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RPG - one of the good way to update the feelings make new experiences and give more spicy relationship.
 It happens that after a few years of living together, and sometimes even months - in the sexual life partners problems, some frustration and even "boring." Sex is not something wonderful and mundane, and is perceived as a duty rather than a pleasure. To in your sex life has always been just a joy, read the ten most common, but at the same time interested in role-playing games in bed may some of them you oprobuesh with your partner ... 1. Strict Mistress - submissive slave ranks 1st in popularity among sex games. Various whips, costumes latex gag in her mouth, handcuffs, masks, etc. - In large quantities are sold in various "stores for adults." Play such a situation simply at home. You'll be domineering, strong. And he feels helpless.You - Manage it - is subject. Any of your orders and wishes will be fulfilled. Pleasure to get both. 2. Doctor - patient. Nurse - patient gowns, caps ... Doctor can be like you and your man. Medical check-up, all kinds of injections, bandages, first aid - only a small part of what you can play in this situation. Everything is limited only by your imagination 3. Rapist - his victimBasically, the role of the abuser - may act as a woman and a man. Just the first time, in my opinion, more violent version.Here the role of the woman takes the lead. Unsuspecting man sleeping, or pretending to be asleep. Woman do not want it.She wakes him up in a brutal form, wringing his hands, muzzle, etc. As a result, a woman possessed man on. Naturally, the men do not have the strength to cope with the woman, and he succumbs to the game. Thrill Of course, guaranteed, but not every man this game will be enjoyed. Especially if you decide to play with him, and not preparing anything without informing in advance after a hard day's work. In the case of "rapist" man - all you can play on the street. Girl goes on a dark street, sees that it pursues a man, turns into an even darker alley, he catches up with her ​​and ... The main thing that the police were not around, and that such a game can end very sad 4. Stripper - Guest In this game the main role is played by a woman. You'll have to take a few lessons striptease before playing with her ​​man. Even if you have perfect dancing a waltz or tango - striptease is different! Arrange a striptease at home is easy - just low light, possibly red (lights, candles) to create the correct erotic mood music. Beautiful erotic "private" dance your man will not forget for a long time. All your efforts and your time will pay off just after such an erotic show - beautiful sex is guaranteed. 5. Teacher - father ne'er student I think that almost every man dreamed of a school teacher. Especially since they have a fantasy she certainly young, sexy, beautiful, stylish glasses and a pointer. Turn his dreams into reality. Put a stylish suit with a short skirt, stockings, glasses and take the pointer in hand. Raffle of a strict teacher who scolds ne'er pupil, and "father" of all that listens. As a result, the father can not stand, a teacher, too. 6. Wife lover - Act out a scene, as many of the jokes: your husband is away on a business trip, and you're invited lover. You can not appear together, it should be kept secret. If you really can get into the role, the great sex is guaranteed. 7. Fire - the victim To this game is worth a little preparation. For realism need costume, which you can buy at the store "clothes" or in a store that sells costumes. We'll have to play the whole performance: you - the victim of a fire. The man - a lifeguard, sneaking to you through a variety of obstacles, and avoiding smashing them on the way. 8. "Like in the movies," If you and your lover want to feel the real actors and star in the lead roles - that is the desire to easily implement. Take a video camera, find the "right angle" to the level of the bed - and shoot your own videos as much as you want. By the way, this post-view home movies - awakens more and more new feelings and emotions. Main, be careful if you do not want to repeat the fate of Paris Hilton with her ​​porn video, circumvented the entire Internet. You have to really trust each other, to play in a joint home video! 9. Plumber - "faulty valve" - the owner of the Darling and unique man can dress up in an old sports jacket, pants with extended knees, let plausibility for wear over the shoulder bag with tools cap over his eyes ... This type can be very exciting, I tell you. Calling at the door of the man playing a little "village" employee housing department, and you zamorochennoe landlady. Followed him into the kitchen, where "leaking tap". By the way, sex on the kitchen table, or simply on the floor - can bring a sea of new emotions. 10. Improvisation is not always worth to think of a plan of action in advance, roles, costumes, etc. Quite often, completely spontaneously arise best and immodest ideas. Of course, it all depends on my mood and desire. Even after ten years of living together - you can in a moment to see the man in a completely new light. And, perhaps even fall in love again ... The main thing is do not hesitate to their desires, experiment and surprise each other!


 The majority of men love oral sex, at least in the part where it comes to getting oral sex partner. The lion's share of male pleasure from oral sex falls not on the physical sensations, they are still sidelined, and a feeling of superiority samtsovskogo, a sense of mutual trust between the partners - because like it or not, and "manhood" is in a pretty precarious position, as well as a deep sense of spiritual union with his partner, because quality blowjob (and we are now talking about it) that would require the partners felt very well and caught every emotion each other. However, despite the apparent idyll and ease of execution act of oral stimulation, there are pitfalls that can wipe out all the fun, both men and women.
So, what should pay attention to the performance of a blowjob to achieve the highest pleasure as a man, so and a woman?
Men do not like:
- When women are hurt teeth penis.
Due to the high sensitivity (and vulnerability) of the term, particularly in the area of the head, biting, and just careless pogryzyvaniya grazing teeth member cause pain. On a psychological level, it generally can generate fear and mistrust of the partner. Exception: thrill-seekers on the one hand and the Weaver-KUDESNITSA capable of very (!) Be sensitive reaction partner and self-control.
Conclusion: Do not flatter yourself - lips, tongue and throat - your main weapon; specify preferences of your partner and his personality traits to the act of copulation. - Mechanical and looped sucking the penis. For boys receiving oral sex in the first such experience may seem quite satisfactory, but even for him it will not be more than - satisfactory. For all men, more or less experienced in matters of sex and self-respect, like "mechanically suction" is almost an insult to his dignity. Firstly, it's boring. And secondly, when a man sees and feels that he simply trying to milk, on a psychological level - it makes him uncomfortable feeling that he had something "should." And it is known, generally unacceptable in all respects. Man (with capital letters) is a pleasure when he and "his small copy of" have tokens, make love, play and otherwise please. Pay attention to other parts of the body of a man, kiss and caress his belly, ironed his crotch, let down his legs on his shoulders (if it allows you to pose), in a word - Enjoy the man entirely. Bottom line: do blowjob creatively use all their imagination, blowjob - is making love with a member, but not stupid fuck. Do blowjob as if making love with him. - The Hollow and silent execution blowjob as the return of the debt. Moreover, that silence and lack of emotional impact alarming, it still raises doubts about the sincerity of the act. Worthy man respects himself and everyone he meets in his life, which means that it does not tolerate a favor and do not take handouts. However, he is happy to be sincere gifts, gifts made ​​from the heart. All men, being at heart aesthetes get satisfaction is important from the sight of the woman receives an indescribable pleasure of intimacy with his most intimate part of the body, as it plays a role in turn, the mistress, the slave of his "dignity" as she admires and loves "him," as she basked "them." Also note that very many men wild winds when during a blowjob, a woman begins to engage in self-satisfaction, or through the stimulation of their clitoris and vagina, or even cuddling and Teasing on his leg (if Of course this does not distract him from feeling), under certain poses perhaps even adopting a foot or toes men.Conclusion: Blowjob - is primarily a pleasure for the woman herself, do it only if you do want it to be for yourself, and be sure a worthy partner judged on its merits and you and your sincere impulse. - disgust towards semen. Generally, the application and possible utilization of sperm rather ambiguous. There is no consensus even among men, and walks a lot of debate about: Is a girl cum in your mouth? Are the cum in her mouth to his girlfriend (wife), or you can only do with someone else? Apogee: kosher whether to kiss a girl who finished in the mouth (just and / or at all), and even more so to share it with your juice? Or, all the same, it is necessary to continue to send its proximity to the bathroom for the total cleansing of the oral cavity, using all available in-house on detergents? And as this group of questions, such as: Should a girl swallow sperm? (One side). Or the girl has the right, or even should, spit sperm? (The other side). Answers to all these questions every couple should find itself in the process of genuine communication, rather than on the basis that "but my friends do / do not do so" and "But I've told the boys." If you are not yet ready to live your mind, listen to me: go to the library or read a book together about parenting, discuss current problems of humanity, watch a film in the style of art-house, cook a delicious cake for the entire family, walk to the boutiques and certainly take a look at the market for auto-parts. It is possible that this shared experience is much more eloquent show your compatibility (or compatible), and thereby give an answer to the question - whether or not to deal with than a more intimate with each other, or your life roads diverge, and you should look for happiness with other. The main thing that the actions of one partner match the look and did not offend the dignity of the other. For the record: Many men have reached the number of psychological maturity, without complexes, living his own mind, and not the public unconscious, and thanks to all of the above, and respecting all people experience surprise and discomfort in a situation where the partner either categorically rejects the possibility of any contact with the seed, or still taking it into his mouth frantically starts looking for an opportunity to get rid of it (the seed), eclipsing in the search for his grimaces Jim Carrey and Louis de Funes.How At least it causes a feeling of unease and puzzling: Why? Why such aversion to living? (A man can not give birth, but it generates a seed - it brings life and gives it). Why do we then had to take on / in his mouth? For information: In the Chinese philosophy of Taoism and Indian labor on the "field of sensual, emotional life, lust and love," we have known as the Kama Sutra, the male sperm was regarded as a precious elixir carrying the energy of life "jing" and costs which must be very careful. At what was meant economical attitude from the position of men, for a purposeless waste of sperm shortened life.However, it was thought that the sperm - is a precious gift that a man shall be offered only to his wife and no one else. With regard to the mistress of a man needed to bring her only pleasure and orgasm most testing NOT ejaculate (it is not a separate issue, which certainly will be discussed here in other articles). Another issue that perhaps in the most heavily causes difficulty for girls - it tastes sperm. Flirty really quite unique. One like it, in others it is, to say the least discomfort.This is due to the very complex structure of the sperm - ascorbic acid, calcium, specific to each blood group - antibodies, cholesterol, choline, citric acid, fructose, deoxyribonucleic acid, vitamin B12, glutathione, inositol, lactic acid, spermine, urea, hyaluronidase, hyaluronic acid, pyruvic acid, pyrimidine, spermidine, uric acid ions Zn2 +, Cl-, Mg2 +, NO3-, PO43-, K +, Na +.Important factor is the individual person's metabolism and as a result of its individual smell. However, among other things, the taste of semen is very dependent on the lifestyle and men - oral hygiene, food preferences, smoking, alcohol consumption, use of drugs, chronic disease, sedentary lifestyle - all of these factors, either directly or indirectly in one or another power cause the final taste of semen. However, there is a wonderful way to improve emergency sperm. Drink your partner pineapple juice. This can be done as an emergency - on the day of intercourse, but at least a few hours before intercourse. Or install a kind of diet - every day for at least a glass of juice. It will be more efficient and healthier. There is another option cinnamon rolls. An infinite number of options - look your way. If your man is categorically insists blowjob to swallow, but for its part is not making efforts to improve the taste of semen, you can motivate him, giving him a taste your cum taste. Good luck to you in your relationship and disclosure of your sexuality.
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Loss of innocence - The starting point in the world of carnal pleasures. If you still have this thing seems problematic, refer to the example of Tanzanian youths of the tribe "go-go". They are attached to the joys of sex with the help of the watermelon, wherein the pre-pick out a hole to his liking. Bakhcha Calling Delayed ejaculation - Suppose you do not have a second of extra time to study all the tantric stuff, but in any case you might have to learn to restrain themselves for the pleasure of your partner. Because the woman did not want to excite your "I" after the first kiss, and at least 15 minutes of diligent attention. Minimum three poses - must be mastered. No account is taken everyday choices "with a cigarette in his hand", "looking at the press" and "squeezing one hundred twenty." If your girlfriend is already well convinced that on the ceiling there is nothing interesting to get started, try to turn it into the stomach. Massage - Slightly cool cream on hands and disposed to trust a smile - that's enough to make any mimosa unbuttoned her blouse. Quite a bit of work and maximum tactile pleasure. Not be considered if you have paid work of a professional masseur. Making the Lady turn pink - This is the only way to ensure that your sex she is really a pleasure. Moaning and throwing in the dark still do not mean anything, but the redness of the skin on the chest - just a good indication that you have done their job and brought her to orgasm. Although, maybe it's her allergies or she hesitates. Condom with relief - you just had to try it! Needless to say, do you want from him neither cold nor hot, but it will be very interesting new sensation, besides tightening rubber ribs for a while sweet process. 'll be third? - It is high time to say it's her girlfriend or your friend, offering to join you in bed. This paragraph does not necessarily be particularly persistent and implement our plans in life force - and friends can resist. But worth a try, is not it? bring some order in the bedroom - First get her flannel nightgown and a collection of soft toys out of bed. Something is wrong with the woman who is sleeping in the arms of plush elephants. Unless you do not play with her ​​teacher and schoolgirl. Mutual masturbation - Seksperty claim that it strongly contributes to a better knowledge of each other, to establish psychological contact and improve relations. Yes, and the truth, watching each other, you have the opportunity to look at everything in detail, and to improve their skills. Gratuitous oral sex - This piece requires dedication and selflessness. But is not it worth a try to bestow her oral sex without the requirements the same in return at least once to remain forever in her eyes, sweet and caring guy? Did she tell her friends about it, and they will also want to take advantage of your generosity. Afternoon Sex - Women love it when a man is no longer a sleepy and not yet tired, a little strange and incredible business runs for five minutes just to do sex. And you useful shake of the day. Sex toys - require that they use. If you have never choked edible panties, not tested "artificial vagina", did not feel the joy of flavored condoms and not envy unbending erection dildo, then where have you been all this time? Good sex should be fun. Photoshoot - Another important event in the life of a man: the camera in your hands, and before his eyes - which sits in unlimited nudity girlfriend. Extremely comfortable in this embodiment, Polaroid (do not have to blush in the darkroom). You can shoot everything, even the most difficult shamelessness. But does not necessarily show indecent photos to their friends or her mother. Pillow - you have not guessed it put her under the buttocks of his partner? This helps to increase the pressure on the clitoris, which makes it more fun. You also allows deeper penetration. Besides pillows warmed up, and they will be nice to go to sleep. Porno - Be careful: your collection hard movies can weaken her excitement, not strengthened. Experts say that women are not especially concerned with visual images, and they prefer to use their own imagination. To play it safe, offer herself to choose what to watch, but do not worry, when she suddenly stopped on something like a gang rape - is still better than snotty erotic melodrama.Simultaneous Orgasm - Looks at the problem apart. Not everyone thinks simultaneous orgasm riding enjoyment, since no extra treats it brings. But still nice when it happens. No harm in trying. Mazo - not necessary to use handcuffs, dog collars and baton. Just let it connect you to make you feel what it is - to be helpless in the hands of a wayward woman. Quick sex - Feminists have convinced you that there is only a bed for seksmarafonov where the grand prize - her orgasm? Forget it.Quick sex can be quite challenging for a woman, especially spontaneous. Discarded - finally out of the bed of her beloved Yorkshire terrier. It was Napoleon who said that his main enemy was not the Austrians, and the British and mopsik belonging to his wife. If no amount of persuasion, pleas and requests do not work, threaten to strangle the dog tie. Swim! - Replacing a plugged-in hair dryer, soaked sliders and wooden clothespins on candles, wine and fragrant foam, can be wonderfully relaxing with his girlfriend in the bathtub. The ancient Chinese saying that water is able to transmit ideas and energy of the people to each other. And as regards the deepening contact ... all day in bed - the highest point of hedonism. The only problem is that someone from the two of you (well, not you too!) Still have to get up to warm lunch, and drag him into bed. staircase, elevator, roof ... - ... The machine shop, toilet in an airplane, ferris wheel ... Well? Anything from the list you have already tried as a sex racetrack or bored envy those who lie about it flowery? Her Lingerie - This task for emancipation. She walks in your boxers, that you try on her lace panties. Stockings - also in the case. Women say they like it when the elastic and smooth nylon covered them up. Really interesting? dirty swearing - during sex is very fashionable: America and Europe already hard swearing in their bedrooms. Never too late to start, but quite difficult to roughly expressed in their native language, while avoiding offensive to ladies intonations. Sado - Somewhere inside of you is sleeping macho, rapist and a villain. Let him on leave. Woman beat is optional, but if she does not mind, even pretended to completely refuses to engage with you in an intimate relationship. Couple laps around the apartment and a stormy finale provided. Jam and Honey - When there is no bees and dentists concerned about your dental caries, viscous sweet liquid perfectly licked the arms, legs and abdomen. Better, of course, if these legs and stomach belong to the woman he loves, and not bystanders. Chest - Chest, which is not too tight, as the expander, and do not bite like a hungry hamster, is a very important part of female sexuality. Maybe for you it's news, but the skillful promotion nipples able to bring a woman to orgasm. Just do not tell that you've got rid of the complex mother!Petting-sekreting - brightens up a dreary pastime in public places such as cinema, theater or restaurant. Use all of which are within the reach of the private parts of your partner - legs, arms, tongue. Purpose - imperceptibly orgasm, he's a bonus.declaration of love - It is not "Beqaj," not "mekaya" and not choking self-loathing - a task that handle only by a real man. If, opening his mouth to tell someone important words, you feel that you are attacked by tetanus, try to practice in front of a mirror. Of course, if you do not mind the prospect of this pathetic moment to admire his own face.

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