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Sperm banks (in the sense of Cryo) now no surprise. And once it was very innovative technology.

The idea of ​​creating such repositories of genetic material originated in the middle of the last century. And in the 60s in Japan and the United States opened the first spermobanki. After 30 years, the appearance of such storage in Russia.

Currently, in the developed countries, every eighth barren couple goes to a sperm bank. Only in the United States are born each year 10 000 kids through sperm banks. So, you know, putting the sperm should be honorable duty of every civilized person, the more that this procedure is not painful and is well paid. But that's still all this took place in the old way. Man took the jar, in anticipation of the imminent fee was excited, and op-pa - issued "on the mountain" genetic material. If the client's money is not excited, used pornozhurnalchik. But still, the old-fashioned, as they say shoemakers had to "waxing waxed thread." 

first who walked away from such a barbaric method of collecting "genetic material" were Japanese. 

now Japanese donor work itself is not necessary, it helps specially trained female-assistant . 

Semen Collection.  Blog old Hottabych

Well, the Chinese are, as usual, this technology loggerheads and put on stream. 

Chinese sperm (like everything else) is cheaper Japanese: Chinese donors receive about $ 30 per delivery, while Japanese - 60. 

Understand that after the introduction new technology fence sperm number of people willing to take part in the procedure has increased manifold! 




It's time to apply the Asian innovation in our clinics.  

If you have already started to dress, or a desperate search for your nearest "spermopunkta", then relax. 

During - First , you must be between 20 and 35 years old. 

During - Secondly , you should not abuse alcohol and be externally attractive man. 

B - Third , you should not have to be chronic diseases. 

B - Fourth , you still have to undergo a thorough medical examination.
Just below you look at the story in pictures of how a woman was hospitalized because of the very long orgasm. Well, yes ... It happens to everyone :)

Reacted in an unusual way the body of a girl named Liz to have sex with her ​​boyfriend. When Eric did his thing and left the bed, his girlfriend continued to moan with pleasure. Attacks did not pass, and an hour later, Liz started to panic. To stop the orgasm that has become painful, she tried to jump on the spot, but it did not help. Then she started drinking wine in the hope that it will help her to relax, but alcohol was useless . As a result, Eric had to drive his girlfriend to the hospital, and there she was only able to help. In total, an incredible orgasm lasted three hours.

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