Sunday, 14 September 2014


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What could be better than a romantic evening, smoothly flowing into at least a romantic night together with your partner? Unfortunately, in life there are times when the second half is not there or not at all. What to do then? How long can you go without sex?
According to sexologists, women, because of their physiology, without ill effects are much longer do without sex than men. The man has the patience of, on average, ends around the third week, while a woman may suffer about two months. Depending on the sexual activity, the person has a dissatisfaction with characteristic irritability, anger, unreasonable outbursts of anger. Women's dissatisfaction is more noticeable, due to the fact that women are more emotional and less restrained. Depending on the age of sexual activity is the stronger sex is different, as well as the attitude toward sex. In 20 years, a man young and hot, testosterone levels increased too, and he's ready to do it anywhere, with anyone. It is a time of self-affirmation, has more value, quantity rather than quality. It was at this time a man learns, gains experience. A woman who wants to build a relationship with 20-year-old man, you must be ready for sex at any time of the day or night and in any place, absolutely anywhere.

A man of 30 years is not so obsessed with sex. At this age, he develops other priorities, it is more focused on career and family. Closer to 30, most men marry, to have children. Here you may receive overtime everyday problems, it's all tiring and physically draining. Therefore, sex is more than planned, as a means to relieve stress. In this period of life variety in your sexual life will be very useful, according When a man comes to the 40-year milestone, it directly faces the challenge of "midlife crisis." According to sexologist between men 30 and 40 years is not much difference, but from a psychological point of view, the difference is great. Man begins to devote more time to his physical form, taking care of health. The most important fear becomes prostatitis or sexual dysfunction. In fact, not all that bad, often after 40 men are gorgeous and sensual lovers. Now they are focused not on quantity, but just on the quality.

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