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1 The University of Cincinnati (pieces. Ohio, USA) estimated that the arithmetic average weight of a female breast is about 400 g (silicone is not considered). 2. Every woman dialed kilogram weight increases breast 20g - and vice versa. Dielotogov - to the gallows! 3. Artificial breasts came up in the middle of the XIX century by the French. Women who are not happy with their size, notched chest and implantirovatli animal fat, wax or paraffin. Very often beauty died from peritonitis. 4. About 80% of women one breast (usually the left) over the other. 5. According to research by a team of scientists from the California Cancer Center, as a result of exposure to phytoestrogens - substances found in plants, - there is an active growth of breast tissue. Phytoestrogens are found in flaxseed, lentils, neroraschennoy wheat, beans, hops, soybeans. A proportion of phytoestrogens have a coffee and orange juice. Gynecologist-endocrinologist, mammolog Aksamitova VP .: "Phytoestrogens accelerate metabolism, and being female hormones, come girls are more feminine look, especially her breasts increases markedly. However minimal they should carefully supervised by a doctor, an endocrinologist, because they can cause breast cancer. " 6. The greater the size of the breast, the higher the level of intellectual development of women. Responsibility for this bold statement undertook in 2003 a group of American sociologists of Chicago led by Dr. Yvonne Rossdale. They are classified according to the size of the breast in 1200 women from the states of Ohio, Illinois and Kansas - the smallest (A), small (B), medium (C), large (D), a very large (E, F and below) - and then tested them to IQ. Dr. Rossdale (winner of the size of A) argues that women with a size D and above smarter than their less gifted by nature with the size of competitors A and B by 10 points. Girls with size C ahead of owners A and B by 3-4 points.


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7 Breast consists of 15-20 lobes of glandular tissue - together they look like a bunch of grapes. Slices have their own milk duct opening on the surface of the nipple, and are surrounded by fibrous (connective) and adipose tissue. The latter occupies 97% of the female breast. It was she who gives it softness and shape. 8. In Japan, many hundreds of years of lack of breast considered a symbol of femininity and beauty. In order to hide the form, Japanese women slimming bust canvas itself. Now stereotypes changed - yes you yourself know about it, if you ever saw the legendary music video for the song (personally I do not agree with that meow) 9. The female breast is slightly increased in the amount of one week prior to menstruation. 10. Polimastiya - presence of additional mammary glands - a rare but not unique phenomenon. The mother of the Roman Emperor Caracalla Julia Mamaea and the second wife of Henry XVIII Anne Boleyn had three breasts, a resident of Marseille Madame Ventre had extra breast on the thigh. 11. A woman can achieve orgasm during breast tenderness.Physiologists demonstrated that stimulation of the erectile tissue, which is under the nipple nipples can cause uterine contractions and thereby bring the girl to orgasm. It works with about 8% of women. Aksamitova VP .: "Communication between the uterus and breasts - the most direct, for example infection of the vagina cause breast disease. Indeed, in only one breast tenderness getting orgasm is possible. "

12 The female breast contains no muscle tissue. At all. Otherwise professional bodibildershi certainly would have been much more popular cultural phenomenon. 13. Alain Bernardin, the founder of the cabaret Crazy Horse, believed that the ideal breast its upper part - from the top (A) to the nipple (B) - Must be exactly 1/3 the length of the AC (from the top of her chest to the base). 14. In the southern Slavs in ancient times it was believed that the inmates fabulous waters - a mermaid - have breasts of a size that can easily throw it behind his back. 15. Champagne glasses, which appeared in France in the XVIII century, during the reign of Louis XV repeated its shape chest royal mistress Madame de Pompadour. In Alexandre Dumas were two bowls, cast in the form of the breasts of the Countess du Barry. Duke Lozen had a set of glasses, closely follows the shape of the breast of Marie Antoinette. 16. According to statistics, 58% of women wear the wrong bra size, which they need. This is because they are trying to pick up a bra to the eye, just do not know their options.

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17 70% of women are dreaming to enlarge breasts or change its shape. Remember this percentage and read more.Psychologist AB Eagles Center counseling Trialog: «The idea is formed as a result of increased sensitivity to the often unconscious messages delivered by significant male environment. However, changing the shape of the breast (and other elements of its appearance) can not meet the more general need to be loved. So, if a girl dreams of change in the breast, it should start by finding a therapist. " Conclusion: Conclusion: three out of four women in need of services shrinks? Just think, the opening of ... 18. There is such a site - This wonderful place, where women put pictures of their breasts that they would be appreciated - mostly amateur, but no less attractive. 19. American surgeons at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, making a year of 600 operations (for some reason has not yet been banned by governments of all countries!) Breast reduction. 97% of patients believe that a large bust is bad for their health, 78% of back pain, 79% can not run, and 77% is in a position to engage in sports at all. 20. The biggest breasts in the world - 82x266x193 cm - carved out of polyester resin French sculptor Cesar. The impression is made ​​with breast Victoria von Krupp, a dancer from the cabaret Crazy Horse. Monumental work can be seen in the gallery on the Place de la Concorde in Paris.

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21 Hippocrates advised women with flat chest a lot and sing loudly to increase bust size. Gynecologist Medical Center "Evromedprestizh" LN Bulatov: "In theory, professional singers develop the pectoral muscles and thus purely visual breasts may be more. However, hormones from the singing does not depend so impressive dimensions opera singers achieved more specific diet. " 22. Using conventional implants in 28% of cases occur in breast fibrosis - overgrowth around the foreign body connective tissue. As a result, breast groping begins to resemble something like a tennis ball. With new materials situation at times better, although no exact statistics.

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23 More than a thousand years ago, Avicenna suggested recipe means to maintain the shape of the breast, which can be easily applied at home. In ingredients magic bullet, designed for outdoor use, included kimolosskaya clay, henbane seeds, as well as blood from the genitals of the wild boar, hedgehog or turtle. 24. Breastless women - is not a myth. Amazon got rid of the right breast, cutting or cauterizing it in childhood. According to one version, which facilitates their handling of the bow, on the other - they were just doing it to intimidate enemies. It is not known, however, whether the retreating enemies (or just felt a little less fun, leading the Amazons in captivity). And in August 1985, a young Spanish girl named Muriel cut myself both breasts, to take part in a bullfight. She did it completely voluntarily - it helped American surgeon. That became a famous bullfighter El Primero Rivero. 25. In the XVIII century, when the neckline was particularly deep, the color of the nipple and areola strengthened dyes. 26. A group of British scientists led by Mark Brenda discovered in a European country lives a woman with larger breasts (C and above). In a strictly scientific study involved 5,000 women from 30 to 39 years from seven countries: the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, France, Sweden and Austria. 27. According to a study conducted by the University Medical Center in Ulrich (Sweden), women who have not undergone surgery to change the size of the breast, rarely commit suicide than women with implants.

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28 In 1886 there was the first bra. Innovators were British. Called this building "tool to improve the shape of the breast," and see the two resembled a tea strainer, planted at women's breasts and held together with tape. 29. In Africa and India popular lush breasts with large nipples, as the local religions widespread cult of motherhood. But the Europeans, according to the questionnaires, more cute breasts with small nipples. 30. In 2001, the command of the Italian Army has notified the government that is too big breasts in women volunteers prevents them from successfully perform tasks, jumping and cross-country run. Now, in the Charter of the Italian Army says that women with particularly large breast size have to do surgery to decrease it if they want to serve in the army. Precedents with urgent operations have not yet been observed. So, if we are at war with Italy, you can not worry: the enemy will not be able to distract you, with his tunic. 31. Women - People witty and creative. Therefore, in addition to his own chest, pistol and ciphers you always have a chance to find a bra girl interesting, but obviously foreign objects: wool, foam pads (sewed in bra), silicone inserts that mimic natural breasts (glued to the body)

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32 Before birth the female breast is significantly gaining weight - up to 700 plus 33. Australian Aborigines believed women with small breasts inferior. For its increase, they rubbed the chest fat and the "magic" red ocher, and around the nipples drew circles. Those women who did not help it even tried to pull the breast using a bandage, pressing on the chest above. 34. At the beginning of the two thousandth in Hunan province (central China) for several years there was a rule: civil servants should have female breasts of the same size (paragraph 22 of the list of requirements). Check it out during the interview.Girls with asymmetrical breasts apparently sift. In March 2004, graduated from college, which was a different size breasts, trying to get a job and was turned down, said discrimination in the local newspaper China Woman, holding up a big fuss. The rule was abolished. 35. Some peoples of the Far North is a belief that conception occurs in the chest. Only after that the child falls into the stomach. 36. According to experts of Adidas, in terms of load exerted on women's breasts, all sports can be divided into three categories: light load, average load and high load. The latter include running, tennis, mountain biking, playing sports, horse riding, active aerobics. All of them have a negative impact on a woman's breast - moving too intense, she can feel pain, especially when a large amount of the bust. If it does not wear special underwear for sports, breasts may droop. If the woman decides to do bodybuilding, it can generally lose chest: In this sport the fat cells, of which mainly consists chest burn very quickly. 37. The average volume of breast modern girls is 91, 4 cm. 38. Italian scientists Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of the University of Palermo derived a formula ideal of the female breast. According to their opinion, should be to construct a triangle ABC with base AC and angles at three points - depression between the collarbones and nipples - and eclipses to calculate the value of excellence. If the chest is ideal, the parameter is 0, 4 to 0, 39. To calculate it, you need the length of AC divided by 2 and the result - for the length of AB. If the parameter is less than 0.4, it means that breast sag if more than 0.6 - it is too high. 39. To distinguish from the elastic bust is not very elastic, carry out the "pencil test." Enough to enclose the latter under the chest and look at the result. If the pencil falls to the floor, the chest is considered elastic, and vice versa. The question is how to do it discreetly.

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40 From a physiological point of view, the mammary gland is videoizmenennoy sweat glands. Physiology in general - a phenomenon rough and mundane. 41. Discovering walking upright, a man realized that he had made ​​thus a serious mistake. If earlier the woman had the opportunity to submit an unambiguous signal to the man with the help of cute buttocks and bright red labia, but now all this has become quite impossible to see when they first met. To people still continued to breed, nature invented special mimicry: sexy signal was not sent to the rear and front. That is, the chest and mouth served analogues buttocks and you understand what Supporters of this theory of evolution believe that the only way to explain the presence of people plump lips, dramatically different in color from the rest of the face, and breast enlargement. All other mammals breast increases only during feeding young. It remains to understand how nature has managed so quickly to respond to what we got with the fours ... But in any case - thank you, nature! Great human thank you!

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42 In European women breast has a hemispherical shape, with Asians - conical, with African women - pear. 43. Title Ninchurt mountains, located in the center of the Kola Peninsula near the lake-Seid, translated from Sami as "a woman's breasts." 44.The American company Dow Corning, specializing in the production of silicone implants, in the middle of 90-ies paid to victims of their products for women $ 4 billion in compensation. Company accused of that silicone implants cause breast cancer and other diseases. Number of cases reached nearly two hundred thousand, and in May 1995, Dow Corning has officially declared bankrupt. 45. Under the influence of a cold woman's breasts tightened and becomes more attractive. That is why a special serving Parisian cabaret "Lido" on the chest dancers holds a piece of ice before they walk onstage.

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