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According to statistics, 16 hours of life ordinary woman spends orgasms. However, these figures are insignificant compared to those that demonstrate some exceptional personages, 200-300 experiencing orgasms a day . Who are these the happiest of women? Two hundred or even three orgasms a day is very rare and so far incurable disease called permanent sexual arousal syndrome (Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome). It was opened less than a decade ago, and while medics can not explain the reasons for its occurrence. There are various possibilities: someone claims that the culprit is very intense genital blood supply, others suggest that the case in the reception of medical preparations containing trazadon. essence syndrome is almost always a woman experiences sexual arousal and does not feel at the same time sexual desire. That is, it has nothing to do with nymphomania! In this case, we can say that women experience orgasms against their will and can not do anything about it. As they relate to their physiological features, read on. Allie Allen Briton Ellie Allen feels about 250 orgasms a day.Sexual arousal she can cause the most mundane activities associated with the slightest vibration: the bus ride, call on the mobile and even loud music. Probably her disease caused by drugs containing trazadon, but doctors can not with absolute certainty about this claim. Quantity orgasms Allen markedly increased by about seven years ago. First sensation pleased her: during sex she had multiple orgasms. But then the situation changed - she began to achieve sexual gratification from a trip on the elevator and light vibration felt in the seat of the car. Due to the constant excitation Ellie scratched the whole body and nipples harden permanently. Sighs induced orgasm, she was used to mask the coughing fits. Now she tries to isolate ourselves from everything that can somehow move rhythmically, so she left the office job (mainly because of the elevators and phone calls) and moved to a quiet gallery, where it does not disturb the vibration of business centers. "When I just started to have sex - says Ellie magazine Life, - it is not always able to reach orgasm. Now I miss the days when my life was not subordinated to the sex. " Sarah Carmen In 19 years, Sarah Carmen cutting course of antidepressants, and the amount of orgasms increased many times. Physicians girls are not one hundred percent sure that the culprit drugs, but another version they can not push. A few weeks after medication she noticed that it has become incredibly easy excited. In bed, it was not equal - the number of orgasms surprised not only herself, but also partners. Then, a causal link between sex and orgasms disappeared, and the number was as high as the last one hundred and fifty a day. That their cause is no longer needed a partner, or thoughts about sex. Sarah works as a hairdresser, and constantly buzzing hair dryers deliver some discomfort. Her colleagues have become accustomed to the fact that Sarah is forced to periodically escape from the hall to the bathroom, so they offer a tranquil view astonished client coffee or a magazine that he was not bored. Carmen herself assesses the situation as follows: "Sometimes I have to be honest, I want to live like a normal person." Michelle ThompsonMichelle Thompson quickly became the star of the American tabloids, when she decided to talk about her illness had befallen.On its three hundred orgasms a day with envy told all of America. Especially all cheered the news that she had to leave work pastry: the working conditions at the factory, packed with vibrating mechanisms proved to be unsuitable for Thompson.During personal life she began to actively monitor journalists from around the world. And recently they have informed the world that is the sexiest woman on earth has found the woman's happiness. Michelle Thompson, a young man appeared! His name is Andrew Carr, he was 32, and he was always ready to make love with his chosen. Loving admitted that they can have sex for ten or twelve times a day. Michel told reporters that the meeting changed her life: "Now I get the pleasure of their orgasms, and do not try to get rid of them." 

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