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What makes a woman to feel like a woman ... - charming, exciting, seductive? As usual, goes to his barber. And what makes a woman to captivate, excite and seduce a man? Again goes to the barber, and shave ... a kind of passion rose at the place of his delicate sleek body  

Sexy pubis: curls ilm bald spot?

Women - creating a mysterious and mystical. Perhaps God invented them to humanity throughout its existence is not experiencing a shortage of "unsolved". Like raccoons, they are ready infinitely often to wash and rub their angelic faces all sorts of scrubs in order to re-spread with a layer of expensive "plaster". They wash your hair with shampoo from «L`Oreal», so that later, for fixing art Hair- bells and whistles, "flavor" their curls varnish.They are engaged to exhaustion in the gym, then to indulge in high-calorie heart sloechkami. They pluck eyebrows to immediately draw them, and powdered with a natural blush to immediately, a slight movement of the brush, to create an artificial.

And what is inexplicable, mysterious woman is subjected to manipulation appearance of their genitals!Sometimes it comes down to the fact that the owner of some sort of lush vegetation intimate triangles shaved shaves in general is very flattering "sign" of his sexual temperament bright. "Wow flattering sign! Who would like overgrown hair woman ?! In the end, it is indecent! "- Another troubled beauty. Do you really think so? Then pray tell, where did the folk ditty about girls, the dispute in the country, "who lohmache ..."? No, scratch that work was born of folklore! Pundits in unison voice of the people testify that the presence of hair on the body of a woman is nothing but the result of the presence in her body androgens, male hormones. Strictly speaking, these hormones determine not only the growth of body hair, but also sexual temperament charmer. This, of course, is not the creepy hairy "legs" and much, much less, not the ugly truth underarm thicket. Contrary to conventional wisdom and legends on the human body, there is only one, the one and only, area, hair is directly related to the function of the sex glands. This - pubis. Therefore, lush vegetation intimate space - bright and expressive evidence of increased human sexuality. Incidentally, many surveys on the topic of men, whether the delicate ladies place to be covered with a mop of curls or better for him to be bald, speak for themselves: 88% of men were in favor of women hairs. Belief of "shaggy" as a sign of passion almost unanimously shared by the representatives of the stronger sex. During the survey found that many men have the contemplation of small curls, shyly peeking out from under the seductive panties. Most Casanova are very sexy and some simple games, fun with pubic curls his girlfriend. And if they are darker than the hair on the head (and often the way it happens), it only enhances the effect of stimulation. "So what the hell ladies shave their private parts? What is it - a fashionable trend? "No, the machinations of the villain, it's not like fashion. Ladies do it from time immemorial. Remember, more regal Egyptian completely shaved all the vegetation covering the ladies place;and the divine Marilyn Monroe destained pubic hair in order to "feel the blonde head to ...". probably desire the fair sex to shave their private parts back to the ancient Eastern cultures, in which the removal of pubic hair and crotch has been considered the norm for women. This, for example, is typical of India, a number of Asian and Arab countries. Obviously, to the sanitary conditions there: the factor of lack of water with an abundance of sand and dust. It is clear that, in contact with the shaved pubis less likely to become infected with thrush or pubic lice. In modern culture completely or partially shaved female pubic area for many sexual partners has become a very exciting character. Some men do not get turned on at the sight of a joke completely shaven pubes ladies.The mere sight of female charms able to put their thoughts and playful no cause-lasciviously lustful desires.grandfather Freud's followers claim that these men have an unconscious tendency to young girls, a kind of virginal innocence lolitochkam. On the other hand, men who prefer to see their partner knowing a lot about bed games vamp and not be attracted to an inexperienced young ladies can sufficiently respond negatively to fully shaved pubis his girlfriend. sexual subcultures in the perineal shaving occupies a special place. Fetish adherents of "Shaving" found a special piquancy in the process of mutual depilation. Gentle touch to wet with excitement charms playing with pubic hair, lather and then shave intimacies thereof, skillfully interspersed with a variety of oral-anal penetration, the plant "shaved" -lyubiteley "to failure", immersing in sensually voluptuous euphoria special sexual ritual. But even if you do not consider yourself priverzhenka "shaved" -Sex shaving delicate place in the presence of - or even with the participation! - Lover can bring a kind of flavor to your intimate relationships. Another very erotic aspect shaved pubic area - the so-called body-design. Probably, a lot of men will like naughty intimate prichesochka, invitingly-exciting, entailing, pretentious sexy. However, self-shave some expressive "comb-over parting with" romantic "heart" or exciting "butterfly" in the majority of cases it is not under force. Still! It is not just shaving, but the real art! Art, which has its own masters, their secrets, their models. Professional is a professional. It will determine the style of his client, expertly perform cosmetic cleaning intimate space, pick up an individual picture to match the color and thickness of hair, give tips on caring for intimate treasure. Modnyatski shaved pubis is usually accompanied by tattoos and piercings. Such art freaks look super sexy! It seems that the man at the sight of these unusual, neat, well-groomed and militantly sexy genitals should not just be excited, but hide in a primitive ecstasy! understood that the implementation of such ultraeroticheskih pubic hairstyles afford only a certified masters depilation, specially trained. Without a doubt, this profession is unique - even in the two capitals such masters can be counted on the fingers. Sometimes wizard shaped haircuts intimate places just simply afraid of customers "in the street" - something people are different.One newspaper "Karavan-Ros" told about Yaroslavl salon to provide juicy hairdressing. Yaroslavl hairdressers innovators, Katya and Olga, with horror told readers that they had yet to give up the service of the male audience because of complete misunderstanding of a strong half of the difference between the proposed salon services and escort services, receipt of which, in fact, expected, please contact the girls gentlemen. As admitted Katya and Olga correspondent of the newspaper, one of the men who ordered the sex-hair, even during zachesyvaniya started grabbing masters for breast and otherwise demonstrate their concern is not the appearance of a new haircut from the waist down. In order to calm the client, the girls had to put to his excited manhood razor. Visitor cabin and spent the entire session "under the knife", while the hairdresser had finished their hard work. The man was offended awarded the girls a pair of offensive sayings and retired to "nowhere."Another client, tell hairdresser innovators, was "so weird pervert, not a fairy tale to tell - no pen describe."Seated comfortably, man persistently asked the girl one hairs pulled out his pubic hair ... On another occasion in the beauty approached by a man who decided that the girls are building ekzotichski-erotic hair ... on his head.Visitor extremely surprised to hear the unexpected request to undress, and even took the little girls for sexual manyachek. The man fled in terror, finally awarding hairdressers savory three-story mate ... Of course, sexy hairstyle - not a cheap pleasure. For this service mainly treated women with the means. However, if you still make up your mind to bring the beauty of really spicy place in your body - will find an incredible explosion basic instinct boyfriend! By the way, why do not you contact the salon erotic hairstyles together? Shaved penis has a dramatic sculptural form, and you many wonder how much closer to each other, you will feel, making love when your neatly shaved pussy lips come in contact with bare skin around the penis. Unusually sensual pleasures and voluptuous sex in a new, previously unexplored role, you will be simply guaranteed!

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