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Erotic scene in the bathroom, in the lush cool foam slides have become classics. Irresistibly sexy Michele Mercier in "Angelica" drowning in sensual pink petals Mena Suvari in "American Beauty" honest in their desires Angelina Jolie in "temptation". The goddess of love, Aphrodite was born from the foam of the sea!

Separate pleasure - to share with a loved one's most intimate moments, take care of him and take his care and affection. What do we need? Transparent outfit, soap, sponge, salt and bath foam, cream or massage oil, scented towels are clean, free time, and a bathroom, which at the most inopportune moment not knock angry mother in law, or a curious toddler.
Writing a beloved man the opportunity to feel the owner harem (even if it is only one concubine, but it is!) - a great way to tie him to her.That tireless care conquer their husbands oriental beauties.
Washing and abdominal massage - say, just that Roxolana charmed his sultan. You will need a bowl with warm soapy water and a terry mitten. Put a man on his back several times with a damp mitt wipe his stomach in a spiral from the navel, strongly clockwise. Then gently and slowly warm hands punched stomach in the same direction, inadvertently promoting playful fingers toward his groin. In less than 10 minutes, as a man take an interest - does not want any of his favorite houri briefly interrupted?

Lather his neck! And also wash your hair. It is not only pleasant but also useful since normalizes blood pressure, slows down the process of hair loss and relieves headaches. Put a man in the bathroom so that you feel comfortable, wet hair, apply shampoo, lather, and in a circular motion in the direction of hair growth start massage. You can scrape the skin with sharp nails (only without fanaticism!), Gently squeeze the head in his hands, comb your hair with your fingers with soap and slightly ruffle them. Remember the neck area, neck, ears and occipital fossa - it's all the erogenous zones. Rinsing hair, dry them, tighten the towel on his head and give him a hand mirror - let's see how this looks Sultan. Bathe him. And he made ​​a surprising discovery: all the men in the shower boy, and very many feel that their mother nedolyubili. Type in a warm bubble bath, put there rubber toys - but not rubber dildos, and ducks and boats! Podurachtes little, calling him pet names, let "the kid" foam splash and play. Then slowly and carefully wash him from head to toe - no erotic proclivities, just swimming. Rinse, wrap in a bathrobe, take to the bedroom where ready soft little bed, a teddy bear, a cup of hot cocoa. Put a man in bed, let eat, pat him on the head, sitting next to - and no sex can not be compared with the tenderness with which he will thank you. Wash his feet and make a foot massage. And do not make grimaces - if the person you truly love, then you do it with joy. This is probably the best way to relieve stress a long day. In addition, this massage is not only relax, but also to excite your man. And yet - will make you closer and dearer. Bathers Portrait Care female body - is a set of very erotic procedures. Let your loved one to indulge and pamper you! To start, let him peek as you wash, it is one of the most popular men's fantasies. Do not let either to join or to help - just to see how you do it. If you have long and beautiful hair, let it pricheshet you. Loose curls - the eternal male fetish, that's why many peoples of married women cover their heads. Let passes through your fingers fragrant delicate strands, playing with them, braids in braids or simply stroking the head. scrubs, gels and body lotions, cream chest and lotions will also be very helpful. Allow him to rub you with them. Believe me, he would have liked. And especially to put the cream on his chest. Many women can have orgasms from the caresses of this sensitive area, if you are one of them - make the man a pleasant surprise. Rub the back - a good excuse to offer loved to join you when you take a shower. Lather each other, weave under streams of water - Feel Adam and Eve in the first day of creation, naked, knows no shame and full of enjoyment. In special cases it is possible to arrange an erotic bath - with rose petals, for example, with champagne, floating on the water scented candles and romantic music. And remember that good sex - fun, which is always to the point and always on time!

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