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 The longest sexual intercourse occurred in the life of a porn star of the last century Mae West. It is interesting that the process, which lasted for 15 hours, came out shooting. This was the bed marathon aging diva told in his memoirs. Later, their combined record confirmed the star's ex-boyfriend named Ted. He admitted that he "was pleasantly surprised and was satisfied with his own abilities."

The smallest size of manhood. If you believe this British Kinsey Institute, which since 1947 has been conducting anonymous surveys on okoloseksualnuyu subjects, the smallest penis size is only 2.5 cm. However, doctors say that there are times and worse - when the penis is completely absent, and the head is mounted directly to the pubis. biggest testicles. The sharp increase in the testicles - the result of the disease, in which the tiny parasitic worms disrupt blood flow to a certain part of the body (including the testes). Then they become more like bowling balls. The record was recorded in the case of the people of Africa, whose scrotum weighed almost 70 pounds and was 60 cm in diameter. Record length emission of semen is striking: 5 m 71 cm! "Trucker" - was born in Hamburg, Horst Schults - exceeded the average result is almost 30 times!

Biggest breasts also does not give her mistress any positive emotions. In 1995, the public learned about the 12-year-old Chinese girl Ting Dzhiafen with a huge set of mammary glands. Each breast in girls increased by 48 cm in length and weighed 10 kg. Not only that, all this wealth caused some ridicule neighborhood boys and problems with clothing, so to top it all a girl was often ill. One day she could not walk, the newly poor thing altogether blind. longest pubic hair grow a resident of Cape Town Mahon Vie - more than 70 cm. However, she did not bother to shave their armpits and where the hair is increased by 80 cm.

The most prolific men. More than a thousand offspring peoples Moroccan Emperor Moulay Ismail in the XVIII century. Entries in 1703 show that at that time the emperor was at least 342 daughters and 525 sons, and by 1721 the number of male offspring has exceeded 700. most prolific woman. If the Moroccan royal in the difficult task of reproduction assisted by dozens of wives, the Siberian Plain, the wife of a Russian Fyodor Vasilyev, between 1725 and 1765 years alone gave birth to 69 children already! And she gave birth to them, it can be said, in bulk: 16 twins, 7 triplets, and 4 chetvernyashek! Here it is, the power of Russian women! Unfortunately, history has not preserved the name of the mother-heroine - it is not even in the Guinness Book of Records, haphazardly Siberian achievement.

The longest orgasm was officially registered in 1966. Certain Samantha L. from the United States in the process of self-satisfaction conducted at the peak of pleasure 43 seconds. For comparison: the swimmer Alexander Popov swims during this time the hundred meters freestyle. biggest buttocks marked in the case of steatopigii taking place at the Hottentots, Bushmen and other African tribes. In the most developed state, each buttock can be 60-90 cm in width, and even the young girls of the tribe may have extremely huge buttocks. White women's buttocks are very rare. 's most exclusive club of love.Society "Aphrodite" represented a club of love, which organized the exchange of wives and various other sexual entertainment. Membership cost 10 000 pounds for gentlemen and 5,000 pounds for the ladies plus gift club that matches the welfare of the donor. Can be considered a success that kept a diary of one of the women - members of the club. For twenty years, she has recorded a 4959 romantic rendezvous. Among her lovers were 272 prince and prelate, 93 Rabbi, 439 monks, 288 members of the House of Commons, 2 of her uncle, 119 musicians, 929 officers, 342 financier, 420 salon lions, 117 footmen, 12, her cousin, 47 blacks and 1614 foreigners .


Scientists have ruthlessly destroyed the point G, unmasked simulyantok bed and put an end to women's Viagra.

Scientists are constantly engaged in sex
Scientists are constantly engaged in sex
It turns out that in the 12 months of the past year in the world was nearly new war broke out, the cause of which would be a causal place. In addition, scientists have calculated the duration of the ideal sex and found out when he did no longer be needed by the people.

Dot, dot, comma
Scientific communities of Great Britain and France quarreled female sexuality. British gynecologists had to determine whether there is actually a "point G", is considered the most sensitive erogenous zone of the female body. Conducting a survey in 1800 of twin sisters, doctors came to vyvode that that the presence of a "point G" is absolutely subjective.
However, the position of the British scientists sparked heated objections from the other side of the Channel. The French believe that the mysteries of sexuality can not do so. "Their conclusions are completely wrong, because the only base for the study of the genetic material. Quite obvious that female sexuality is characterized by a variety that can not be reduced only to the" yes "and" no "or" on "and" off "- said Mamoun.
The clock is ticking
Scientists have calculated the ideal duration of sex. According to the study, most men and women meets concise ten-coitus."Popular culture has established patterns of sexual activity. Many men and women today believe in fairy tales about sexual intercourse, which can last all night. This, in turn, gives rise to frustration and dissatisfaction," - said Professor Eric Corti, author of the study. However, the majority of respondents reported the scientists that "adequate" sex lasts from three to seven minutes - not the best but not the worst. A perfect sex lasted for seven to 13 minutes. However, if intercourse lasts more than 13 minutes, so it will have already considered prolonged. At the same time, having sex one to two minutes does not satisfy the majority of respondents.
Beware of imitations
Bed moaning simulate up to 80% of women, and they do so for a reason, but mainly out of boredom - disappointing for men data lead sociologists from the UK. They studied the behavior of 71 heterosexual women between the ages of 18 to 48 years and found that the vast majority of subjects during each of the second act of love to entertain yourself and your partner characteristic sounds. Moreover, 25% of women almost forgotten the sincere emotions - nine times out of ten they are fake passion. At the same time, social scientists have calculated that mimic orgasm regularly not more than 50% of women.
However, lying in bed, not only women. Every fourth young man does not reach orgasm during sex and forced to simulate the culmination cheating partner. To such conclusion the American sexologists. At the same men the main reason is unwillingness to continue is not the best sex, but also hurt women they do not like.
Doctors have proved that mobile computers are an extremely negative impact on men's sexual health. If there is no more suitable surface, usually put the laptop on my knees. A hot air from the computer case leads to overheating of the sexual organs, which, in turn, may result in partial or complete sterility. "Fire in the groin causing oxidative stress in the male gonads, it has a big effect on sperm motility and their ability to fertilize an egg," - said the urologist Edmund Sabaneh of Andrology Center Ohio.
When sex disappears
At the most pleasant left very little time. Scientists say that in ten years people will just stop having sex to produce children.Very soon babies polls begin to grow in test tubes. According to research by John Iovicha, which were published in the journal Reproductive BioMedicine Online, people prefer natural fertilization in vitro (IVF) - conceived in a test tube. It is much more convenient than the "roulette" in the case of the conventional conception and will not only order the sex of the baby, but also many external features - such as eye color, hair, and so on. In addition, the future of the child get rid of genetic diseases. Scientists have even resulted in his article the data of experience in growing embryos in test tubes stock.According to them, it is 100 times more efficient than natural reproduction. Therefore, there is nothing stopping people also go to the artificial insemination.
Behind the wheel
In 2010, unexpectedly revealed that approximately 15% of motorists ever had sex while driving. Special survey was conducted in the spring in the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and Japan of almost two thousand motorists aged 18 to 65 years old who spend behind the wheel for more than ten hours per week.
Most downloaded books from the Internet in the past year was the Kama Sutra. A new paper edition folio in the UK will no pictures. Instead of the usual illustrated guide to the art of physical love, viewers will see only the text, which was added to the same chapter of the relationship. In this book published in pocket format.
Women are tired of
Stronger sex can as many worry about their bedding failures. Women still do not care. According to psychologists, they have sex solely for the "gentle sense of intimacy." From 30% to 50% of women are not satisfied with their sex lives, say American experts, the study which was attended by more than 31 thousand women. But it expresses concern about this fact only one in ten of the fairer sex.
The failure of female Viagra
Viagra for women - a drug that should raise libido at women in a state of pre-menopause - do not live up to expectations.The developer of the drug flibanserin published the results of two tests of the new facilities. Records show that sex really began to bring more fun to the study participants, but the effect was not as strong as expected.
The problem lies in the fact that the exact mechanism of action of flibanserin did not even know its creators. It is known that the drug has a "kinship" with antidepressants: it also affects the production of serotonin - a hormone and a neurotransmitter responsible for the ongoing processes in the brain.
According to the survey, 40% of women suffer from various sexual dysfunctions. According to analysts, the market for "female Viagra" may amount to about $ 2 billion. For comparison, last year the manufacturers of Viagra and its counterparts earned $ 4.4 billion. Nevertheless, to date, none of the drugs designed to improve the sex life of women, has not decided what task. This is due to the fact that female sexual arousal mechanism is much more complicated male.

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