Saturday, 13 September 2014


Man critically considers itself the most corrupt of all living beings. Freaks, nymphomaniacs, sadists with masochists, lovers of rods and erotic toys - to which only did not reach the two-legged in his lust. Meanwhile, the animal world is full of such sexual creatures that and the coolest pervert in feverish nightmare not dream.

The male dragonfly, for example, ends with a penis with a needle. Need it volatile sadist to pick out from the womb of a female fertilized seed previous lover before you inject your own. Spiny member weevil is designed in such a way that Madame weevil with the loss of innocence forever loses the ability to employment "love" - all the insides have bedolagi are mangled, and her life is reduced by exactly two-thirds.

At first glance, ordinary flies exhibit more humanity, injecting a girlfriend hormone scathing in her sexual desire. However, a substance similar in composition to the spider venom, destroying in the womb flies and previous offspring - if there is one, and at the same time and is slowly killing herself. But even fly away to a bed bug, which, instead of mating with the ladies through available where it is necessary hole pierces them with his sharp shell member. And his kinsman ksilokoris comes more intricate. It produces seed in the ... genitals defeated opponent, relieving themselves in this way from the painful need to fuck with a nasty-looking klopihoy. The work for him perform competitor. Oceanic flatworms, like most of their neighbors, are hermaphrodites. Their main task - to perform sexual acts in the role of the male, not female. That's tied between worms on the bottom of the sea a fierce battle, in which the arms are their numerous mechepodobnye members, they're trying to rip each other skin. Slugs - being peaceful and phlegmatic. Their sexual intercourse are the interweaving of penises. Each of the "lovers" can simultaneously both conceive and fertilize comrade. Some tropical species reaches the length of the working bodies of 85 centimeters, 7 times higher than the length of their bodies. Sometimes these dimensions lead to tragedy. Dildos in the heat of passion so entangled that slugs themselves castrated, biting them. A squid with octopuses live without members from birth - and nothing, adapted for procreation one of the "hands". From it cephalopods release into the sea charges caviar - maybe someone will fertilize it. erotic arsenal snakes resembles the famous Swiss knife officer - before their diverse sexual prichindaly. While some individuals trahnuv zmeihu, clog her "vagina" gelatin gag, so no one else could get there you more easily reveal the cork with his sharp and spiky penises. man somehow turned the bird into a symbol of romance. Meanwhile, the love birds - employment even less exalted than mating snakes. Males of many species have long been in the course of evolution parted with his small but proud member and now fertilize females by means of so-called "kiss anal", ie touching asses. Carpet Tkacik was able to deceive the evolutionary processes and keep your dick - but only for foreplay. He - the only one known to science bird, able to have an orgasm, even inaccessible duck. Why a duck? Because waterfowl has fucked the old fashioned way. However, a member of the duck for the time hiding in the depths of his body (fly interfere). Dorval to females, the male begins to pump water into it and frail body trembling duck is scratchy, curly monster 10 centimeters long. Our closest relatives chimpanzees love each other so often and so fervently that they had to grow inside the penis bone, without which he would too quickly worn. And what would you do? Organism with their girlfriends so capricious that they could fly with only the thousandth time. And therefore have to try. adorable squirrels in their sexual habits are not much different from the snakes and also pierce their pipiskoy plug abandoned a previous partner. pig penis is shaped like a corkscrew. And wolves he immediately after the act swells so much that it is impossible to pull out. We have to stand gray lovers, joining together for many hours. Mice SlideShow Most men can have sex several times a day, keeping an erection for 15-20 minutes or more. But in the animal kingdom there are representatives with more significant achievements.Leader here two - rat capable copulate 400 times in ten hours, and the owner of record mouse Shaw, more than 100 full copulations per hour. Almost like people Masturbation - quite a common thing in the animal world, both among males and females and the ways of meeting may be very creative. Chimpanzees, baboons, sheep and guinea pigs practice licking and sucking his own penis. Reindeer and zebra stimulate bodies swaying or friction. Males Amazon river dolphins fin rubbed the penis and the female genitals rub against the bottom and pitfalls Muscular female gibbons masturbate fidgeting genitals on the ground, and the female macaques stretch your tail between your legs and move her hips to achieve orgasm. Elephants use their trunks. But most of all lucky moose whose horns are sensitive erogenous zone, and to get an orgasm is enough to rub them on the tree or on the ground.


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