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The smallest penis - 1 cm. 
largest - 30 cm. 
heaviest breasts - 11.3 kg. 
largest clitoris - 30.5 cm. 
biggest buttocks - 2 m in diameter. According to the publication of Dr. Jacobus (Jacobus), made by him in 1935, the registered amount of the penis, which reached in the erection of 30 cm. Some reports mentioned absolutely fantastic size - more than 35 cm. Largest penis range from 30 to 32 cm. Smallest penis - 1 cm. Such male genitalia called micropenis. Disease in which the member is absent, is the medical name for Congenital Hypoplasia. largest penis size: (a comparative table of Dr. Jacobus) England: 26.67 cm 21.59 cm Germany Denmark 20.32 cm 19.68 cm America Sweden 19.6 cm France 19.6 cm 19.05 cm Africans smallest penis size: (a comparative table of Dr. Jacobus) England 6.98 cm 8.89 cm Germany Denmark 12.7cmAmerica 8.89 cm 12.7 cm Sweden France 8.89 cm Africans 10.16 cm editable by Michael 79 The first pregnancy test in written more than 4 thousand years ago document, an Egyptian physician, describes the first pregnancy test: "Wheat and barley wrap a piece of cloth. daily woman should urinate on him. then all mixed with dates and sand. If both grains germinate - she gives birth, if only grows wheat - give birth to a boy, and if the barley sprout - that girl. If nothing germinates, she did not give birth. " first-ever method of birth control on the preserved fragment of Egyptian papyrus (1850 BC. e.) describes the first recorded method of preventing pregnancy. Should be mixed with honey and crocodile baking soda and then enter myself this sticky substance. A man, who played in the greatest number of pornographic films Illustrated magazine "Rolling Stone" (Rolling Stone) calls porn artist John C. Holmes (John C. Holmes), better known as Johnny Wadd (Johnny Wadd), who has appeared in over 2,250 adult films. In 1988, the actor died of AIDS. Woman, who played in the greatest number of pornographic films Sharon Kane (Sharon Kane) has participated in 810 adult films. most dangerous method sex Japanese prostitutes of Hong Kong (Hong Kong) offer their customers an unusual, but very expensive way to sex . The so-called girl-sampan (Sampan) are outweighed by the head of the boat into the water. The customer then enters the girl from behind.When she begins to choke in her vagina spasms occur, which are particularly appreciated by connoisseurs. Before the prostitute finally lose consciousness, it pulled out of the water, and the whole process starts again. Lowest prostitutes in a small village Petrapol (Petrapole), not far from Bangladesh (India), local women offer themselves for 10 rupees. About 22 cents. largest gay pride parade in San Francisco (CA) is held annually (Gay Bisexual Transgender Pride Parade). The event attracts more than 600 thousand people. The earliest case of AIDS in January 1998, Dr. Tuofo Ju (Tuofo Zhu) of the Institute for Research on AIDS (Aaron Diamond Aids Research Institut), making blood analysis in 1959, discovered the causative agent of HIV. surgeon who has made ​​the greatest number of sex change operations Dr. Stanley Bayber (Stanley Biber) did more than 3 thousands of sex change operations in men and more than 300 - in women. country in which most often have sex in the United States on average have sex 180 times a year. most outstanding rapist 54-year-old police chief in Morocco Hai Muhammad Mustafa Thabet (Haj Muhammad Mustapha Tabet) for 7 years raped 518 women. country where most rapes happen in South Africa for every 100 000 inhabitants 116 rapes. First nozzles for penis in Pakistan found the nozzle for the penis, which dates back to the 4th millennium BC. e. first vibrator Dr. George Taylor (George Taylor) in 1869 (originally to combat female hysteria) invented a device for sexual stimulation of women. The device worked under the influence of the vapor pressure. oldest aphrodisiac Spanish Fly, known species of beetle that produces a special glands of his secret is known aphrodisiac since ancient times and is mentioned by Aristotle. breast implants first Japanese prostitutes were the first to inject himself in the chest (in early 40s) liquid silicone to be in great demand among American soldiers. first bra in 1893 Tutsek Maria (Marie Tucek) patented the first Supporter breast. most expensive bra "Red Hot Fantasy" from the American company Victoria Secret, based on the European currency worth about 15 million. euros. Bra is decorated with rubies and diamonds.biggest bra According to Guinness World Records, the Japanese subsidiary of Triumph Japan LTD produced in 1990 a bra size of 24 meters in diameter. Down "chastity belt" The oldest model belonged to Francesco II (Francesco II) (ruler of Padua / 1388). During absences of the tyrant, his poor wife had to always wear this "nezrelischny" item on their loins. First condom on ancient Egyptian figure (1350 - 1200 BC. e.) depicts a man with a condom made ​​of sheep intestine. Biggest collection of pornography in Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, in San Francisco. In the collection there are approximately 80,000 books and 150,000 movies. To this should be added the innumerable posters, playing cards and other pornographic stuff. oldest porn Of all surviving - Argentine classics of the genre "El Sartorio", production in 1907. most expensive porn most expensive porn film of all time "Caligula" ("Caligula" / 1980 ) from the publisher of the magazine "Penthouse" (Penthouse) Guchchone Bob (Bob Guccione). The cost of tape 17 million. Dollars. most expensive erotic film "Shougёrlz" (Showgirls / 1995) worth more than $ 84 million. most profitable porn "gulp" ("Deep Throat" / 1972) has managed its producers in more than 22 thousand dollars, and Profit brought $ 100 million. largest nudist beach "Domaine de Lambeyran" located in the south of France in the Languedoc (Languedoc). Its area covers 3400 square meters. kilometers. largest brothel is located on the coast of San Francisco. It was built in 1899 and named "Nymphia". It is designed for 450 rooms. first public house hospitably opened its doors on the territory of ancient Greece (Hellas) in 549 BC. e. Semi-legendary legislator, one of the seven sages of antiquity, statesman Solon realized the need to establish a brothel as a source of income, as well as a "place of rest" for the lower strata of the population. The ancient Greeks very quickly realized good idea that the speed of light spread throughout Hellas.


True Companion company in the past in Las Vegas 8-10 January 2010 exhibition AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2010 announced the release of a female robot with rudimentary artificial intelligence to sexual pleasures. Inventor and inspirer of the project to create a sex robot Douglas Hines argues that the model of the robot Roxy (Roxxxy) is fundamentally different from the first model Trudy (Trudy), released in 1993. Roxy - not just "rubber woman" suitable only for passive sexual abuse, and a full sex the Lady who knows how to talk, responds to touch, has its own character, and even ... orgasm! In an interview, he says: "She - a companion. It - individuality. She hears you. She listens to you. She's talking. She goes to bed. We tried to reproduce the character of the individual." Roxy has a height 170 cm and weight 54 kg, is available in various exterior: color of skin and hair, the size of the bust, etc. In addition, it has five pre-programmed behaviors: cold Farrah (Frigid Farrah), unbridled Wendy (Wild Wendy), sadomazohistka Susan (S & M Susan), tempted March (Mature Martha) and inexperienced (Young). Under the synthetic leather, very similar to the human, there are many sensors that respond to touch and stimulate a response. The cost, depending on the model, ranging from 7 to 9 thousand dollars. In the near future, the company plans to release a True Companion male sex robot Rocky (Rocky).


According to official data, more than two million citizens of Thailand are employed in the sex industry. One-fifth of all Thai courtesans - male. It is difficult not to run into a transvestite: if you see a very beautiful Taikoo - it is likely male. And, quite young - older than 25 prostitutes in Thailand almost none. Acquainted with the object of desire can be on the street or in institutions. 
example, go-go bars goods represented not only the face but also a bust - girls dancing topless, and then sit down to visitors and entertain them; for 400-500 baht can take away the beauty of the other side of the world. 
In sex-show bar visitors watch almost circus: naked girls demonstrate their achievements in the field of intimate sport, then inhaling cigarette inserted into the vagina, on the contrary, blowing out the instrument of labor burning candle. In the massage parlor, you can choose from dozens of female candidates and go with her ​​to the bath, where the client expect a massage and sex. Prices for the service range from 500 to 3,000 baht - beauty at every turn, so choose the appropriate is not difficult. If the girl you like, it makes sense to "rent" it for the whole holiday. This will not cause any trouble (especially if you go to the spec. Agency), but bring a lot of benefits. For $ 35 per day will be for you girl guide, a concubine, a masseuse, porter, maid, servant, lover: in the morning it can be sent over a beer in the evening - for whiskey in the afternoon - for iced tea; she prepared dinner, tell tales of exotic dostoprimechtatelnostyah and gather the bag when you get bored. 
The local mollusk known less than their Thai counterparts, that does not detract from the opportunities to spend time. For example, in hairdressing. Yes, it is here. Where else do officers spetsotdela client blow during haircut? When everything is OK with the hairstyle, and limited to oral sex no desire, you can visit one of the districts of Seoul - Itaewon. For 40,000 won you can get anything you want. 
Acquainted with Koreans on the street - for a foreigner is not a problem. The question is - how it is! Beautiful girls too much.All of them, like a Cinderella, very nice and modest. Local men keep them in a tight rein, so if you just give in to the girl in the public transport, you will become for her a noble knight. Just do not try to be glued to married women: if you hear from the lips of the loveliest MAGIC word "adzhumma" - Bows and go. 
This country, usually deters tourists poverty. But if you desperately want a really exotic sex - worth a visit. Experts say that you can find "I do not know what", which is found only in these places. Cost is something from the dollar to 50 per night, depending on the class of prostitutes. 
Want to feel like a student? Always have - that; always have - with whom; vegda nowhere. In the female host will not be allowed, therefore wiser to settle in private boarding schools. If you still have chosen a large hotel, you can try to bribe the guards - usually it costs $ 10. 
Just have to learn the word "partekulyar", ie "Private" - for $ 20 you can easily take off the room for the night with the local population. Partekulyar often attached to the girl. Creole overnight, usually costs about $ 40-50. Only pre-prepared for a meeting with her ​​parents. They will be very happy and did not trouble, barely audible grunting behind the wall. 
All the ladies on the streets at night are sold. They may be a man, mother, grandmother - it made ​​no matter. Woman enough to call and inquire: "singar posible?" ("Whether you have fun?") - 99 times out of 100 the answer is yes. 
If you want to not selling love, but at least malomalskoy flirt, be prepared to put some effort for the conquest of a great Cuban - although almost all women can easily go to the contact in English says one out of 100 is recommended as widely as possible to smile and compliment. Tell her that she "Muchacha Linda" ("beautiful girl"), brings to the restaurant, or just give her something - particularly listed perfume and soap. 
It's more expensive, but no less popular sex resort. Suppose there is no sea, and the climate is so-so, but the available drugs legalized and save it. 
Dutch capital of prostitution - Rotterdam: on the street Keileweg for 50-150 guilders can get any sex; Negro women and Latinas are cheaper. 
Another popular city - Amsterdam. To find a adventure, you just need to go to the Red Light District - Red Light area near Central Station. In Amsterdam, the same is a unique theater sex «Casa Rosso». It would seem - what to look for sex when you can easily do it? But the theater is a huge success, for more than edifying spectacle: art show here all the best in the industry - they have something to show. 
Prostitution has long been one of the most profitable areas of the shadow economy of the Czech Republic. At six in the evening at the Old Town Square, the People's Street and other places frequented by tourists appear representative of sex services. Most prostitutes foreigners: polka, Romanian woman Slovak Roma women, Albanian women. Prices from 20 to 100 dollars per hour. All very nice, but it's better to go to a brothel. These places are clean, neat, and some of the girls almost Gym shoes with good manners and good knowledge of English. Rates from $ 40 per half hour to $ 200 per hour. The most popular clubs in Prague: Venuse, Lotos, Butterfly, Gentlemen`s Club, Million Dollars, Kleopatra. 
place where removed a huge amount of porn films, can not attract people. "Actresses", as a rule, do not limit your sexual activity set - check out the band relevant ads only English-language newspaper in the country «Budapest Sun», and you will find girls with porn star looks. 
This is where the wait for those who keep the law - prostitution here is legal: articles and ads to potential customers usually published in journals; in medium and small cities in the information of this kind can be found in local newspapers and the yellow pages of the phone book. 
street prostitutes, along with sex shops and nightclubs can be found near the main train stations. Many German cities can boast of brothels where the girls present themselves in the windows - the quality of service here is much better compared to the street, which, of course, reflected in the price. But to meet in the bar with a respectable German woman is totally unrealistic. 
In this article more honest to call Paris, the city of eternal love, eternal city of erection. French this very happy but put them to bed on the first night just manages. But to buy the beauty of any nationality simple. 
traditional places: the area of Saint-Denis, Etoile, Place Pigalle; traditional price - $ 40 80 per room will be charged an additional fee. Money up front. Condom - free of charge. 
Basically, using the services of prostitutes is punishable, it is theoretically possible to pay a heavy fine, but this can be avoided by viewing ads on the Internet, newspapers, magazines or go to clubs Place du Marechal, Avenue de Gravelle, Rue Alexandre Cabanel, Avenye Foch , Route de Madrid. 
Hotel porter can also throw the address correct, if they ask good about it. 
Here's where you can find a girl for every taste and color from black to blue-eyed blondes tanned - to the nature of the dark-skinned African-American. 
Prostitution is officially banned, but Woman can buy anywhere. If you are afraid to make a mistake, a mistimed challenge from indecent proposal to a decent girl, go to the club «Help» (3432, Avenida Atlantica). There are also terms - baths, where you "wash" for 100 reais. In addition to prostitutes in Rio de Janeiro is full of beauties to enrich your leisure for free. Oh and during Carnival week (24-27 February) and on New Year's Eve to be alone is almost impossible. 
strange that followers of sex tourism does not flock here like flies - because of jam, but still very fresh in Australia polnym- complete. Especially - from November 18 to December 16, in the resort town Surfer`s Paradise. At this time there is the so-called "school week", which brings together secondary school students from across the country, eager to separation from parents and new sensations. Also - On the Logan River Road in Binli full of "naked" car washes: in «Woody Wash» for $ 9 a car wash the girl in a bikini or wet T-shirts, and if you add another $ 4, they completely undress. And there is an area in Sydney Kings Cross - place of deployment underground artists, strip bars and prostitutes. 
Japan - a country of wonders, the cheapest option which can be found in the bar of the system «Pink Salon» - with the purchase of each beverage "treat" free blow . $ 60-100 for a few Japanese beauties will you half an hour. You can also go to an institution «No Pan Kissa» - waitress was not wearing panties, and mirror polished floors relentlessly. 
Special exotica - Tokyo restaurant where a table and dishes used nude girls - niotamori. All the furniture - virgin: a Japanese eat only the innocent. If you want to try that, as seen the movie and read the book, you know - the classic geisha in Japan continue to thrive and are fantastically expensive. 
Here everything is cheap. Girls - is no exception. Prostitute for $ 10? It's easy! On the island of Cozumel twice a year - from May 27 to 31/22 to 26 October - quite officially held "porn-Olympics". At this time, there are going to the stars of the genre film industry. Buy a ticket to these revels, you automatically become a full member of the shooting. Five days of the Olympiad are from $ 1,500 to $ 2,500. 
White sand, azure sea surface - a living advertisement "Bounty". And at sunset moths appear. Faced with a potential client, they unceremoniously asked: «Do you want me«? A positive answer would cost $ 40-60. 
Jamaica has a huge advantage over Cuba - the entrance to the hotel absolutely free. Hotels' Hedonism-II »and« Hedonism-III »(« Hedonism-I »does not exist, it is assumed that it was the ancient Greeks) and generally position themselves as erotic centers. Those who are older are collected in the second; who are younger - in the third. A week in the apartments of the hotel will cost a couple of thousand dollars, but all the guests go naked, around free love reigns, in the pool or beach almost unabated orgies, join which can be anyone. Hotel room service is on the garter stockings, ultra short skirts, leather bra, transparent blouses - a maid will be happy to do a service. 
In civilized London recommended all my take with you. Here you can find a prostitute - they live in and around the Soho area Lechester - but whether in a city is banal to copulate with not the best representatives of the profession for quite tangible money when there are plenty of other entertainment? Much more interesting to walk to the shops, exhibitions, trendy clubs and bars, and it is better with a friend, time-tested and you. 
Few people know that in the States, prostitution is illegal everywhere except Nevada - in fact with professionalkami problem never arises. A lot of them, but if someone is looking to "lull" Pretty Woman-Julia Roberts, then this is to forget. Such cute American prostitutes can be found only in the movies. 
Generally, for our American men too masculine. If Ukrainian girl wants to please and knows how to do it, such things are not an American concern. You can refer to any woman on the street - it is a classic smile will try to explain how to walk or drive anywhere, but if it comes to that, you're just trying to get to know her, she will cease to smile. Of course, you can seduce and such, but it will take at least a month. It is easy to put to bed except that a drug addict, an alcoholic or a tramp. United States of America - still puritanckaya country. 
Advertisement calls Bali paradise on earth - here sunrises and sunsets are fantastic beauty, two ocean is an island, four coast, completely different from each other - even the color of the sand varies from off-white to blue-black . And baliyki very cute girl, but - alas - sex tourism in paradise there is little, and therefore go here correct with his passion. 
Representatives of the oldest profession seems to be present, but it is unlikely you will get their pimps take the money, and girls did not lead. Esl do you feel an urge to "remove" a tourist, you know - in excess of the Australian in Bali, which is not too pretty, and Japanese. With a Japanese woman can learn, but difficult to all Japanese citizens constantly walking in groups, so if you contrive to take her away from under the noses of neighbors - flag in your hands. 
Maltese friendly and cheerful as any Mediterranean people, but it is - a country very devout Catholics. It does not find the strip bars and sex shows, and the attitude toward women is almost the same as in Muslim countries. Englishwoman and the Germans, who are looking for tranquility, choose Malta. What kind of flirting is all about? 
Muslim countries 
you better bring along a girlfriend, if you go here - here and close no sex, as described in the "1001 Nights": local girls go if not in a burqa, the maximum covered by clothing, while approximation foreign men go to the other side of the road. For example, my favorite Russian Egypt, though joined the tourism business, but did not completely Muslim country: if a local girl taken in head just liked to have sex with a guy, she would have been stoned. So there is comfort in tourists, of which there are two types - Russian and Germans. On the first you are all aware; the latter strongly lose "our" and are not eager to have sex with the first comer. 
Scandinavian countries 
among Scandinavian prostitutes local born - a rarity. In Helsinki, for example, the profession are basically our compatriots.Finland generally not a good country for sex tourism. Even in the capital of nightlife is boring: a couple of nightclubs, the entrance to which is permitted from 18 or even 25 years. Depressing the complete absence of brothels and the district "red light", although prostitution is legal - the girls to go to massage parlors and relaxation centers. In general, except for Estonians and citizens of Russia, sexual activity can be glued to the sly and Vietnamese, which cost between 100 and 200 euros. On the streets of prostitutes is not - it is forbidden by law. 
Here's a she, sex, geography, to learn that you can only experience. Let your friends tell stories about their native feats and giggling girlfriends, showing pictures of the next holiday - do not believe anyone or anything. Do you, then, of course, everything will be (was? There?) Is much brighter and juicier. The main thing - do not forget the condoms.

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