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Useful facts about sex known to mankind countless. This article will tell you about one of the most pleasant and irreplaceable mineral for men's health sexual pleasure - erotic massage prostate. It is erotic, female site reports Becausemassage prostate, registered in the urologist's office - very very unpleasant procedure for those who met her in the treatment or prevention of prostatitis.
In the medical prostate massage anus male doctor inserts his finger and pressing on the prostate gland squeezes out her inflammatory secretions accumulated in the gland. Thus increases blood flow to the inflamed prostate, stimulates its activity, that along with such methods of treatment of prostatitis as physio and immunotherapy, enhances the therapeutic effect and accelerates the healing process. In general, the procedure is very unpleasant and even painful, from which, of course, it is completely devoid of even a hint of sexuality and eroticism.
We will not dwell longer your precious attention, dear readers, this method of treating advanced cases of prostatitis. After all, if you are not complete hypocrites, condemn any deviation from the traditional ways of copulation-fertilization in the name of continuing the human race, you're unlikely to ever encounter a similar disease. Regular sexual life and the knowledge that you will get in this article will protect you from it.

How useful erotic prostate massage?

Erotic prostate massage  besides delivered bliss, is also effective as a preventive measure against the insidious enemy of all men - prostate, reports Therefore, couples who practice this kind of sexual pleasure at least once a week, all can forget about the danger of this disease.
Unfortunately, these couples are not so much. Most of our men, because of the long and impact on their consciousness of ideology and morality, anal sexonly be considered as active users, completely eliminating even a hint to use their anus with the aim of delivering pleasure as myself personally, as well as partner, which would be at least nice to see what pleasure it gives to his beloved.
Everyone is free to choose - be it happy and healthy, or to guard and cherish their precious complexes and prejudices that deprive you and happiness, and pleasure, and even health, advises female site! Those who are still prepared to have to try erotic prostate massage in fact, suggested to get a grease-lubricated (suitable even ordinary Vaseline) or conventional massage oil.

Technique erotic prostate massage

In addition to the medical office prostate massage can be done at home. First we need to observe basic hygiene rules. It is very desirable to put an enema. 150-200 ml of warm some water will be enough to clear the "field of activity" from anyone unwanted substances.
How do prostate massage? Let your man lies on his stomach, under which you can put a pillow for your convenience. You can certainly use the knee-elbow position, but her many feel constrained and can not afford to properly relax. Namely, the degree of relaxation determines the level of pleasure he receives.
Start with a gentle massage of the buttocks. Apply the oil on them and gentle, flowing movements stroking his ass, occasionally slipping a finger in the crotch. Discreetly put on finger grease and continuing with one hand stroking the buttocks, lubricate the second hand of his anus. Gradually turn your attention to it. Gentle stroking movements stimulate the anal area.
Believe me, this one with the right treatment will lead a man into a real ecstasy! Particularly advanced women can use his tongue. In this case, the sensations are amplified many times, and on the degree of convergence in the pair after these caresses can never mention. Nowhere has it, my dear, you are not going to go away now and forever! After the pre-relaxation can actually begin to massage the prostate.

Slowly and gently slide your finger in his anus. Move it back and forth to a man accustomed to such new sensations. Palm should be facing down; grope in the formation of the size of a thimble, just act very carefully and closely, listening carefully to the feelings of men. Gross effects on the prostate can cause very unpleasant or even painful. Gently and lightly stroke the prostate with a finger, sometimes allowing a little to press. If a man is suddenly seem unpleasant - not insist, so as not to spoil the agreement reached earlier. The next time the feeling will be more familiar and much more pleasant. If he lies, rolling his eyes in bliss and sweet moaning - safely continue.
Massaging the prostate you can start to masturbate his penis, though for this man still have to change position. You can even try to do blowjob. Sensations that will get on your actions a man, not any words to describe! If suddenly direct prostate massage cause discomfort - do not worry. Massaging the prostate gland is possible without a direct impact on her.
During the blowjob, you can successfully stimulate the area where the prostate is, massaging and stroking her. It is located between the anus and testicles, and it is easy to feel during an erection. Acting on the zone of pleasure during the blowjob, you give a man an unforgettable experience, reinforcing and exacerbating all the pleasurable sensations.

If a man does not agree to an erotic prostate massage?

What do women whose men refuse to accept this precious gift? We recommend to start with a blowjob, which later can be connected to a light touch to his anus. Believe me, it only multiplies the pleasant feelings and interest in these caresses a man must appear. The main thing - patience! And persistence in this matter can only do harm. After all, here you will encounter one of the most deep-rooted prejudices of men, and you need to have a good instinct psychologist to find the key to this forbidden door opening you will find a world of unprecedented pleasure! Those who have already crossed this threshold, it may be advisable to use as indispensable assistants of various kinds of sex toys.
For example, for an erotic prostate massage husband fit such a wonderful thing as a strap-on. It will also help to diversify and enrich your sex life, bring you closer so that you will become indispensable partners for each other. Your mutual love will grow stronger day by day, warming and strengthening of mutual interest. And now sexwill never be the waft you bored at the mere thought of it.
On the contrary, every day more and more imagination will find its expression in your lovemaking. And remember that the prostate - that the worst enemy of all men, thanks to you will never be able to hint to your loved one about their existence.A men's sexual health - the key to a healthy and regular sex life and, as a consequence - good mood, good health and longevity of women. At one time I want to note: all in your gentle hands, ladies! Do not forget about it. Men - it is simply an indispensable tool in finding happiness, just skillfully and lovingly treat them.

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