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"Hee-hee, what did you get small!" - Is probably the most cruel insult that can cause a girl to the guy. The majority of women's magazines are taught to shift standard condoms in a pack with the inscription «XXL», to raise self-esteem favorite muzhchine.Nu and, of course, to learn the most important phrase: "The main thing - not the size, and the ability to use it!" - And less often to say it aloud . When in fact it is worth a man hint that it's time to consult a specialist, and in any case we are faced with a low self-esteem and need love and affection to prove that everything is just great?

Firstly, if you are still (even in jest) decided to measure its size, then do not forget that the term at this point should be fully erect. And it is better to take up the line just before the end of the process, when there is more blood than in the head and other parts of the body of a man. Well, let it resists and tries to prove that it is now just is not the time to take on the line. Then he will be grateful to you, because what you nameryanno can actually raise his self-esteem. So, if from the pubis to the end of a length of from 14 to 16 inches, this is the normal average size. These 29% of men, and worry about it there is nothing. From 12 to 14 - even learning to use it and not upset too much - such a size in 21% of the male population of the world. less (10 to 12 cm) have 9% of boys, and most of them are accounted for melkoroslyh Chinese and Japanese. In fact, it's not so scary, such members of the doctors do not even want to increase the sending primarily to the psychotherapist. Really, what's the problem? It still has a full ten fingers and tongue - learning to use and let them. things are much worse, if it is 4% of men, 8 to 10 cm, even worse if, like 2%, - from 6 to 8 (you simply do not feel), and really bad if less than 6 inches. This, however, is found in only 1% of boys, and they usually do not go to the girls, and to the doctors. That, in principle correct, because 3-4 centimeters surgeon can add easily. And then to a shrink. But there are those who are much more fortunate. For example, 19% of the male member have from 16 to 18 centimeters. By the way, this is the "female" size. However, it is not like these Russian "moths" China and Japan - it becomes painful. You can become painful, if you will fall from 11% (by ​​the way, is quite a lot) holders members ranging in size from 18 to 20 centimeters. It is already possible to put restrictive nozzle. Just as in those 3% male member which have from 20 to 22 centimeters. Most of them served in pornoaktera. Just like that only the percentage of men who have more than 22 centimeters. If at the first meeting a guy tries to tell you a story about what he as much as 25 centimeters, then you can safely say that John Holmes had already died, and more such Giants were recorded. At 24 cm also not vedis, except that your new boyfriend - an elderly porn star named Ron Jeremy. Well, size 23 Rocco Siffredi, so that tells you tales of a young person sends to hell - let come up with something poubeditelnee. Especially in men that women value most sexiest part called mind. But ... What is more important for anyone - it's up to you.

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