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Myth 1 is based on the assumption that some particular woman, subtly different from men, and they must be handled with care.

Fortunately, all this is not so. "I do not think that deep down women differ from men in the sexual sense - says Rene Denfild, author of" The New Victorians "(" New Victorians ".) - We, as men often want consuming, rude health, violent sex. " Feminist minority continues to teach men to think that no more women wishing to them from time to time simply raked in his arms and, excuse me, raped, that male sexuality is inherently rude, disruptive and aggressive. No, we do not encourage to violence, but sometimes sex should be spontaneous and natural. It is obvious that while both men and women sometimes behave in such a way that their behavior can be interpreted as aggressive. Perhaps someone like him, when a man constantly asks, "You can, dear?" or "Did you like that, honey?". But there is no evidence that such a scenario is preferred by most women. However, it should be added that there is a huge difference between the natural behavior of men and annoying harassment.Sometimes time can be selected clearly wrong. And if you can not read the thoughts of your partner, then it agreed to with its ritual of understanding: a gesture, a phrase, movement, meaning "slow down." Myth 2 LoveFar from it. And agreed with this many women with whom we spoke: sometimes they just want to get fucked.Sudden unexpected sexual splash catches you in an unusual place or in an unpredictable position excites women no less than men. Men accustomed carefully and attentively to the needs of his partner, tend to think that the sudden assaults are not encouraged. But women, too, are absolutely necessary surprises in sex. And here is another stunning fact: when a man and a woman reaches thirty, their relation to pre-game of love becomes completely "wrong." If you had to see the women's magazines, you probably struck the desire of the authors of articles to teach women the art of manipulating men. Main theme: "how to talk", "how to get it to make an offer", "how to change it and make your soul mate" and so on. In general, as you change. And, of course, is nowhere so strongly you are not trying to change men in bed. Of course, you have heard these lamentations.Men are too aggressive. Men do not understand. Men fixated on one. All they want to get their fuck off and sleep. Men should change their habits and to seek a partnership, if they want to have sexual relations that satisfy both sides ... to divulge a secret. Most of the "conventional" and "authoritative" opinions about lovemaking born where you are not under any circumstances would not wish to meet a woman: sexual clinics and feminist rallies.Dig deeper. Most women - those with whom you usually do for fun, for anyone caring for someone in the fall for and marry someone, do not buy into these established facts about men and sex. What is actually a woman want? Surprisingly, but almost the same as men. And if you want to know what a woman needs in bed, you have to revise some of the sexual myths that sometimes involuntarily, and poison your mind. Here are three of them - the most enduring. "When we asked men older than 35 years, which, in their opinion, the best in sex, most of them, oddly enough, the answer - Love game - says Professor of Biology University of Florida David Kuodagno. - But when we asked this question to women of the same age, they answered - sexual intercourse. "In part, this is because men with age requires a longer stimulation for an erection. But at the same time splits another myth about women's sexual preferences - and in your sexual life opens up new horizons, the way when you want to find out at what stage it is already possible to stop a love game and move on, many of the standard instructions that guide the men do not work. For example, the presence or absence of lubrication does not necessarily indicate readiness of woman. How can that be? Listen carefully to her breathing. The transition from normal to deep breathing and relaxation is precisely determines the availability of women directly to sexual intercourse. Mif3 Women share their feelings, men hide their Every man in his romantic past probably find at least one friend who could speak to death and everything in one theme: the relationship. Women's magazines strongly support these mindsets endless stream of articles on how to make a man talk about their feelings.Naturally, it is assumed that women with problems retelling men of their senses, and there can not be, in fact, when it comes to sex, women are part of the discussion of their feelings sometimes are even more reticent than men. Women, of course, discuss their preferences - but not necessarily with you. "If guys have heard all that we say, they would have shuddered, horrified because we have so much to dig into their psyche, and fled to the mountains," - writes reporter Denka Radakovich, author of "The Wild Girls Club: Tales from Bellow the Belt" ("Club violent girls: tales from under the skirt"). All this, of course, interesting, but still: how to start a conversation? How to get your partner to share with you my thoughts? answer easier: ask questions. Start with the fact that share your own thoughts and fantasies: there is nothing that will encourage frankness, as your own for her willingness. Suffice it to want to discuss with your partner her sexual fantasies and dreams, and it can open up to you with a new and unexpected directions.

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