Monday, 8 September 2014


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In the glorious city of Moscow is hosting the tenth anniversary exhibition of the X-Show. Industry of sex toys has introduced a new range of improved products. The biggest demand is for new universal dildo with a convenient through-hole at the base of the finger. The visitors did not sidestep universal vibrator "for her and for him" in one form factor, so to speak, "two in one".
Now you understand that it was on the first photo? Yes, it faloimitator. Pushing the inside halves create a woman feel "fullness" and "sensation of sex at the same time in two positions." We vibrators appeared ring for easy hand-held Device Right - prostate massager. Understand that much, I could only studied the booklet with the scheme with the men in the section. Vibrators learned to be recharged from USB. Right, too, female vibrator. long-awaited solution - almost all devices get rid of the batteries. Now they are charging from the wall outlet as mobile phones. Girl shows waterproof connector for charging. Battery lasts for 3 hours after 2 hours of charging. most popular costumes - housekeepers, nurses and ... bunnies.But there's a new trend - a mini-dress The boys all bad. Leopard thong and shorts military almost completely run out of range. Managed to find something more or less original. Or, Whistling Vibrator for him (below) and her (at the top). Two halves are attracted by magnets, getting the ball. Many models began to produce bending. A new series of lubricants for men fake with the telling name. Well, you've already guessed that And this is how it looks inside That's not all. Thanks buttons-air regulators can at the entrance-exit to create a tight seal or a vacuum effect. girl assured me that I could get used to such lashes in just 10 minutes. Since copies of portions of the body of Western pornoakterov we have absolutely no demand for our market was released historical series: Don Giovanni, Rasputin, Casanova and .T. d. Especially for readers of the blog guys showed support kit Doggie-style Russian NEW! Set a new form of DPS will cost you 5000 rubles. tax inspector, riot police, paratroopers, the collector, the bailiff ... guess where is it? I could not. Find out the answers, he went on to consider a box which had pictures of the use of their brush. By the way, it is very hard. vibrating ring is no surprise, but it is a novelty. It's very small and flat. They can be put in several different places. Or on my finger and get to the point G, which is an ordinary vibrating ring will not. And this is a very serious stand. All that I showed you before, they are called "vanilla sex." Notice wires? device pictured above is connected to the console. There are panels that can serve as many as 4 device.perchatochki Or are you can connect to it. The kit includes a pair of rubber and worn by the first. most expensive handcuffs with locks for better security are more than 12 thousand rubles. - Well, because it's the same game? - Hopefully I ask. - Why the secrecy? - As usual, you can pin or paper clip to open, and then you realize that everything - the game ended. Another trend - the glass. The most hygienic material, stylish and best of all transfers vibration. - And he is cool. - It is good really? - I wonder. - Can under hot water to heat up. glass tube with the tail of the artificial hair. Pirates - a very popular theme of this year 's this faloimitator - bestseller. Pirate Anything can happen. Remember the pig from last year's report from the exhibition? On any exhibitions Visitors love to be photographed next to the exhibits and promodevushkami. But this hot guy decided to take her in his arms.

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