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Did you know that after sex the body produces endorphins (the so-called "hormones of joy"), so from a purely physical point of view, sex is similar to an active exercise. But few people know that a half-hour having sex burns calories, which you have received from eating after dinner chocolate. That is sex, just like any other exercise, burns calories, but at the same time to make love is much more pleasant. Let's calculate how much we can burn for one date (kcal calculations are given for a woman weighing 68 pounds for half an hour:Romantic dance - 103 kcal kissing - 39-45 kcal, massage - 40-50 kcal, oral sex - 100 kcal, classic sex - 100-500, more moans and sighs, frequent estimates of positions - 8-15 kcal. Sex dressed further help burn 238 calories .Which muscles are trained during sex? Virtually all! Of course, much depends on how active you are. 's data you interesting - in what positions which muscle groups work: Woman on top - at this position involve muscles of the arms, shoulders, back and a woman's breasts. Also active muscles of the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Incidentally, most women can easily reach orgasm is in this position, for which this position is very popular among women. However, as in the male, when the favorite gets tired of sex dominance. Sitting facing each other - strengthening back muscles, thighs and legs. Standing - this position requires physical strength, as from a partner, and from partner. Involved in virtually all of the muscles of the body, there is an active burning calories. Lying legs on his shoulders male partner - this position can be compared with aerobic exercise.Develops flexibility women. A woman is standing on all fours, and the man is in the rear -sposobstvuet training the muscles of the buttocks, arms and legs. Choose "proactive stance" and get in addition to the more fun and great fitness effect. Again with the action of endorphins (natural pain in our body) is associated a positive feature of sex - it reduces the feeling of pain caused by a variety of reasons, including lower back pain, migraine pain and arthritis, premenstrual syndrome. A study conducted by scientists from the University of Texas (findings published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior ), we found that increased self-esteem - one of the main reasons why people have sex. Indeed, a healthy sex life and the presence of a loving partner can do wonders for your self-esteem. Good sex improve the attitude towards one's own body, relieves anxiety, addiction to mental illness, depression and suicide. I must say that there is still a downside: a bad sexual experience may negatively affect your state of mind. During orgasm the body produces oxytocin - a hormone that is associated with a variety of positive psychological and physiological effects. The main thing is that he gives - improves sleep (ie, helps to cope with insomnia), and also serves as a natural sedative (relaxing). Sex and Orgasm - one of the key components of loved ones, and healthy long-term relationship, and their many scientists associated with longer life. All this, again, is due to oxytocin. Oxytocin, which is also called "the hormone of attachment", is produced in the body of a woman who gave birth to a child, and is involved in the formation of communication with him. He also produced in humans that are associated with strong partners or long relationships. This "binding effect" - one of the reasons why people continue to have sex for a long time after losing the ability to bear children. One of the main properties of sex health benefits is that it helps to cope with stress. This is due to the calming effect of another's touch. Many studies have shown that touch naturally calms a person, regardless of whether it is associated with sex or not. And, of course, if you touch to someone who you care about, it will double the effect. It is believed that touching and petting besides the obvious good feeling cause biochemical effect of reducing the level of cortisol - a hormone that is released during stress.regular sex life not only improves overall health, but also strengthens the immune system. Found that if the sex once or twice a week, the body increases the level of antibodies known as immunoglobulin A or IgA, - they are able to protect you from colds and other infections. In addition, we are healthier psychologically and emotionally, the healthier we are physically (think about improving self-esteem). During sex, the body produces another hormone that has a beneficial effect on the skin. Pleasure derived from sex, stimulates regenerative processes of the skin and collagen. Especially it is necessary to think about this fact for women older than 35 years, since at this age there is a decrease levels of collagen in the body, and the aging process becomes more prominent. Sex helps to stabilize the menstrual cycle. Several studies conducted at Stanford University and Columbia University have shown that women who have sex once a week or more, the cycle is much more stable and regular than those who were engaged in abstinence or had irregular sexual relations. When this is not so much an orgasm as the very intimacy. Finally, I want to say: do not rush to extremes. Sex - it is not charging and not a simulator. Making love - is, first of all, hidden treasure, when we fully open up to another person and not just a way to maintain good physical shape. By the way, in Japan believe that sex brings benefits only with their own wives (husbands), but treason - on the contrary, increase the risk to make a stroke.


Scientists have developed a new drug to increase blood flow to the heart muscle and reduce blood pressure. However, it has not met expectations. But it was noted that this drug provides significant blood flow to male genitals, and as a result, improves the quality of erections. This drug has been called "Viagra." It works only when a man feels a natural sexual arousal, and when sexual intercourse is completed, the penis naturally returns to the relaxed state. In other words, the "Viagra" affects only the natural mechanisms of erection and this was its undeniable novelty and secret huge popularity. "Levitra" (vardenafil), "Cialis" (tadalafil) and "Viagra" (Sildenafil) - three drugs for erectile dysfunction, which in terms of pharmaceuticals do not differ from each other. Meanwhile, for promotional purposes each drug manufacturers argue that it is better than others. Earlier, in the first advertising campaign of "Viagra", filmed elderly Senator Bob Dole, now heroes rollers are not men over forty. How it works All three drugs belong to a group of phosphodiesterase inhibitors fifth type (PDE5). This suppressing enzyme penile vasodilation. "Viagra" and "Levitra" are very similar in structure and properties, and the structure of "Cialis" is somewhat different. But in practice, the main difference between the drugs is that one of them ("Levitra") quickly absorbed, and the other - "Cialis "- slower output. That is the effect of all PDE5 blockers is exactly the same in essence, but different in the time of occurrence and duration of action. According to the research, "Viagra" can help: patients with psychogenic erectile dysfunction, diabetes, atherosclerosis, with damage to the nerves going to the vessels of the penis,spinal cord injury and other related medical conditions, people taking at the same time a number of medicines, etc. But, unfortunately, all types of erectile dysfunction drugs in this group are not able to cure. In any case, before taking any medications, consult your doctor. And here they are ... lomanutsya first such drugs were getting really sick impotent men.Prescription sex life could develop suffering from diabetes, neurological disorders or side effects of antidepressants. But later the demand for "Viagra" has increased dramatically. First, doctors were no questions asked to prescribe to all who asked.Secondly, there have been numerous online pharmacies that offer anti-impotence drugs without a prescription and delivery.Accordingly, the expanded range of buyers. "Patients" were quite healthy people who want to hedge exciting interview.Simply put, the "Viagra", "Levitra" and "Cialis" buy now everybody who wants to be sure of their sexual opportunities, regardless of the circumstances. Manufacturers of drugs at the same time emphasize that eating or drinking does not affect their performance. Sex In The City Can you try to recreate a collective image of the consumer "playful" drugs? According to psychologists, the need for "Viagra" and its equivalents primarily diagnosed in residents of large cities. The sexual revolution has led to the fact that more and more sexual contacts occur between strangers: work colleagues, met at a party, or an ad on the Internet. In the minds of most people, the image of the ideal man, always ready for sex and willing thereof. Trying to conform to this view, men take the pill secretly. portrait of one of these consumers is described in the New York Times. 41-year-old Chris London (Chris London) lives in New York and worked as a lawyer. One of his business partners once said that he could not work properly with a man, if before they had sex. London was the least discouraged by this statement, but agreed to meet after work. On the advice of an acquaintance Doctor his excitement he won "Viagra", quietly swallowed in the bathroom. Entering the bedroom with a blush on the cheeks - a common side effect of "Viagra" - these men complain about the heat and stuffiness. And in the morning often hide as they suffer from headaches - a very common side effects of PDE-5 inhibitors. According to The New York Times, such tablets are often drunk and gay men. Both lovers are doing it in secret from each other, and then together experiencing the most side effects. The Last But not the Least Despite assurances marketers assuring that drugs are harmless, it should be understood that, as many doctors like to say, there are no drugs which "cures, but not injure." All three drugs are effective in about 80% of cases. Of these, "Levitra" operates in a very low dose - 5-10 times smaller than those of competitors. This slightly reduces the severity of side effects, but in diseases of the cardiovascular system and the drug after a stroke is still contraindicated. Another interesting aspect - the interaction of these drugs with food and alcohol. It is known that fasting "Viagra" operates much faster than when eating. However, albeit slowly, the effect is still coming. With regard to alcohol, the "Cialis", as stated in the brochures, does not interact with it - unlike its competitors. In fact, there is evidence that "Levitra" is also safe in combination with alcohol, only this "trump card" marketers until unwind. Perhaps because the "trump card" questionable alcohol abuse - one of the most frequent causes of impotence. When you have to be careful? About "Viagra" heard everything. But few people know about its side effects and serious consequences of uncontrolled reception. Caution in the use of "Viagra" need people who are going after taking control of different kinds of mechanisms. All three drugs except the "desired" enzyme PDE5, and block others. For example, the "Viagra" and "Levitra" act on the enzyme PDE-6, which is responsible for color vision. In this regard, the one of the American airlines banned its pilots to accept "Viagra" an hour before the flight. A "Cialis" inhibits the activity of PDE-11 in the heart, thymus, or brain. But exactly how undesirable consequences it leads, is not yet clear. especially careful to be people with severe diseases of the cardiovascular system (heart failure, angina, stroke). They require constant medical supervision.Sexual intercourse - is a serious exercise for a person with heart problems. This should be remembered, if there are symptoms such as pain in my heart when fizicheckoy load and / or at rest, impaired memory and mental performance, progressing over the last few months. Give serious consideration to the question of costs, and those who have suffered a heart attack or stroke. This means that it is obligatory to consult with your doctor about the advisability of taking "Viagra." There are some men who do not have to accept "Viagra". Since the "Viagra" is involved in the biochemical processes associated with the exchange of nitric oxide, it can interact with other drugs called nitrates, which are used to treat heart disease. Therefore, any man who takes nitrates in any form, should not accept "Viagra" under any circumstances! Caution must be exercised, and those patients who have previously occurred priapism. Although to date not a single reported occurrence of priapism in patients receiving "Viagra", patients who have a predisposition to its occurrence, is also needed serious medical supervision.regard to the impact of "Viagra" in healthy men who have heard about the miraculous drug and want to satisfy your curiosity, then, according to experts of the firm, "Pfizer", "Viagra" does not have any effect on them! That is, if the use of pill "Viagra" you feel some kind of revolutionary breakthrough in their own sexuality, then, apparently, is to go for a consultation with andrologu. Does not necessarily mean the presence of any disease, but the survey does not hurt. most common side effects:headache (15.8%), sudden reddening of the face and neck (10.5%), anosmia (5.5%) and redness of the nasal cavity (4.2%).These side effects were generally transient in nature, mild to moderate severity, and does not dictate the need for treatment discontinuation. From the above it can be concluded that the currently existing knowledge about the data preparations allow you to assign them to patients for both episodic and long-term treatment of erectile dysfunction. Of course, with all the precautions. for the road If you read the scientific definition of "impotence", it becomes clear that this is repeated inability to maintain an erection necessary for sexual intercourse. Hence, it becomes clear that the "Viagra" and its analogs act exclusively on the blood supply to the penis and do not have any psychotropic effects. That is, these drugs may improve potency but do not stimulate libido. Although, as found psychologists, some men with normal erection desire for sex often comes naturally. That is why clever marketers do not offer buyers treatment for impotence, and positioning their products as tablets for joy. "Levitra", for example, is painted in cheerful orange color. 

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