Wednesday, 10 September 2014


 The longest sexual intercourse occurred in the life of a porn star of the last century Mae West. It is interesting that the process, which lasted for 15 hours, came out shooting. This was the bed marathon aging diva told in his memoirs. Later, their combined record confirmed the star's ex-boyfriend named Ted. He admitted that he "was pleasantly surprised and was satisfied with his own abilities."

The smallest size of manhood. If you believe this British Kinsey Institute, which since 1947 has been conducting anonymous surveys on okoloseksualnuyu subjects, the smallest penis size is only 2.5 cm. However, doctors say that there are times and worse - when the penis is completely absent, and the head is mounted directly to the pubis. biggest testicles. The sharp increase in the testicles - the result of the disease, in which the tiny parasitic worms disrupt blood flow to a certain part of the body (including the testes). Then they become more like bowling balls. The record was recorded in the case of the people of Africa, whose scrotum weighed almost 70 pounds and was 60 cm in diameter. Record length emission of semen is striking: 5 m 71 cm! "Trucker" - was born in Hamburg, Horst Schults - exceeded the average result is almost 30 times!

Biggest breasts also does not give her mistress any positive emotions. In 1995, the public learned about the 12-year-old Chinese girl Ting Dzhiafen with a huge set of mammary glands. Each breast in girls increased by 48 cm in length and weighed 10 kg. Not only that, all this wealth caused some ridicule neighborhood boys and problems with clothing, so to top it all a girl was often ill. One day she could not walk, the newly poor thing altogether blind. longest pubic hair grow a resident of Cape Town Mahon Vie - more than 70 cm. However, she did not bother to shave their armpits and where the hair is increased by 80 cm.

The most prolific men. More than a thousand offspring peoples Moroccan Emperor Moulay Ismail in the XVIII century. Entries in 1703 show that at that time the emperor was at least 342 daughters and 525 sons, and by 1721 the number of male offspring has exceeded 700. most prolific woman. If the Moroccan royal in the difficult task of reproduction assisted by dozens of wives, the Siberian Plain, the wife of a Russian Fyodor Vasilyev, between 1725 and 1765 years alone gave birth to 69 children already! And she gave birth to them, it can be said, in bulk: 16 twins, 7 triplets, and 4 chetvernyashek! Here it is, the power of Russian women! Unfortunately, history has not preserved the name of the mother-heroine - it is not even in the Guinness Book of Records, haphazardly Siberian achievement.

The longest orgasm was officially registered in 1966. Certain Samantha L. from the United States in the process of self-satisfaction conducted at the peak of pleasure 43 seconds. For comparison: the swimmer Alexander Popov swims during this time the hundred meters freestyle. biggest buttocks marked in the case of steatopigii taking place at the Hottentots, Bushmen and other African tribes. In the most developed state, each buttock can be 60-90 cm in width, and even the young girls of the tribe may have extremely huge buttocks. White women's buttocks are very rare. 's most exclusive club of love.Society "Aphrodite" represented a club of love, which organized the exchange of wives and various other sexual entertainment. Membership cost 10 000 pounds for gentlemen and 5,000 pounds for the ladies plus gift club that matches the welfare of the donor. Can be considered a success that kept a diary of one of the women - members of the club. For twenty years, she has recorded a 4959 romantic rendezvous. Among her lovers were 272 prince and prelate, 93 Rabbi, 439 monks, 288 members of the House of Commons, 2 of her uncle, 119 musicians, 929 officers, 342 financier, 420 salon lions, 117 footmen, 12, her cousin, 47 blacks and 1,614 foreigners .

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