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The first sex toy for men has gone on sale in Germany in the mid-1950s. By the 1980s, the appearance of age sex dolls, to put it mildly left much to be desired. It was an inflatable doll Made usually made ​​of vinyl or rubber and looks ugly - similar to the man or woman only distantly. Members were content with the fact that these dolls were artificial vagina or penis. The quality of these products was low - after a few sessions they can easily break. In addition, some of the inflatable doll made ​​in less developed countries, could be hazardous to health, as their material contained vinyl chloride. Now, the cost of these dolls is below $ 50. But progress was not in place, the next step in the development of sex dolls was to use latex. They compared to rubber or vinyl dolls have been believable head, like mannequins. On his head - a wig, plastic or glass eyes.Hands and feet similar to human. Some dolls can be filled with water. Recommended a new doll in this series thoroughly cleaned before use, as on its surface can be zinc oxide layer. The latex itself is not toxic, but in some it may be allergic.These dolls are manufactured in France and Hungary. Their cost about $ 100 - $ 200. This is not 3D graphics, this doll sdelanaya Matt: Interview with Matt: I started sculpting in 1994 and worked in parallel on the factory that produced masks for Halloween. I did female torsos from clay size of less than a foot tall. Once I did figure about two feet tall, she was very realistchno. And then I decided to create a life-size figure, but I did not want to have a solid clay sculpture, and therefore not suitable. I gradually began to work with latex, and with cheaper rubber, wanted to create something, and therefore created a pair of dolls made ​​of latex, which draws the eye and were photogenic, but looked unnatural. Since that time, I had no money to silicone them I did not use and was not aware of its capabilities. The fact that you can make the head of the latex foam and fill it at a cost of $ 2. Or you can make a silicone head for 50 bucks. That's the only difference. I wanted to make them look "alive" again and again attracting people's views. I wanted to make them look alive when you give them some sort of pose. When you bend your elbow to them, I would like to stuff realistically deformed and compressed. If you bend your arm made ​​of latex and foam, then, in essence, it looks like a pompous jerk. She doubles over and looks very unnatural. So you leave it in the position in which it was created, and which does not conform to its intended use. And eventually I switched to silicone. Just at this time I had a website, and I began to put back the picture. I started with a very small images. Immediately there was a big success. Then, all of a sudden, my website has become very popular and I started getting a lot of email. I started getting emails from guys, which said: "How much will it cost to make one of them? I want to buy it, with the condition that I could have sex with her. " Even my wife suggested that I made ​​a doll for sex. I began to think about the fact that these dolls could be used for lovemaking. I did not occur to someone, being in his right mind would pay $ 5,000 for sex toy. But soon I was convinced enough of these people after they said, "This is going to cost this much. It is very expensive and takes a long time. " I expect these guys to give up their ideas with words like, "Oh, forget it." But a few people have rebelled and said, "Good. I'll send a check. " So I put the doll in the genitals and began to think more about getting the feeling, not the appearance. As a result, there's something I came up and said, "This will work.They are fully functional and looked like alive. I personally checked them - they work. It's all right. " Then I created my company Abyss Creation and came up with this name is used to this day - Real Doll - Living Dolls. Steels boost production. I began to climb. I threw the old classes (Matt, was also a guitarist Chaotic Order, performing folk-rock) High price allows me to achieve maximum quality. Dolls are made ​​practically by hand. It is, in fact, sets us apart from most factories sex toys.Typical blow-up doll is placed in a small box and sold at an average price of sex dolls apiece. It is expected that customers will not return it, so these dolls are just tools for sex. We have the same for the manufacture of each doll goes up to 80 hours of manual labor, and any acceleration of this process will damage the quality of products. For a week we produce silicone 6-8 girls. Wanting to get a "perfect" woman became so much that our customers have to wait up to six months to get the coveted. Real Doll is the best toy for love, her image anatomically flawless, the skeleton is made ​​of metal, hinged joints, the skin is hypoallergenic, durable and elastichnyi silicone from which Hollywood made ​​naturalistic monsters. It floats on water and can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees. We must try very hard to make a hole in it. And to clean it as easily as Teflon frying pan. Body type, head type, color of skin, hair, eyes, lips and nails, and hair (even two hairstyles), as well as race, and the hips and bust, you can choose from the available options in the catalog. Vagina, anus and mouth puppets are made ​​from other than the rest of the body, the material more delicate and durable. You can also Zakayev male doll and even a hermaphrodite. Because during sex (especially oral) silicone fits snugly to the penis, creates a vacuum effect. Some people just talk about faery orgasms. To facilitate the "contact", it is recommended to use creams as well as during sex with women. Dolls virtually no smell can barely catch zametnyi fruity aroma. They can do piercings and tattoos.With them it is not forbidden to bathe, but preferably not in a chlorinated pool from chlorine girls shed. The simplest rules of hygiene (brief instructions included): it is necessary to wash away the doll toilet soap or special shampoos. We have received many letters in which people have argued that we are all here and Satanists worship the devil and his minions. Extreme right-wing feminists who write us a short and sharp e-mails that we are sick and not even close to be compared with the actual dolls women. We are not saying that the doll - a replacement for women. This is just an alternative to the woman.It's like a bar "Snickers", which you eat before dinner. This is just a light snack, but she is better than your hand. If you are not well-developed imagination, and you find it difficult to imagine the girl, then, with the doll, you can look down and see her. She's not doing a lot, but it is. We people write and ask if we can make a full doll dog-dog. Write to us by those who want the green or red doll with a tail or horns, or even what that game. A lot of nuts wrote to us saying that they are engineers to create robots and send us their schemes that resembled drawings from kindergarten. A lot of people say to me: "Make a doll Pamela Anderson. After all, can you? "They want porn stars, celebrities ... people want dolls that replicate dropped out of their wives. It's sad, but, nevertheless, I can do it, if they pay for it. We spend a lot of, well, upgrades, or something. In the near future we are going to make an electronic system consisting of sensors in different parts of the doll body. Some sensors will determine the occurrence of a doll and send messages small processor that will emit moans of pleasure. We hope to make the process interactive, to a certain rhythm of movement causes a certain response. All the man said, will affect the response, the volume and level of arousal. possible that through what is a period of time, say, ten minutes later, the doll will be more and more excited and, as you will continue its stimulation even be able to finally achieve orgasm. We also consider the use of infrared sensors in the doll eyes that zasekut you when you are in the room, and the doll will tell you something like, "Come and play with me," or even "You brought the garbage?" It will depend only on your imagination.  I produced several dolls, which are opened and closed his eyes, and that you get a French kiss, but so far only manually. There is such wires, tugging at which you can start an action, so it's more like a puppet than a stand-alone, automated device. Several Japanese companies producing quite realistic doll for sex, but they think so, "how cheap we can see them do, and how much profit it will bring us? ". They look better than the usual doll for a blowjob, but they are made ​​of foam, although you may want to stick his thing though in a suitcase. When creating their dolls, I was guided by others: "I want them to be weighed, like a real woman, I want to that they felt like a real girl, I want to make it look like a real girl, I want them to move like a real girl. " And as a result we got (give up, everyone else!) Best doll for lovemaking around the world. As far as I know, no one has yet managed to create anything like this. There are services of escort services - yes exactly what you think the demand for realistic dolls so much that there are shops, a "rental". That is not a doll sent to the client at the address, just salon rents rooms with a bathroom, a bedroom and a silicone doll. The cost of this fun $ 100 for 1.5 hours, according to one of the managers of the cabin - "on a good day we get up to 30 clients, age by site visitors from teenagers to 60 year old men. Mostly they are quiet, shy types, which are likely to feel more ease with a doll than a young woman. Some come with a shopping bag with a few extra costumes. I guess they love to dress up dolls and take pictures.Source


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