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New posture haste unusual place for sex - all this instead of pleasure can cause a number of unpleasant moments, and then "send" to the hospital.Statistics sex injuries appalling. For example, in the UK ...
... Luckless lovers inflict much damage on themselves 630 million. Dollars annually. problem is so common that in the same England suffered during sex can get insurance. She gets ten percent, zaimevshim serious injury, the rest of the luckier - they get off with only bruises and sprains, and break something in the house. World statistics no less depressing. The first place for sex injuries are Americans, 11 thousand of which each year are treated in hospital straight out of bed on the second place - the Germans, and the last - the inhabitants of the Congo, Kenya and Botswana. Statistics for Russia in this list, but it is known that the sexual ignorance of people in our country can actually bring them into the lead. As noted by sexologists, enjoy love without problems prevents confidence of men and women in the men's conviction sex talents. The result: pain, hospital and months of abstinence.

Men injury

Grate penis manage as teenagers spending time masturbating, and fans of prolonged sexual intercourse. The fact that the nature of caring for sexual comfort, made ​​so that the head of the penis is not as sensitive to pain as the rest of our entire body. Therefore rubbed sore noticed immediately. And they occur because lubrication during sex is not released all the time. And if you do not care about the artificial "wetting" sex lasting longer than twenty minutes can result in blisters on the head of the penis as well as along its entire length.
gap Bridle

With a thin strip of tissue called the frenulum, the head is connected to the skin covering the penis. Of course, this fabric is quite strong, but it has a yield strength. If a man, after watching incendiary German porn, wants to set the record for the frequency of frictions, and his lady too carried away in the attitude of "Amazons", the frenulum stretches, will be pulled, but broken. The same thing happens when the intima with not "moist" lady, and even during oral sex, if a girl is not too skillfully wielded jaw and teeth hurt tender tissues. Subtotal abysmal from itchy wound up bleeding requiring immediate hospitalization.


arise from the abundant use of lubricants, in the shower, and even during sex on the carpet. In the first case, the lovers do not follow the dosage acquired in sex-shops drugs and chemicals corrodes injured during sex mucosa. Second guilty incorrectly picked up the water temperature during sex in the bathroom, because women are able to endure a hot shower, while the male testes are already "cooked hard-boiled." Sex in the living room is fraught with "carpet burns" - rubbed onto the skin from the hard cloth.
Puncture injuries

They threaten not only to fans of gimp, but also fans of anal sex. It is known that not all the food is completely digested. And if it is poorly digested particles are found in the anus, he found himself in the same member of the threatened injury from contact with the sandpaper. Condom in this case helps a little, and by the way, easily punctured. The same thing happens if the partner has neglected depilation wax, and used the razor on intimate places. The remaining spiky short hair hell rub unprotected male organs. Member after such sex is covered with itchy spots, resembling the symptoms of venereal anything.


The frequent thing in those cases when the couple prefers to frequently change posture. Injury and even fracture of the member happens when a woman is too interested in the attitude of "woman on top". A member of one day off from the vagina, and partner with a sweep of his thigh attached.Of course, if a man has a small erect penis or bad, he did not threaten, but if steel erection, the injury is the most dangerous. Result - or rupture of the corpora cavernosa, are responsible for erection, or the ligaments that hold the penis. At this point, heard a crunch and body immediately turns blue and swells. In this case, an urgent need to bring the sufferer to the hospital, otherwise he faces the wrong fusion of fabrics and curved penis. Dislocation of the member occurs during an unsuccessful transition from one position to another. Bundles cease to hold the body and it can even "fall" into the body.A testicular injury occurs at the moment of intimacy in the knee-elbow, especially if a man has the authority strongly droops down. Sprain that occurs during any intense sex, backfired, severe pain around the penis, most often this happens, if the active role played by a woman who can not even imagine how tense during sex male organ. The same thing happens if a member wearing the ring for erection - the man simply does not notice when he was overworked and should stop.
Vacuum injury

Yes, and this happens when the testicles while fondling too intensely drawn into the mouth. Instead of pleasure a man feels aching, then passes into the unbearable stinging. At best, the only body aches, and at worst the entire scrotum is swollen, and the visit to the doctor can not be avoided.
Urethral trauma

Such a thing happens with lovers enter into the urethra something for masturbation. This may be a catheter or tonyusenkaya water jet, and the consequences are terrible. For example, the object may fall inside or just scratch and even break the channel. A stream of water - unbalance sphincter muscles that control the flow of urine and semen, and in fact they are responsible for the quality of orgasm!

Women's injuries


front wall of the injured in the so-called officer position when a woman puts her feet on the man's shoulders. In a typical pose vagina adapts to a man's penis, but this is a member of across, and it can only enter three centimeters. Publishers, of course, forget about it, and as a result the penis literally pierces the delicate female organs. But tiny girls suffer from too large members and injuries vaginal vault, the part which is located almost at the cervix.This happens when sex occurs in the attitude of "the man behind", in which the length of the vagina is reduced. And any sudden movement causes that member abuts in its set. Gap opens the way infection inside the abdomen, and so you need to consult a doctor immediately. Swelling of the clitoris inept men during oral sex can permanently deprive the lady joy intimate life. Wrong caressing the clitoris, his partner can bite or "suck" so that is formed inside the hematoma. As a result, the body swells, which causes wild pain, as are within the blood vessels and nerve endings. Any damage is fraught with heavy bleeding or internal bleeding, and that it requires immediate medical attention.

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