hymen - a barrier to infection at that time, not yet fully formed protective microflora (on average - up to 18-19 years).The girls are also very thin epithelium of the vaginal wall (its formation is completed by 17-18 years) - it is easily injured during intercourse. All this often leads to the development of the inflammatory process, which subsequently could lead to spikes and infertility.
MifN4. The late onset of sexual activity is harmful to the health of
the past, even among doctors wisdom that migraines, ovarian dysfunction and even acne - the result of prolonged virginity. Some of these diseases can actually be caused by hormonal and depend on the regularity of sexual life (and regular orgasms!), But not on the presence of the hymen. There are many cases when women first "know" a man of 28, 29, 35 years old, happily pregnant and gave birth. Gynecological problems "old maids" are not associated with virginity as such, but with yet another myth.
Myth N 5. Those who do not live a sexual life, to go to the gynecologist is not necessarily
It is best to have the children's mother showed gynecologist even in 6-7 years. But if such a doctor in your city is not present, after the first menstrual period, you should take care of themselves and to attend antenatal care at least 1 time per year: at a young age, at the initial stage of treatment amenable to almost all diseases.
MifN6. Defloration - the process painful and bloody
Sometimes, of course, that touches any large vessel and a dream of medieval knights - a bloody sheet. If after the first sexual intercourse pain for a long time does not pass, if more than 2 days does not stop bleeding, you should consult a doctor to rule out tears of the vaginal walls.
But in a normal situation, especially if the girl is very excited (and, therefore, in her vagina a lot of natural lubricant), blood and pain may not be.
MifN7.Pervy sexual partner to be older and more experienced
, at least desirable. An experienced partner would get patience and skill to bring the "newbie" to a high degree of excitation.
MifN8. It is best to lose the innocence in the bath
warm water Really Relax and ... is the muscles and nerves, prevents spasms - and consequently reduces pain. But the water washes away the natural lubrication of the vagina. In addition to the typical domestic baths have sex without traumatic consequences can only experienced lovers. Therefore, the bath can be used for foreplay, and then move to the bed.
MifN9. With a condom harder
contrary! Condoms eliminate the pain, since almost all modern rubber products coated with a special lubricant to facilitate sliding.Defloration they can not interfere with, because in this process, I'm sorry, is important not a condom, and body, dressed him.
MifN10.S can not get pregnant the first time
You can !!! So start taking combined hormonal contraceptives in advance, at the stage of courtship and walks together

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