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"Men come to me for various reasons. Lone come because they do not have a permanent girl, and it oppresses them. Married come to me because they want to do something risky or because they are tired of their wives. But more often men come because they have some kind of sexual characteristics and they asked for my wife or do something and were denied, or simply afraid to ask. If some wives know that their husbands are doing behind the closed door, they would have been from their lawyers before you have time to pronounce the word " perversion ".

This is Annie, a 25-year-old prostitute from San Francisco, said that leads to her clients. In my opinion, she is absolutely right. Many of the letters I have received over the past few years, written by men who have any sexual quirks - usually minor deviations that they can not discuss with their wives. One of the most touching fantasy fetish rubber, for example, is to find a wife who would share their tastes for rubber clothing. Magazines abound with stories about rubber "flexible beauties blondes who love to rubber." Unfortunately most of the fantasies and remain fantasies. Very few successful "rubber marriages."
Most women are shocked by the fact that that of their husband or lover has some sexual quirk. Even today, when many women are willing to do more than just lie on your back and take it, that they do, rarely seen tolerance deviations . As one woman put it: "Suddenly I realized that I feel alienated to him."
Social, emotional and sexual shock on discovering that her husband wanted her, tied his wrists, spanked his racket for table tennis, was unbearable for her. In her eyes, it completely undermined his dedication to children, social status, attachment to work, his talent, intelligence and his role as a husband. Suddenly he became a stranger to her, that's all. She was divorced on the grounds of physical cruelty.
Now you understand why husbands are afraid to admit their wives that they have unusual sexual desires. They are better than the end of life will suppress their true sexual nature, rather than risk the humiliation and fear, due to the recognition of their erotic fantasies . That's why they go to prostitutes. Prostitutes do anything that does not make the woman, without charges and without causing confusion issues.
But it's hard all the time to suppress acute sexual desires. Often marriages crumble from excessive voltage. Many of the links are broken by the fact that a man can not admit their sexual tastes of the woman of his life. Even if we are talking about breaking a strong relationship, it still will not open. Without the support and sympathy to his wife the man is very difficult to stand up and declare that he was sexually "abnormal."
Of course deviations are different. In my book, Spanking is not a serious enough to consider it a true sexual perversion, love him thousands, organizing clubs, publishes magazines. Maybe you do not have anything against it, the fact that your lover likes to be spanked sometimes. Well, as you make a discovery that he likes to be whipped, he likes to pee on a woman or a dress in women's underwear. A man in your life can throw things like that, and you do not even know about it.
There are many ways how to deal with the sexual proclivities of your lover, if you know them. If you can take part in them, this is the best solution. If you can not make yourself, you can refer to the physiologist or marital affairs adviser to the floor.Your lover will try to understand you, but you'll have to come to terms with the idea that if it does not get you a full sexual satisfaction - it will look for it on the side.
I talked about a few sexual deviations with many prostitutes, they share a common view: if his wife dared to try it, they would find that this sexual deviation - and not so terrible, is not so abnormal as they thought.
First, let's get to the spanking, and then dive deeper in the water sadomasochism, spanking, bondage, and more. Again Annie says about their customers. She is dark-haired, well-built, nice. "I think everyone knows about the flip-flops. So many men like to ask slap and in turn be otshlepanymi. I do not think they were real sadists and masochists. This is just an inclination or strangeness. Hopefully, you know what I mean. From spanking can be painful, but only the first few minutes. Splashing someone, you say, " I love you , I do it only out of concern for you, I hope this tutorial helps you. "It's like a father spanking his daughter, but as she was his daughter, he does not experience of sexual meltdown, in any case should not.
Many men ask about the slap. I have a client who comes at least once a week, and sometimes twice on the way home from work. He is over 30, he was very polite, chistoploten, in my opinion, it is in the concession company. It comes at exactly 6:00 and undressing. He puts me on my knees, lifts her dress, pulls up her panties so that they run between the buttocks, then seriously spank me again 20-30, all the while talking. He says that I am very bad, because seducing him that I have a nice ass , and how it turns pink with every slap. When the ass is red, he dresses and leaves. I guess it goes straight home and make love to his wife. For every time he pays $ 20.
There is another client, I see him very often. He is about 40 He loves me to shoot anything other than white tennis socks. I cant, and he slaps me a flat wooden board. Course of hurts. He slaps me continuously for about 10 minutes, and by the end I usually have a lot of pain . Then he commits a sexual act very quickly, as if he did not want this. It forces me to stay in the same position, bent, and he likes to take out the penis before the end and finish it in my butt. He should say: "It is dripping with you. Here she is in the middle of your body. Soon she dotechet to most of
los. "
I have to moan, scream, as if I'm scared or excited.
I remember one client. He loves to fight. He does not care who plops - him or me. What excites him is the fact that we were both stripped naked and nude squirm around the room, chasing each other, and then fight for the right to paddle. I prefer to slap him. Then I can see how it's sexy. It's very exciting when spank bare ass guy until he turns red, and the penis stiffens.When slap ends, I make fellatio, and he, like other customers, just want to finish. He does not care, good or bad I do it, it spews cum immediately, as soon as I take the penis in your mouth. "
Teresa, 18-year-old prostitute from New York, described the ritual slap, which exposes it to one client per month.
"He's about 50-55. It is nothing difficult from me does not require, but always it should also be like last time. I wear a special uniform, which he has done for me: military cap, military jacket and high leather brown boots, no panties . It - general's uniform. I marching around the room, and he gives the team. Vagina my vibrator, and if I drop it, it otshlepyvaet me. I it always drop, to please him. He starts yelling at me like I Soldier: "Come here, Corporal, you are a disgrace to the army!" or something like that. He sits down, I lean on his lap - and he slaps me. He always thinks when he slaps me, I'm coming, and after a dozen slaps another asks: "Are you still not finished ? "First I have to say no, then he slaps me stronger, and after a while I pretend that I'm coming, I start to tremble, moan and move. Moreover, he kneels and presses face between my legs, while I can not stop squirming. Usually I'm good for it depicts the money he pays me - $ 200. I do not know if he commits. Of course, he was cranky, but because of this no harm there, right? I want to say that if I would be his wife, and he would ask me to do it, I would have done. What's wrong? "
Sometimes a spanking hurt, but you can avoid it. Relax your ass, when a man slaps you, and will not be so painful. It hurts only when the buttocks clenched.
You can still moan and cry, but do it as if you are as excited as if you were in ecstasy. If a man wants to spank you, it is impossible to avoid this, but if you do not like it, you can say what you want intercourse.
Best paddle hand. Then go to a hair brush and a tennis racket. Leather straps are not so bad, if they are wide. Forget about long logs and steel rulers, they are too heavy. Bamboo canes are good, if a man plays, but if he does it seriously, it can izrubtsevat you.
I do not think that men would spank their wives and girlfriends as painful as me. It seems to me that they feel guilty of what we have to pay for it, and it makes them causing more pain. They do not respect me as a person, because you do not know me. I just - a subject that they bought to shake things up a bit. I think that if the wife allowed her husband to spank himself , he would have been more tender, and the pleasure would have received the same. But how many wives allow you to do this? Not many, otherwise I would have remained idle.
I think the only way for the wife to admit that she knows about his whim - bring it on a silver saucer. These men love to beat it this way: "I am a naughty boy, I should be spanked." If your wife fills ass husband and say, "I'm such a naughty girl, why do not spank me?", And my husband loves to paddle - he can not resist the temptation.
Judging by the huge number of letters on the subject of spanking, I've received, it is clear that thousands of men and women love to do this from time to time. Amorous spanking method became famous long ago, from the time of the Kama Sutra, or perhaps even older. Like other methods of erotic excitement, it depends on the unexpected stimulation of the nerves around the genitals. Many women write about the feeling of "heat", is poured into the inner side of the thighs when their paddle. It's their word, dear.
I know couples who use spanking to strengthen marital discipline. If the wife nags her otshlepyvayut. Slap serves punishment, and subsequent stimulation of love lessons. If grumbles husband, he gets the same from his wife. "The beauty is to do it right, - said one spanking enthusiast. -Otshlepyvayte Each other as soon as mischief, without regard to where you are and what you do." I think it's a bit difficult to transport during peak hours, I also suspect that many fans of spanking hold still tactics, "Well wait, that's come home."
"My husband always says spank me, as soon as we'll be home in bed. This creates tension, makes it more sexy . By the time he is ready to proceed to slap, I usually already so excited that she is ready to go directly to the seksum . "
All this sexual games and entertainment. And if you are clear that your husband or lover biased cause or experience physical pain for sexual arousal? How can that be?
Here is Helen, a 30-year-old prostitute with many years experience of ruling. In other words, she gets paid for what she commands the customers and cause them pain. It is a harsh-looking woman with a passion for form-fitting black leather and boots. She has short black hair and a huge bust , you can think the only explanation for the fact that it sticks out - silicone gaskets.
"Many men feel guilty or feel they deserve punishment. Often it is those who earn a lot of money, successful men who spend part of their time, teaching others, and feel something of a fraud. Here are and come here. They want to be told that they have nothing. One may humiliate them and hurt them. They like it. need only be careful not to overdo it, otherwise no end of sins.
I try to do so that was very painful, but not for long. Recently came to me and said one client that wants me to be dipped his genitals in boiling water. I took no eyebrow. Of course, I said that I'm not special in these matters. But I will do terrible, I shipped his organs in boiling oil.
Together with the maid Marie we tied him with a leather belt. Naturally, he was naked. He was very excited, I loudly kissed penis and said that he was insolent, how dare he excited me. I was his mistress. When I kissed him, he had finished, the excitement subsided, but soon returned.
I said that the eggs cook it to heat them. He suddenly frightened, it was clear from his face. The idea to dip the eggs in boiling water was only lustful fantasy , now it threatened to become a reality. He said that, maybe you should not. I said that, on the contrary, it's a great idea. He was sweating, scared to death, but in spite of this, was greatly excited
I wiped the egg and the penis with alcohol, it burns incredibly. He yelled that he was hurt, but I said wait boiling oil such it is not experienced. Marie came in with a big pot from which steamed. Now the man was really scared, begging me not to do it.But I said it's too late. I let the pan under the egg, dipped them, and quickly pulled out. He literally cried and squeaked: "M-O-and eggs!"
Just a little later, he realized what I had done. Of alcohol burned his genitals. Marie came out of the kitchen with cold water, lemonade tinted so that it looked like the oil and poured some on the cover of boiling water to steaming. The water was so cold that stung like boiling water, and he thought it was really hot oil.
It was a trick, because you can not really shove eggs in boiling oil. But some of the things we do in fact. Some men love what they might in the penis worked hard needles. I'm doing it. Others want to be stuck in the ass any large items. I'm doing it. Each of them has its own little feature, its painful places. Now I have high boots. Take a look at them - they are full of thorns. I have a regular customer who puts them on and walks around the room, until the blood starts to flow out of them.While he walks around the room, he masturbates , and when the pain becomes unbearable, he cums. I know that for some this is outrageous. But I'm wondering if he knows his wife what he was doing. Yes, he is married. I do not know how he hides from her his legs. I heard that Monica von Cleef / Danish sadistic / forces men to wear chains and padlocks on the genitals overnight.
I burn out the stigma. I have a small iron stigma that made me a man in the Bronx. This image of the head of bison, a kind of a joke on my name. I do not often burn out the brand, and if the client only know 2-3 years and if he comes to me constantly.
I put a brand at the top of the inside of the thigh, where the hanging eggs. One man offered me $ 500, so I burnt out his brand, but I did not know him and refused. And suddenly he was from the police? But even if it is not. He has not yet earned the right to wear the symbol on my skin.
I doubt that you can convince women to cause too much pain to their husbands. They love their husbands, they can not cause them so much pain, what causes me. But I think they can understand the sexual demands of men, and do something to help them. Can turn everything into a game in which the husband will be your servant, and you are the queen or someone else?
Wife can "torture" him, spraying the penis and eggs lotion, which he uses after shaving. So sometimes I do, if not to serve the customer at home. It's very painful, but not harmful. Yet she can get him to attach clothespins to his nipples and the length of his penis. I - I do it for a change. It hurts, but again no lasting harm
And his wife can shove something big ass husband. For safety, do not insert immediately and fully the fact that you can not then pull out. Well suited large cucumber, oiled cold cream or KU. . . I can already see the faces of all these indignant wives: "I'm not going to shove a cucumber in the ass to her husband!" Well what can I say? Come to me and pay a lot of money for something that I do these things. The money that they have to spend on their wives. But while his wife will not shove them in the ass cucumbers, husbands will spend it here. "
I know how hard it is to find that your partner suffers similar disabilities. But these men are, and it would be unrealistic to allow the idea that your man may be one of them. Maybe he will not tell you about it, and then it can be and will not even think that you can understand it. So you should find out whether he had any unusual propensities, and then - not only to know that it does not shock you, but also to contribute to its whims
. Is, for example, it is difficult to splash cologne on his penis?
Of course, one thing - to have a wife-masochist. But imagine that he - actually a sadist and want to hurt you. You must have a deep breath, decide whether or not to endure some pain in the interests of marital eroticism. If no means no, that's all. Sadistic sexuality is conducted with the consent of the partner, and nobody has the right to hurt another without his consent (even with the stupid racket ping-pong).
Jill, 24-year-old prostitute from New York, will tell you that love her clients-sadists. Jill - weightless creation (about themselves, she says, "I can endure anything").
"Frankly, I earn a lot of money on it. Engaged this year and a half, but not going to go on and on. It's hard, it's the most difficult thing. I honestly earn their money.
Man, I work for, you know, call a pimp. He sends me yet. Denied all the other girls, they do not fit them. Many men want toslap girl , and I let them do it. Over 20 strokes they pay $ 400. It's terribly painful, and then scars. Others want another, and I do almost everything. Price depends on what they want.
Last week came to a client who only wanted to fondle my breasts. He paid $ 200. I undressed and he started. He tugged at my chest, glared at them, wrung, squeezed and beat them. The next day I could not go outside. Chest hurt so much! I know it's dangerous, but it's good for me to pay.
Another customer comes in once a month, puts down a bottle of wine and make me sit on it with my vagina. It is part of a very deep, and it hurts me. And he was like, if I cry. Sometimes I even do not have to pretend. He picks up a camera and take pictures me sitting with a bottle in the vagina and crying.
Some I refuse, because it can kill you. Many customers would like to hang me, and then cut the rope and at the last moment, a second before the death of sexual intercourse. A single client (if I mentioned the name, you would understand, I'm talking about) was going to pay me 11 thousand dollars for something to cut off my leg saw. He was going to look at me and masturbate while I'm doing it. And you know, I bet that he found someone who did it with him. But this, of course, extreme.They are - crazy. I know full of men who like to beat women and watch them cry. Some are not doing anything wrong, they just pull your hair crotch until you scream.
I do not think the wife or girlfriend endured such "affection", unless they themselves are not exciting. And both of you need to be careful not to do that, as you will later regret. On my chest has cigarette burns - and I'm very sorry about that. If I was married, and if my husband has promised me a new coat for the fact that I'm going to bleed until he commits a sexual act, I would have thought twice before. "
Women are not so common penchant for masochism , anyway, according to statistics. But if you - one of those girls who hurt them gives erotic pleasure - explain to him his desire as he would have explained to you on your own. You will be able to invent a kind of sado-masochistic antics that bring pleasure to you both.
However, be careful. Do not do it with a man who do not recognize. Better and experience less pleasure from sex than once run into a killer.
Except in the region of sadomasochism, your men for respectable appearance may be hiding other quirks, completely harmless. They may seem disgusting, tasteless, and need to have a cool head, and possibly a strong stomach to participate in them.
One of them - urination. It is based on sexual addiction urine. Grant Tracy Sacks, a homosexual who wrote "Happy energetic person," pointed out that in the American League lovers sex urination has become the most popular. "Over the past few years, the syndrome of" golden rain "has increased. This delight in the urine and urination difficult to explain. I think we become more and more corrupt, and old fads are not worried about us. We are looking for something new and different from the previous one. During the last few years, I often hear a guy or girl, new to this, said: "He wanted I described to him! "Or," She wanted me to describe. "I advise them to better get used to it, because it is a pleasure and excites many that pay well."
Working in the magazine "Forum", I received letters from many men and women who are concerned about it. Usually they take pleasure from the fact that their clothes are wet, the feeling that warm urine soaks her panties and dress, sometimes from relaxation, but sometimes they are busy with more specific cases: for example, looking at each other when they urinate, or even write to each other.
Many men turned on the idea that peeing on a beautiful girl, they spoil it, explains Wanda, 22-year-old prostitute with an attractive appearance and shiny blond hair.
"All men in the world would like to pee on his girlfriend. Do not believe me? Then wait for the screen, when I take a client. I tell every client:" Do you want to pee on me? "And no one refuses. I appoint an additional fee, it's a trap . But they agree.'m telling you, no one does not refuse to overpay $ 20 to pee on me. Sometimes they are at the thought so excited that they can not already do this.
We go to the bathroom, climb into the bath. I undress and sit down in front of him. First, he does not dare to believe yourself or slightly afraid. Usually he pees on my chest or shoulders, then realizes that he really does, and then pisses on the face and hair. Some people like to write to me directly in the mouth ... Of course, I drink. This is similar to the salt water. I have nothing against it. It's as if someone is pouring warm water on you, but instead of water - urine. I turn on the shower and wash, and if drank urine - to rinse your mouth with an antiseptic.
I do it, and with his friend. He knows that I - a prostitute. I love it when he does it because he - special. It excites me.Sometimes customers want me to write to them. I wrote them in the face. They love it. some while masturbating. "
I certainly do not think that you will immediately flee and take inspired, in the bath, ready to ensure that your husband coming home pee on you. I just think that the "golden rain", you can try one evening when the two of you drank a bottle of bourbon and ready for something a little more perverse.
One of the newest popular variations - is sexual intercourse hand. She appeared as a method of homosexuals, but now husbands and lovers do it with their women, so you should know about it.
Sexual intercourse hand - the name that corresponds to the truth. One partner puts his hand into the back of another hole, trying to penetrate as deeply as possible, as far as physiology. I do himself never worked, so what better way to explain it in detail Batty, 20-year-old girl from the bar in New York.
"The latest - sexual intercourse hand. A lot of men want it and beg me to. At first I could not believe it. One guy showed me how to do it on my boyfriend. It was so supernaturally! But more and more customers have been asking me about it and I started to do it - so much in my work.
First of all you need to base sostrich nails. You can make a man hurt a lot, if you forget about it. then lubricate hand cold cream or KU. Better if the partner is lying on the bed, tucking her legs under her and her head bowed. Hold your hand so that the fingers were pressed against the palm of your hand, but the index finger pushed towards others - just as you keep a gun.Then poke your index finger in the rear opening men and move them in different directions to spread the hole - and almost all the fingers are already inside. Thumb firmly pressed against the index, you continue to rock and push until you shove the whole hand up to the wrist. The first time it all seems incredible. Continue to push the arm up, but be very careful - you do not injure the gut. Feeling fantastic. First - the warm, sticky and crowded, but suddenly feel something big and empty. You can even feel the internal organs. I shove a hand up to the elbow. You'll know when to stop: the man moan , because he could not stand it. All who have tried it say that the feeling of quite unusual, but very sexy. I always masturbate client exploring his insides. I also caress his internal organs, gently touching them with your fingertips - and it acts on them so you even can not imagine!
Yes, it is dangerous. God created people for different purposes, but I do not know whether he created them so that they put their hands to each other in the ass. One must be very careful, stay when a man asks. This is not a toy. "
Again, you must decide whether you want to engage in sexual intercourse with your hand or not. This is very easy to learn, according to enthusiasts. It does not require a high degree of affection and trust between partners. Maybe you will like to have your lover did it with you than you are with him.
Since we are discussing the penetration of the rear opening, we should say a few words about anal intercourse.
Nowadays, a lot of girls, even if it did not try, then heard about it, and many men cherish erotic dream to try it with their wives or girlfriends. In my opinion, a sexually educated wife should be as experienced in anal intercourse, as it is in the ordinary intercourse. Your ass can be as erotic as the vagina, and do not need a long time to learn to use it with the same ease.
Maybe you think, what I expect from you is impossible, so it is not well disposed to offer my virgin ass man you love. In anal intercourse a long and venerable history in the annals of sexual love, starting with erotic techniques of the ancient Chinese .If you take all the necessary precautions to properly prepare - intercourse in the ass can be very challenging and exciting.
"... But is not that dirty? Imagine, he introduces me to the penis, and then pulls him mired in.... - Well, you know. And it does not hurt? I - I can not stand the pain.. . "
As for the mud, the lower part of the rectum, which penetrates the penis, sometimes dirty only if the person is going to defecate. If the pre-wash it with enemas (you can check your soapy finger purity), it will be clean. Of course, it is impossible to completely clear it from bacteria.
Remember, too, that if he really wants to intercourse in the anus, he does not think about the danger.
Abby, 27-year-old prostitute from New Orleans, loves it. it - slim, lively, with small breasts and red hair.
"I do anal sex in 23 or 24 years old, mainly because by that time I already had three children, and vagina I was no longer a bottleneck. My husband still like normal intercourse, but from time to time he I wanted something different. So one day, when we were a bit tipsy, I invited him to do anal intercourse. He sat on the edge of the bed, his sexual member sticking up. He pulled me and sat on his lap. I think he had not done it, because he immediately brought him as much as possible. I cried. It was so painful that I had no idea. I stood up with his penis - and I bled. few weeks, I came to itself after such an attempt. But when we tried the way you want, I relaxed, and I liked it as well as the sexual act in another way.
My marriage broke up, and then I turned to prostitution. Now that I spend anal intercourse, I first make sure that everything is cooked as it should. I always do an enema, one with water, no soap - it can be annoying. Then a little rubs KU around the hole, just in case. When the client is ready, I cover the whole of his penis KU, and it slips easily.
If used and relax - anal sex gives you a great feeling. This in itself is relaxing, this is the whole secret. Natural instinct - to strain the muscles of the anus. But we need to fight it. You need to press down on the penis and not squeeze it up. This - the same muscle movement when you defecate, exposing muscles to miss something, with the only difference that here - on the contrary - something included.
Need to do it slowly, it helps - of course, if the client does not get too excited and does not burn with desire. Maybe the first few times the entire penis and will not be included, for the first time can enter only the head. But if you do not lose the enthusiasm and continue to try - you will succeed. If you want any changes anything, there is nothing better than this. "
Lydia, a 19-year-old prostitute from New York for the first time met with intercourse in the ass when she was 16 years old - and since then it has always included in its repertoire. This gloomy blonde with thin arms, disproportionately large breasts and full, bold lipstick.
"The first who introduced me to act in the ass - was my brother. He always tried to touch me, cuddle chest, pretending that everything is - a joke. But I knew it was - half-seriously. One day I went to his room and saw that he was masturbating. He did not hesitate, as it should be his brother. Instead, he asked me if I wanted to suck his penis ... I think he was just giperseksualen ... But one day, when his parents left, he brought three friends from school. They drove me to the bedroom, overturned on the floor and began to undress themselves. I kicked, struggled and cried, but there was no one to hear.
Boys undressed. I still struggled, but could not help but look at their penises. They were dying to sexual intercourse. Brian - this is my brother - said he will be the first, but one of the guys said that incest carries serious consequences, and although Brian went crazy, he was careful. He helped others to breed my feet and keep them, until one of them lay down on me. I looked at this guy and could not believe his eyes: he smiled and even tried to kiss me. I spat in his face.
After a few seconds he came, then another lay on me. Brian looked upset and sick. Then he told the other guys that make anal intercourse. He turned me on my stomach, and the other held me until he introduced me to the penis in the ass. I was all wet from the sperm, and he succeeded. When he started - it was very painful, but the pain gradually diminished. He came straight to me.
This attempt was not the one that can impart a taste for anal sex, especially if you make it with my brother. But I do not regret that I learned it. It excites me, makes sexual life more interesting
Once I had two clients. My girlfriend Elsa had to come help me, but somehow it did not come. One of them offered to toss a coin to decide who should stay with me. But the other said that they both will have me at the same time. They threw a coin on who will get the vagina and anus of someone.
The three of us climbed onto the bed. I lay on her side, and their fingers fumbled between my legs. One kissed me in front, and the other - at the rear. Both of them were caressing my breasts and penises have become very hard. Then the guy in front took the penis in her hand and slowly introduced into the vagina. He nudged the other and said, that he introduced his penis into my anus. It was not easy - we writhed, but finally both the penis was inside me to the most eggs. I did not even know that penis I like more. It was fabulous. I held on to the shoulders of a Man in front, and they shook me up and down, faster and faster. I felt both penis rubbed against each other. I screamed both that finish. I did not think of anything, I just wanted them to continue intercourse stronger and stronger. At one point, I even like to see there were four, then I had two more of the penis in the mouth ... I almost fainted. I yelled, but did not hear you. Then I felt that they had finished almost in a moment, and I - also finished. I jerked, crying, moaning. In me trembled and shook. I enjoyed every second. I liked it, not because I earned it, and not because I made happy customers, and because I'm very very excited. I was not myself, and it happens in real life is not so often. "
I could describe the art of anal sex in a more decent form. But I know that you are very educated and smart, not to erroneously conclude that if the prostitute describes sexual excitement, the thrill is worthy only of prostitutes. Kings, queens and awnings too fuck in the ass, but we do not believe it is automatically privilege class.
No, I have included memories of Lydia because the episode of rape, and the scene with two clients - is embodied in the life of the most frequent male fantasies. I want you to just understand what it may bring a man and how far he can go in search of erotic excitement. Never be misled about the lust of your men. He can control them, to meet their usual methods of sexual behavior, but they are still hiding somewhere
Another oddity is gaining popularity among the masses, it is a method piercing. Ear piercing, nose and nipples, and even - the vaginal lips. A British woman sent me a photograph in which she filmed naked on the beach, with large gold rings in her nipples . Another girl-Swede sent a color photo of his genitals adorned rings and bells that ring when walking.
Infibulation, as more technically called this voodoo act common among husbands and wives less frequently than among prostitutes. Edward Thorn in his examination sverhseksualnyh people "Sex - it's all" mentions that met a girl that had a ring on the crotch connected locks.
I myself knew a prostitute, intriguingly decorated with diamonds along the perineum. "I sparkle when committing a sexual act," - she said.
It is worth mentioning that if you want to wear gold rings on the more intimate parts of the body, puncture themselves. Let's make an experienced physician. This applies in particular to the nipples (which, however, in no case can not be pierced, if you ever want to breastfeed).
Incomprehensible how many men get sexually aroused by dressing in women's clothes. This strange little quirk does not mean that they are necessarily - buggers, and you need to find out more before again run to a lawyer. There is something in the feeling one experiences, zatiskivaya massive penis in nylon panties, stockings or pulling long muscular legs that men find challenging. Remember that in our appearance, there are courageous and feminine elements, and if a man is excited, wearing lingerie, it is because it identifies the feminine side of his personality with the woman whom he wants to excite his manhood.In other words, he plays two roles - of himself, both men and women, which he would like to initiate.
If this seems psychologically difficult, believe me, that's how it is. But if it happens to your nearest and dearest - there is no reason to consider him kooky or perverted. why not let him wear your panties, pantyhose, so that he identified himself with you?
Here Julie, 30-year-old prostitute from Detroit. Julie rich dressing exotic lingerie , shoes, dresses. It's all for the pleasure of its clientele, all male. Julie - friendly, almost motherly feelings with a woman.
"My customers love the clothes, they relate to it better than women. This collection - the source of my income. It is sewn to order. Just look at this underwear - what is beautiful and expensive! Customers appreciate it. They are proud to wear it.
I would not be able to say exactly why men like to wear women's clothes. It seems to me that many of them would like to dress sexy, but in our society they can not figure out how to do it. A woman can make neckline to flaunt her chest and neck, the man is forced to wear a tuxedo and white shirt. In men, there is something sexier, and I'm sure they're jealous when a woman, it is important to pace, attracting attention. That's only here tonight was a man, and you know what he said? "Julie, if I were a woman and I would have beautiful breasts, I would have stripped it down to the nipple. And no man in the world could not tear his eyes from me." It was not crazy. He just laid out what the secret many people think. Maybe they can not put it into words, but sometimes they want to be just as passionately want, however they want girls. They want to be transparent and open up nylon crotch panties, black stockings, tiny bikini. But due to the fact that they are - men, society and its rules do not allow them to it. "
"I am - not a psychoanalyst, but I think I understand his reasons. Women often envy men. They are jealous of their freedom, money, power. Nobody considers it abnormal. Men, in turn, envy erotic female body, and it is considered all same supernatural. Why? It's no worse than the envy of women.
Here, in this very room, the men are asked to give them a reproach female toilets . I let it to them, to their dreams become a reality. They dress up, masturbate, or I masturbate them, and then they take all these things and go to their wives.
Do not you think that it would be much better if the wife gave her husband his clothes and said, "Here, my dear, you can get it on"? At what cost her her pride, if she just give her husband to put on her panties and says that he looks sexy? Not too expensive, huh? Now look here: here $ 900, I earned for this evening, allowing men to do exactly the same thing. "
I myself am not saying categorically that men who wish to vilify lingerie, not gay, and that until it became their obsession dominant in life, they do not need psychiatric treatment. If you feel that your lover has a penchant, you can find out exactly gently offering him her panties. Look, if he liked this idea, but do not express anger and disgust, if he would accept the idea.try to understand it with all my heart. And if you deal with it, it would not seem so abnormal.
In men, a dozen sexual oddities. Some trinkets are on different parts of the body, such as the ears, and legs. Others can not enjoy sex if you do not do it under certain conditions. One of my friends could not come, if his ass was not blowing cold hairdryer. Another, which wrote in a medical journal, could not achieve an erection, if not tied down.
Now, if you notice her husband or lover some strange reaction you can have is different. You may feel disgusted because they are used to think that everything is different from the "normal" sex may perplex you, because you just can not understand why your man turned on by what he was doing. You can become a painful fact that it turns out that it is necessary not only for you to meet his sexual desires . Even if you are tolerant of his whims, you have in mind will always be the question: could not he tell me this?
Understand that it is very difficult to admit to someone in their secret sexual desires, especially the woman I love and respect. A sign of a truly deep, advanced sex is fun, which each partner helps and takes part in the erotic whims of another.The fact that he has a sexual addiction that he is hiding from you, does not mean that you do not satisfy. It simply means that he hesitates to reveal to you the secret. Once you with a m and can make him feel that you not only do not mind, but we are ready to turn it on deviations in your sex life. If he follows the example of thousands of men and lovers he confesses to you and agree to your participation in these quirks, if they feel that you are suitable for this.
Is not that better than forcing him to resort to the services of prostitutes, who are ready for the money to fulfill his desire? I do not criticize prostitutes, I just repeat their opinion. If wives were more educated in the field of sex and less sexually limited - more than half the clients of prostitutes would sit at home with their wives.
It is impossible to calculate how much money is spent on prostitution in the United States each year, but some reputable person believe that this is more than the millions spent on gambling , drinks and cigarettes. Maybe it is - as much as we spend on weapons.
Of course, you need to take on sexual deviance your lover, with help and support. This book can be your good assistant.Maybe it will be expressed in a friendly support and understanding each other. I certainly do not mean that someone vozdenet hands and kindled sympathy to you - "the poor thing, it was found that her husband - a pervert."
If you really do not know who to turn to, then write to me. I will try to personally answer your questions, or send a letter to one skilled in the art. You - not the only one, my dear, you are not alone!
I would not be surprised if you insult a little sexual deviance, which told me a prostitute with Manhattan. Called her client, asked whether she would take a special order, with the earnest money of $ 300. She agreed, thinking that if it is too dangerous, it will have the right to refuse.
"Special Order comes totally harmless. Wealthy middle-aged man wanted two girls, dressed in an open black bra, panties and black stockings, standing at opposite ends of the room and threw each other cakes with cream. During this performance, he secretly masturbating hiding behind a black sheath away from the camera. It sounds incredible, but it happened in the middle of Manhattan, in 1975.
And you just think, my favorite story of sexual oddities, the times of the Victorian era - the person kidnapped beloved poodle heiress. He explains that a Mr. Norton, the judge as follows: "Your honor, the prostitute invited me to her, and it was full of her friends and cute little pomeranian. Eventually, we decided to play hide and seek, and since I was the only man , it was decided that all of undress, and then the lady zavyazhutsya eyes, and the one that caught me, is awarded the prize. Oh, it was so funny to see how the girls running around naked and catch each other, feeling the same place, in order to understand not a man if they are caught. But they slapped me on the ass, that I decided to escape from the room, and then one girl raised my umbrella and caused me to hit (it must have been the machinations of the devil). Oh! tip of an umbrella stuck me in the ass , and when she pulled it, the rim stayed there... And still he is there, and every time I sigh... "

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