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Sexologists know that sexual desire of women in certain periods of life is stronger in others is greatly reduced, but never throughout life does not disappear completely (of course, provided that the woman is healthy). This is the opinion of experts completely destroys the well-established myth that sex - privilege molodosti.Vrach gynecologist, PhD Marina Natarova tells how much sex a woman needs. "An important role in the occurrence of a decrease in sexual desire or play hormones estrogen and testosterone. But besides hormonal factor important heredity, physiological processes, psychological readiness, - says Marina Natarova. - But you can still try to identify common age sexual norms. " 

If you are 20

To 20 girl fits with established menstrual cycle, which determines the sex life at this age. Sexual attraction is strengthened and decreases depending on the period of the cycle. In the days when ovulation occurs, the desire is at its peak, and the woman reaches orgasm faster. However, not everything is so simple, and say that all the young ladies love and can have sex, you can not. lot of girls in this period of life complex about her looks and figure. And psychologists call 20 years of age alarms for their sexual abilities. interest in sex appears only when a woman is in a stable relationship with a man. If 20-year-old girl does not have a steady partner, then, as a rule, it is sublimated sexual attraction in professional ambitions. And sex is enjoyable, but not a necessary condition of life. Than it is fraught? First of all health problems. Gynecologists know that many women aged 20 to 30 years who have sex less than once a week, often menstrual cycle becomes irregular, and there are problems with ovulation. Hormonal system begins to falter. As a result - skin problems, metabolism, weight. If you are 30 in 30 years a woman is usually aware of their sexual needs and preferences. In principle, this is the age of sexual peak. Reduce sexual desire can only childbirth or problems with a career. According to statistics, the majority of women after 30 start easier to reach orgasm. This fact stimulates the desire to have sex anytime, anywhere. After 35 years, testosterone levels gradually decline, but sex drive it can not affect. Moreover, in today's society, most women think about the birth of a child is after 30 years. A pregnancy sometimes advocates a kind of trigger for the development of the libido. During the second trimester of pregnancy, when the mother is no longer suffering from toxemia, she can feel the increase in sexual desire. All the matter in hormones: progesterone level increases in the thousands, and estrogen - hundreds of times. An important role in increasing sexual desire also plays the pressure of the growing fetus on the genitals. After giving birth, many women confess that they are about sex does not even want to think, not what to deal with it. Surprising reason is simple: fatigue, decreased hormone levels. In addition, post-natal sex can often be accompanied by pain and vaginal dryness (these problems are experiencing 70% of women during the first six months after birth). Quantity of having sex with a partner may be reduced to two or three times in four months. Lactation also inhibits the production of hormones. Therefore, breast-feeding mothers experience something like menopause. Nevertheless, usually, all these unpleasant symptoms disappear after a few months after birth.If you are 40 in 40-year-old women's hormone levels continue to decline. Yet Balzac age - the burst of sexuality. After a woman has held 40 career grown children, financial stability. She appears the more time it can spend on themselves and their desires. Women older than 40 years are already well aware of their sexual needs, have plenty of time to enjoy sex, and tend to reach new heights of sexual satisfaction. Between 40 to 50 years, women have come in the period preceding menopause, when estrogen levels begin to decline and testosterone. But even decreased sexual drive does not mean that a woman is experiencing less pleasure from making love. It's just that it rarely occurs spontaneous desire. Between 50 and older The average age of menopause in Russian women - 51 year. Typically, about half of them begin to experience a significant decrease in sexual desire.However, in the second half of the sexual life in menopause and at its end virtually unchanged. The only drawback: the lack of a hormonal effect on the moisture level of the vagina. But this problem is easily solved with the help of lubricants. Woman still knows a lot about sex and love them to do. The only thing that it becomes impossible for her - pregnancy.   Moreover, orgasm in 70-80 years - is not a myth. However, to him can not all women. Much is determined by heredity and health.

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