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Men love sex, they love women who lyu¬byat sex, so whether or not to hesitate and repeat after plohi¬mi mistresses, and just not very smart zhenschina¬mi "them only that it should be ...". After all, we certainly zna¬em that it is not so! 1. You can not make love on a full stomach, otyago¬schenny hearty dinner, otherwise man will be sluggish and sleepy, and his blood will be poured into the stomach, and not there ku¬da need. 2. For "eating" and having a drink before sex is best suited products - aphrodisiacs: - seafood; -ustritsy (by the way, their loved Casanova) - milkshake with fresh fruit; - scrambled; - sandwiches with caviar; - a shot of anisette; -otbivnye with garlic and other "garlic" dishes (there are necessarily together!)- chocolate; - cedar and any other nuts; - sour cream and fresh herbs; -pryanye, but not very high-calorie meals; -ovoschnye and fruit salads, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables - spicy dishes "(about the temperament of Caucasians, I think you've heard more than once); -glintveyn (in large doses causes drowsiness) - a champagne cocktail (in large doses causes a disturbance of the coordinate ¬dinatsii movements) - glass of brandy; - a glass of wine; -chashka cocoa, strong tea or coffee. 3 A good lover always knows what he wants her muzhchi¬na. She guesses it or feels calculates meto¬dom rebounds, while sufficient experience even applies the theory of probability. Sex ends up in bed and starts with the thoughts and conversations of trust and sovmest¬nyh experiences. moz¬gami Men make love, not "one place", and fuck only zhenschi¬nami that this do not understand. 4 is necessary not to think, but to give the man what he wants za¬valivat his caresses, to fulfill a whim, but not be intrusive in personal relationships (eg, "umuchi¬vat" he calls, demanding attention to yourself) . most robust network invisible. precisely their skilful soblaz¬nitelnitsa entwine body, soul and brains of men. 5. More geisha knew surest means "love spell" - kopi¬rovanie gestures, words, facial expressions of men. Psychologists utve¬rzhdayut that woo the new acquaintance is easiest by copying it. Perhaps establishing kontak¬ta happens subconsciously, based on ancient insti¬nktov that can still peek at the animals. Interlocutor takes you for a member of his flock, if you are running with a ritual dance. Kon¬takt has feedback. You begin to better poni¬mat interlocutor and, therefore, better sootvetstvuesh his expectations. 6. Mistress-class does not allow itself to become a "veschemankoy" that buys clothes on their own pri¬hoti or its not very good, taste. Adopted in accordance with, without even seeing the elect - is preset to the man of her dreams.You have to podoy¬ti to the issue of clothing from another side, by a man who looks at you the first time. And he smot¬rit and not on clothes at all, and on you as a whole. And he naple¬vat the cost of your outfit. Maximum that sosto¬yanii calculate the average man is a woman dressed ki¬tayskogo market or from an expensive store. On clothes more often pay attention when she "does not go." 7. The main thing in a relationship with a man - first to give everything you have, not thinking about yourself, without selfishness and failures that will happen without fear of pampering, and then get over it triple. 8. It should not look a man in the eye after the first sov¬mestno spent the night asking: "When you pri¬desh next time?". Man is very important pochuv¬stvovat a host. Calling him at home and at work, you put him in an awkward position before kollega¬mi and maybe another woman, with whom he had not parted until you make sure that you're the best. Why start with sa¬mogo spoil everything? So, a good lover ni¬kogda not allow himself to be intrusive. 9. Men least like to be facing a hard choice. The man is lost and embittered ... makes absolutely illogical actions in which po¬tom long repents. Why check it feelings of strength, if the same forces may use the fact to make them stronger? 10. Complain to the man - the last thing. As a rule, they na¬shi problems seem minor and smeshny¬mi and complaints - women's whims. That they, men, problems of the present, they can be spoken chasa¬mi. So when it comes to life trudnos¬tey is calculated on itself, forget that you have a favorite or access to it only as a last resort and is actually a serious case. 11. Men are by and large do not care, in vsya¬kom case, at first, if you feel udovol¬stvie in bed. Only a very few men can recognize hypocrite showing passion. Not passionate woman, and her desire to flatter the male ego. Many unattractive and stupid women za¬voevali heart smart, beautiful and non-poor men only because clearly learned this rule. Only by attaining to love you, you can trebo¬vat caresses, which will present you to the top of udovol¬stviya. 12. There is the misconception that men do not like um¬nyh. Not smart, but those who are overly demonstrates his mind, the man pointing to gaps in his knowledge. Um¬naya woman never shows that it is smarter not emphasize their superiority in what whatsoever. 13. Ability to make the house nice and cozy yet no harm. Any man nice to come into the house, in which order and smells good (in terms of domestic order and smell - are almost synonymous). 14. Mistress-class knows that men vlyublen¬nost is much less important than for women. It is not necessary to torment a man, causing him to tell "how much you love me." Men such behavior pod¬talkivaet to the idea that women have in mind only roman¬ticheskie any nonsense, and consequently, they are stupid as a goose. 15. Even if a man spree, you should not "torture him suspicion" is still not recognized. Being on the other side of the fence, that is, being a lover, so it is not necessary "to arrange the label": soiling his clothes and irrigate poma¬doy spirits, in a fit of passion scratching his back. He - not your property. 16. The following rule: never teach a man to live. Nra¬voucheniya we all love from the school, as it is for many sermons do not love their rodite¬ley. You do not want to be like them? 17. The ability to forgive - it is also the ability not to be reminded of past mistakes. Forgive - to forget ... or sde¬lat view that I forgot. 18.Mistress-class knows that all men pomesha¬ny thinking that they want to use, and pus¬tit rob the world. There is nothing that scares in the first days and months of dating, as commercialism. 19. Coquetry - our weapons, if used appropriately and wisely. The task of a sexy woman - make it clear that even though she and the female, but not a whore. 20. Mistress-class knows that jump after the first (and subsequent) nights and run-painted wash stupid. Most men like to "pomilo¬vatsya" morning, they like women without the "war paint." And if you're shy, buy waterproof mascara or make light tattoo. 21. It is foolish to think that a man having serious namere¬niya will be a pause and not to call several ne¬del. The man, whom you loved, most likely call for three days, and the rest - that's for sure you attempt to use "on bezbabe." Bessmyslen¬no how to wait, and the "news" on the proposal, which came after a few weeks, or even months. 22. Mistress-class never completes po¬vodu on their appearance, knowing that the majority of men runs from pinched and complexed and not from pol¬nenkih and custom. And especially do not run from partners only because of the size of the breast. 23. If you want it to be over quickly: - squeeze the muscles of the vagina; - change the position to inside was "closer", and every member of go¬lovka frictions stimulated cervical -Note to positions that accelerate approximation ejaculation: Bozeman in any variations; woman on his back, with much szhaty¬mi feet (the difference is not great - they are stretched or raised and bent at chest level);hussar 'legs lying on her back, the woman was cast on the shoulders of the partner; fish - woman belly with vypryamlen¬nymi and strongly butted legs, man - top; - accept a proactive stance and controlled introduction of the term so that it turned out - once to the very end, and the two - only a shallow introduction, stimulating head; - active oral stimulation - perfect zavershe¬nie sexual intercourse - if there is insufficient lubrication, use a lubricant gel - this will speed up the case; - whisper to him a few dirty little words, it can and will lead you; - permitting pose, clasp member base with two fingers and is further stimulated him - caress yourself - your excitement, a powerful incentive for men; - ask the rest, and thirty minutes to resume caresses - perform a movement towards him deeply "nasazhiva¬yas" on the penis; . - kiss his ears, neck, scratched his back, squeeze yagodi¬tsy hands or gently massage your testicles; - jokingly portray the victim, try it slightly ottolk¬nut and povyryvatsya, just do not overdo it; - do not let him get off the beat; - cheer favorite loud moans. 24. For a free and self-confident women are no rules when and where to be given to the first man, and in subsequent times. If a woman agrees to bli¬zost on the first night, this does not imply that a man would take her special light behavior. According to statistics, only thirty percent of men yavlyayut¬sya supporters staged development of relations and courtship. 25. Mistress-class never hesitate ob¬suzhdeniya with man issues of contraception. That this shameful? Yes, to a greater extent predohrane¬nie - that's your problem, but to make a man nade¬vat on two condoms - is not an option. By mne¬niyu men, if a woman is not in any soglashaet¬sya to have sex without a condom (of course, not in the first meeting, and when the relationship has lasted for some vre¬mya), a man may think that she's sick how -That venereal disease or po¬dozrevaet that may be ill himself. And then dru¬goe aware not too pleasant. If you have no money on the pill, boldly popro¬si participate in purchasing your man.Niche¬go wrong with such a request is not, and the purchase of contraceptives gormo¬nalnyh solves two problems at once: the prevention of pregnancy and to get full satisfaction from the vicinity without contradiction prezer¬vativa. 26. Do not get involved in reading manuals on sexual techniques. Most of them are not too good "rehash" "Kama Sutra" with commentary concerns of the author. Tips foreigners we do not fit. What do you say tired after work, my husband, if you meet him at the door in latex trusi¬kah? The effect of the sexual revolution can be ob¬ratnym - a man flee to nezamorochennoy on sex "traditsionalistke." 27. If you want to extend the fun: - do not let him move too quickly - to relax the muscles of the vagina;- ask him to stop briefly frictions; - to change position; - pay attention to the positions prolong po¬lovoy act: Woman on top), a woman lying on her back , with raised and widely spread legs, on the side of "spoons" (woman - back to face partner), sitting facing each other, - in the midst extract the penis from the vagina .and kiss him, just very gently, otherwise it will end even faster , - ask him to breathe deeply; - tell me about the virtues of tantric sex or Taoist. Special (by the way, not too complicated) up¬razhneniya help control ejaculation as long as desired. 28. Rule for choosing underwear: buy only what you like to your beloved man. Beautiful underwear and bedding - a pledge of strong and long otnoshe¬ny and confidence. 29. The best smell - a smell of your body, plus ka¬pelka good spirits. Men often deters izlish¬nyaya scented and the smell of sweat (nightmare grafted rek¬lamoy!) Than no smell of perfume.

30 Men like sex, they like women who lyu¬byat sex, so whether or not to hesitate and repeat after plohi¬mi mistresses, and just not very smart zhenschina¬mi "them only that it should be ...". After all, we certainly zna¬em that it is not so!


One love is not enough; need more commitment to obligations in relation to each other. A girl can for the time being not to express dissatisfaction, but that does not mean that you meet all the subtleties of sexual etiquette. Recall, there are at least 26 things that you should not do in bed. 01. Do not wash "to" Yes, you're turned on by the smell of her body - but she can not answer such a compliment. If the natural scent of a woman is like musk, the fragrance of your often resembles an overripe tomato. Nasty odor can give your clothes - no woman would not want to pull off your pants, find the traces of your last five selections. Spend before appointment a detailed study of each of its slot with a piece of soap. 02. Apologize for the early finish your girlfriend need from you a shot when she has managed to get to the top of pleasure. She does not like excuses, like whining little boy of ten that he was late for a lesson from the fact that the translation grandmother across the street. When you feel that you're ready, and it is still not whisper, as she is sexy. It's certainly better than childish prattle.03. Turn sex into a routine Do you think sex - the same thing that repair the machine: sealed with a couple of wires, and if one day to work, why reinvent something else? But you are dealing not with an electrical appliance, and a woman - sensual and changeable. Therefore, it is not necessary constantly rubbing it in one and the same place - it eventually will begin skin irritation. She needs you to listen to her feelings - when ponezhnichal, and when attacked her on the kitchen table. 04.Escape Contrary to popular belief, not all women are revel in hours of talk time after orgasm, clutching a partner in the stifling embrace. But after the sex she really need you by my side. When he finished, do not jump out of bed like a hot coal.Otherwise, it feels unbearably lonely - especially if you chmoknesh her ​​natyanesh on his clothes and went in search of something more interesting. If you really can not wait to play on the computer, wait for at least until she falls asleep. 05.Pinching her cellulite You think that you show that you like it as a whole. A woman will understand differently: you drew attention to the most hated part of her body. All will end the dispute, in which you can not win ever. It is not necessary to bypass the weasel "orange peel". Stroking it just like everything else. And completely deny its existence, if a girl asks. 06.Staying in socks You think bare torso and a little lower for good sex is enough. "Why - you say yourself - do not leave my favorite socks alone?" What are you watching them? If the socks are white - as a stripper from the group Chippendale. Other color - and you soccer in the locker room. She did not want to, running his eyes over your muscular figure, found in the completion of a pair of socks ridiculous - so much undress entirely.

07. not give her sleep
Sex for you is not sex if it lasts less than an hour. But during this time her vagina is so numb that desire will come to naught.If you see that it is not finished in half an hour, help orally. Clearly, your cock is not in a working mood.
08. dissolve the legs
Once she whispered, "I love you all." But it does not mean you just right and certainly did not think about your heels. Rough, cracked feet - not the most powerful weapon in your arsenal, so not much to flaunt them. And once again you look: completely if they were clean. Bad smell - the fastest remedy for sex. 09. Caress the clitoris only to locate the clitoris, you perceive it as a great lever, which immediately cut in her passion at full capacity. And remain blissfully unaware that she is lying motionless in the ashes of their hopes, vainly waiting for you to switch to other parts of her body. Zalaskat and integrally it all before you head for the most sensitive area. And when you get there, be more careful. 10. Wipe When you are just starting to go down, she already feels uncomfortable. She's worried, it's nice if there her taste, enough moist, not wet there too ... So when you, as a diver emerges from the depths and, without pausing for a second, grab a napkin, do not hope to flatter your girlfriend. Kiss her first, and only if she complains, dry your face. And if not - a little extra moisture is not deadly. 11. Acrobatics Putting the girl in any position you invented for it can be humiliating and painful. Your friend should know what they are capable of its limbs. Do not try to confuse her so that her legs caught in the neck. First rendered his innovative ideas on mutual consideration - the response will be much better than if you start to turn it around, like a sheep during shearing. 12. Ask, "How are you?" Even though you do not doubt that your loving participation melt a woman's heart, the peak of sex - not the time to ask whether all her OK. It just presented itself in the hands of muscular mechanics, with the power of taking it on the hood - and here is your falsetto voice reminiscent of the baby and referring to her as an idiot. It will crash from the heights of his dreams in his arms squeaky Piglet and hardly will thank you for it. 13. Sweat Vzmoknut during sex is only natural - but undesirable sprinkle girl then. Show her that you're not a god of love, and with the type of greasy too active glands - then instantly inspire her self-loathing. Remember Tom Cruise in the movie "Mission: Impossible" - should drop one droplet, and the alarm will sound. Blot the forehead with his hand, and generally better let the girl upstairs.
14 Dirty expressed
You read somewhere that it awakens in the rough woman savagery. Yes, if obscenity told to place. If not, she will be in an awkward situation, trying to stifle a giggle your savory frazochki. Some light battle - and enough. 15. Scream and moan If scheduled break in the German porn star, do not use as a training his girlfriend. It is unlikely to support your initiatives. Bawl: "Yes, Yes! Feel it!" - Just to amuse her with his ridiculous attempts to be sexy. Show off some other time. 16. Overdo rudeness What do you see as the zealous, passionate intercourse, she may not like it. Sometimes it works and straightforward schedule - the missionary position, or "it is on top." And adjusts the depth of penetration - if pleases imitate dog, you can not be on top, beating inside her as a member, as the Tatar-Mongols rams in the capture of Ryazan in 1237. If you are a fan "Doggie-style" implements and gently move it in an easy to beat. 17. Require that the lights were you not ashamed of your torso Tarzan, so blinding light your sexual pleasure only benefit: see every curve of her body and you can get condoms without nerves. But the idea is not so included chandeliers admire your friend: because you will notice every extra centimeter dryablovatuyu somewhere skin and unsightly spots, pimples. Absolute darkness is not necessary, but including a night light: so both of you will feel inadequate. 18. Teasing her nipples do not like women to be a fool. Therefore, imitation four-month baby, relishes the nipple will not lead her into raptures. Never obslyunyavlivay and do not let go to squish the nipple: she must hate you for mockery of her body. Be gentle, gasping for nipple only when assured of sufficient supply of air. 19. Too hard to pull her breasts When you bottom, of course, I want to catch as much as possible. And usually it turns out that you pull her breasts to him. For a girl it is not only painful, but by the same turns it into a mother of a 17 dityami and two inflated bags hanging from the chest. Women feel their sexuality when their breasts are the most converging. Therefore, always pushing it up. 20. SpeshitTy come at the right state for three seconds, and suggests that it is not far behind. Except that it does not always keep up with grease in your member, it responds to caresses and kisses.Trying seksovatsya, ignoring, if a girl grew moist as well attempts to squeeze a horse in a dog kennel: debilitating crush without any appreciable result.
21 Giving herself to undress 
the girl is not necessarily to you every night respectfully undid her bra. But it is even less willing to hold in front of you to show a contraction of the dress over her head. Than to lie on your back and laugh at this entertaining presentation, better start kissing her, while she was still dressed. Turn exemption covers a part of the process. 22. Answer calls on mobile This may be the most urgent news - for example, the change of venue of the match, "Spartacus" in the Champions League. Talk something for a second! For you it is a little break, but the girl would think that you are happy to have traded on a date with her ​​trifling talk with a friend. Remember that paying for a phone with a built-in compartment for messages - and let it run. 23.Gnash their teeth kiss during sex - it's so romantic. And you all the way to strain your neck muscles, trying furiously to cover her mouth with his. Unfortunately, you are disturbing himself, moving up and down like a piston - so instead of a gentle kiss turns hellish gnashing of teeth. Do not try to ensure that it is the dentist's work - kiss the girl before and after, not during.24. Run in the middle of the process in the toilet of course, your bladder - the last thing you think during foreplay, so do not be surprised when a few minutes to start a familiar tide. I think the girls will be happy to wait for your return? No. She will lie abandoned, cools, and her sexual appetite is slowly but surely creep to the mark "zero". Ill-timed sprint to the bathroom can be regarded as a request not to bother with their presence. Until you come back, it's already time to get dressed, after calling a taxi. Conclusion: go to the toilet beforehand. 25. Be selfish to provide her massaging his penis to full immersion in nirvana, you're hoping that the service for the service do not have to respond. In today's atmosphere of gender equality, this custom is dying out - so do not expect a blow job if you do not return oral pleasure. And do not dive into her genitals on the chin. Model behavior: cat, Lacan's milk, and not a hyena over the corpse of an antelope.
26 All through the night to look for the G-spot 
you proud of his erudition about the G-spot and is ready to bring his girlfriend in blissful awe, tracked down and caught the beast. Just stop rummaging through the vagina with a flashlight! Try to inspect the tip of your finger - perhaps grope something small and porous. This is the point G. Pat. If there is no reaction, Knock it off and go do something more effective.
Sexual etiquette is very similar to any other etiquette. If you know how to deal with a toothpick and who takes the first hand, the probability to be trapped on the love bed is negligible. However, the sex - it's the case that exceptions may be greater than the rules. Rule: Gentleman lady skips forward. Features of female physiology is such that in order to achieve sexual gratification woman requires more time and effort. Sacred duty of man - to take care of her first orgasm, and only then - on his own. Exception: The best vaccine against boredom and cool feelings - "the day of the egoist" who can be held about once a month. Those who chose the selfish, should forget about any altruistic proclivities, and partner, on the contrary, should care about the hero of the day, showing the wonders of self-denial. Naturally, the right of priority of orgasm is not discussed. Rule: During the meal observed sequence of dishes: salad, soup, main, dessert. Oh, it's the cornerstone of a sexually-pedagogical literature: first - "appetizer", ie kissing, hugging, which fades into the more persistent affection, and then - "main course."Otherwise - "you will lose your sweet!" Exception: There are times when the desire to get the "sweet" is so great that there is no need for foreplay, failing to appear. Sometimes spontaneous sex can be more vivid and exciting than languidly sweet foreplay - here triggered laws surprises "forbidden fruit" (especially if the proximity occurs in semi-public place, forcing the "ready" sex). Rule: On the walk man always comes with dangerous side - from the side of the carriageway. Mastering the "Kama Sutra" (especially anatomically unsuitable for our positions), the man must take care of the safety partner. Otherwise, the evening started so promising could end in the emergency room. Exception: If the initiator of risky experiments is a woman, most of the responsibility falls on her. She, at least, should be at least roughly imagine that if her partner will bend one leg at an angle of 45 degrees, and the other perpendicular to the neck and pull without changing the position of the body, produce copulation, then reduce a dislocation have it. After the meal taken thank the hosts for their hospitality and the pleasant company (even if the treat was not very tasty, and communication - not very interesting). Sexually, this rule does not work, because everything a person says in the first five seconds after the orgasm has nothing to do with the conscious brain activity and even more so - to the rules of etiquette. Actually, the best evidence that it was a superclass is not a torrent: "superclass", but rather a non-verbal expression of feelings - moans, cries, sighs. It sounds like the highest praise and gratitude hot.


Great ways to get back in 16 years when you have both my knees were shaking and sweating palms at the thought of "this."Say no to sex routine! otherwise, then it's too late. Instant striptease What to do? Choose area with instant photo machine quieter and warmer, for example, in the empty department store or supermarket. Safely climb into the booth with his girlfriend, and draws the curtain - to start a small peephole camera erotic show. Incandescent and safely remove the device, taking photos. How does it work? Every little lives Exhibit, sometimes one just needs to let his frolic. This is a good and safe way to enjoy the ill, freedom and other human morality only 120 rubles. I assure you - these images will become your favorite. And maybe someday occupy a place of honor in the family album. Joke! peach My What? Buy her lingerie. No, it is not necessary to spend a fortune on chic kombidress - just set cowards "week has." Next, select from your bed lexicon top rated or tender (depending on my mood) nicknames. Go to the office, which makes the lettering on gifts. And ... you already knew - all of her brand new panties decorate tags such as "sweet peach", "pussy" and other such nonsense. How does it work? Every morning, when your darling enough, without looking, with linen shelves, it will stumble on a neat inscription. And, of course, remember last night (I hope there was something to remember). tattoo taboo What to do to get a tattoo (well, at least temporarily) to the most-intimate places. Not necessarily directly "out there" - on the inner side of the thigh or the left side of her ass, too, will look good small fountain picture. How does it work? Better new clothes - no need to remove the tattoo and fiddle with buckles. Do not think that tattoos have become a fashionable decoration - they still have not lost ground. Sweet Life What to do? Buy chocolate, melt in a saucepan (take care not to become attached and then your girlfriend risks smell like burnt cake). Find a pair of brushes (younger sister probably lying around in a drawer). Undress.Introduce yourself by Michelangelo - and draw on it (and it accordingly for you) all that comes to mind. Then eat each other!How does it work? Firstly, chocolate - known mischief. This material excites no worse cantharis. Secondly, the brush on the body - it's, you know, not a knife on the glass and sickle on ... So expect from your girlfriend surprises. What should I do?Tying her eyes and say that will be a surprise. Then put in the car for a long time circling the city. Then stop at her favorite restaurant, where already booked a romantic dinner for two. Do not remove the bandage as long as it does not sit at the table. You can go straight home - for one night bachelor lair should be similar to the five-star luxury. How does it work? You have already invited her to a restaurant? And in the movies, coffee and watered and fed a cake with his hands ... but it is unknown, as is known, is intriguing, attracts and excites. So even a jack out of the box can be a sex toy. Pink Dream What to do This event will require some material costs and creative efforts. It should be as fast as possible to make your bedroom / bath / kitchen pink. Buy pink sheets, tie pink ribbons, buy pink napkins and pink disposable plates. Zatartes pink champagne, cook the shrimp / squid, get the pink candy, pink grapes and fill the tub with pink foam. Invite desires to go for a cup of coffee. Do not give out any eyebrow, nothing more than another of their intentions. How does it work? Despite the fact that your passion does not get out of the military, pants and shoes on riflenke, I assure you, she likes pink. She's crazy about champagne (after the third glass completely crazy), caramel and shrimp (as she chews it all together?). Are you crazy about her pink skin and pink sponges, from sweet pink candy. Sex-guessing what to do? Go to the fortuneteller, palmist, soothsayer - someone will find. Search should be as follows: First of all figure out whether it is possible to pre-order prediction. That's right, you guessed it! For a small fee your magician predict you and your girlfriend the longest and hottest night, the craziest sex, the most rampant sex - in short, all your fantasies (most importantly - do not hesitate to specify details). How does it work? By fortune do not go - it works smoothly. Even if your fiancee biggest skeptic and a cynic in the world - in her heart, she will not mind the predictions come true. And immediately. Stilissimo What to do? you sick of trendy shops? Will be in one evening to forget about it. Arrange fun fitting. All the fun is to try on clothes together. Naturally, it is necessary not to dress up in business suits. Linen, leather miniskirt and stockings or a romantic gowns with feathers and lace evening dresses ...How does it work? main thing is not to lose control - a saleswoman and so can protest. Although they, too, will be fun. So until you have all the shelves, do not leave the store.


 My friend (because you're a guy, right? Girls should not read this, so as not to come up with new questions), you are, of course, aware of the fact that you were, are and will be a girl. Without them anywhere you or your friend. You are with him just made ​​for each other (and it's not you, and you and the girls), and because of that it's time to talk seriously about what they want from us girls. 
Buddy (because you're a guy, right? Girls should not read this, not to come up with new questions), you, of course, aware of the fact that you were, are and will be a girl. Without them anywhere you or your friend. You are with him just made ​​for each other (and it's not you, and you and the girls), and because of that it's time to talk seriously about what they want from us girls. However, you can guess some of what they want, but some of their issues to better prepare in advance not to do something silly, is not said too much and do not look boring and dull fool. These questions are being asked, sooner or later everyone. Of course, at different levels of relations, but be sure that the willingness to be today, even if you have just graduated from the third grade, and all of your relationships with girls erupted into tears and call the school roditeleley. Do you love me? This is generally -what main question that you should always respond uniquely, but he did not ask at all.Accepted only one answer, and the answer, of course, not of three letters, if only because of these letters can not make "uh huh" or "yeah". If you hear this question from a girl for the first time, do not be scared, just that she seems to have tired of waiting, when will be able to tell her friends that her best guy in the world has finally confessed his love for her. If you've already talked to her about it, so she wants to hear it every day, so it does not fall below a certain level of self-esteem.However, it is likely to say more neche. take me? This question, of course, must be depressed to drive any man, but he specifically you should wildly happy. Yes, of course, you're happy otvezesh her ​​where she says that there was no reason to tell her friends that "but my something completely ofigel already, do not even take me!" Remember that a woman is weaker and slower than your Mustang, even if the street rush hour, traffic jams and spend an hour going through the roof for 10 points. She's just a woman, and you're not, so ... the idea is already finished. Do not look for logic here, just go with it. Am I too fat? Damn, she again about his! Of course, it is not fat, especially not too thick Even though it is very much sure that it is thick, like the cow, you saw my grandmother in the village. She wants to hear that she was thin and slender, so do not upset her well. Add to the answer, "No, you do not fat" still a couple of compliments, be sure the sex will be as good as your answer - five points! Do you remember what day it is? not matter that you do not remember. Today, the most important day this week! In extreme cases, the answer "Oh, I almost forgot!" And he immediately run to the toilet and remember when you met when you started dating when I was first sex and when her birthday. Absolutely can not remember? Then you will magical Jewish question "Yes, and you?" Oh, clearly, that it is not about the day of the week is interested. And set up an already calendar! If you are unfaithful to me, you would have told me about it? This is a very strange question, for carrying a bunch of ideas about how to get it so that she is interested. Of course, it can not be answered unequivocally, because in any case it is necessary to add that you never betrayed her and are not going to do that. However, if she will still try to find out, then try to find out how she wants more. Only if she says that it is better not to talk, not lyapni "Well then, I will not."Do you want children? Of course you want to! Everybody wants. No matter what you still do not want to, and if you want, then in ten years. Just be careful and check whether it is not through a needle condoms. You never know what may come to mind woman! Do not you think that we still know little about? Of course, you do not think so. To have sex, not necessarily even meet with the parents. However, this answer does not suit her. Not to be left without sex at all, it is necessary to do so: to say that I agree that is not very well known, but it seems to you that you know already the whole life; say that you do not want to rush things, to say that it wonderful, and a few compliments. I am sure that these words are very much you will continue to communicate. Where have you been? Why did not you call? In general, I do not think some ridiculous excuses here relevant, because they still will not believe ... But ... Try to start with the words, "You probably will not believe me, but .. . "There was, of course, you're either with friends or with another girl, but be aware of that it is optional, so that in any case, you were with your friends, and did not call because he was drunk and forgot. And well, if it lasted only one day, not seven. 's nothing you want me to say? do not know what they mean by asking such questions, but no good for them is not covered. I think that it is best to look for changes in her appearance, and rephrase the question to another: "You're nothing like me you do not notice?" You all say that? Yeah, really it is necessary for each to come up with something special? Well, make her believe that not all! Perhaps, we should not throw words, and squeeze them out yourself slowly that it does not have guessed it? source


Sambia tribe with his sexual rite introduced me into shock! There is a curious note about the Sambia tribe in Papua New Guinea, in which the initiation of boys necessarily includes the step of growing up through gomoskeskualnye contacts, oral and anal. In this case, the seed is called the masculine milk and it is believed that more than get it boy, so it will be more manly. At a later stage the mere initiation of a young man becomes the initiator and gives his young initiated by a seed. After that, he begins to contact with zhenschinami.Malchikov the age of seven withdrawn in the so-called "house of men." In this house, they are forced to spend 10 years of his life. Boys are forced to do blowjob other guys who are older than their age.Once they reach puberty, they are no longer engaged in fellatio. Now it's time to get them to enjoy oral sex from a new generation of boys. As for the boys, they should no longer be a member to take by mouth, their task is to pour out his seed boys, and children, in turn, must swallow the seed. On the concepts of tribe samba, so that the children appeared force, they should definitely get a man's sperm. And when he chooses a wife, as a rule, young, even before the start of her puberty and vaginal sex girl should get as much as possible "man milk" (oral), since it is provided in that it has the consequence of breast milk and infant allow nourish. That is, believe that even maternal breast milk is not nothing but a man's milk, transformed through the female body. This, apparently, can further degrade the role of women in society. general, there are six stages initsiatsii.Mezhdu these stages future warrior learns to hunt, stealing women from enemy tribes (to try it), kill enemies, learning to interrupt scent of a woman (the genitals, which is considered harmful to men) during sex (for this purpose in the nose and mouth are laid special aromatic herbs), pierces her nose constantly until bleeding during menstruation his wife (to get rid of its harmful liquids through its bleeding), and only when the first children born he freed from this obligation, as it is believed that the mighty warrior is already sufficiently protected. No wonder that his young wife he eventually hated - still, because he is not constantly have to injure yourself! In New Guinea there are such people as Kerak.According to their understanding, adolescents should engage in anal sex with the children throughout the year. After a year of passive guys should go to the asset and to give his sperm have a new generation of children. Based on the logic of the nation, to the young man did not become pregnant, it should certainly eat after anal sex lemon. According to statistics, they have not one Kerak not flown, probably, lemons help them.

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