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Loss of virginity - Defloration who, how and where you lose your virginity

... It starts in school. You think about it almost every day. This dream of you. You dream about it almost all the time. Week after week passes. Blowing out the candles on the cake at your birthday, you're guessing is his desire. Stories about "How I lost my virginity" has long been one of the most burning topics discussed in the school toilets and summer camp at night. And the questions "how, with whom, when and why?" punctually defined on all medical sites ... With open mouth and eyes full of envy you listen to stories about it from older friends (friends). And one fine day, or how it happens to you the first time ...RITE deflowering virginity and egg. What is the connection between them? A such that residents kuanyama tribe that lives on the border with Namibia in antiquity deprived girls virginity using chicken eggs. Slightly more humane act, and in ancient Egypt. On a certain day a virgin came to the Temple of the Great Goddess, and abandoned the first available man. Ancient Scandinavian tribes nightfall before the wedding night sorcerer drags a virgin forest, kindled a fire, and brought a sacrifice to the goddess Fria - elk or wild boar. And only then commit ritual intercourse with the girl. During the Middle Ages the role of sorcerer inherited feudal lord and serf girls deprivation of innocence was not only his right, but also a sacred duty. Sovereign counts and dukes in the year had to deflower virgins hundreds. In some areas of Russia, this practice remained until the abolition of serfdom! Well this is what the work, O Lord! Papuan tribe in the Arunta the whole burden of this intimate process fell on the shoulders of her husband's friends. Shortly before the wedding, the groom asked two or three friends kidnap the bride and disrupt red flower her innocence. From now until the wedding all the men of the tribe could come to her home and "try" newly made ​​woman. Though some people believed that the blood that appears when defloration brings evil and disease.Therefore, to deflower the bride entrusted tribal elder or witch - that is, a man of strong, able to withstand the wiles of the evil spell. And only after that, "ready-to-eat" the bride gave the groom. From here originates the "right of first night".Previously, it was the duty, and fraught with consequences. And much later, it became an honorary law ... In ancient Rome, vestal virgin were in the Middle Ages nuns were obliged to keep her virginity, in the USSR in the villages of the husband to his wife arranged a terrible scandal, if after the wedding night did not show on the sheets of dried blood. So basically virginity is more usually associated with a girl, due to known natural singularities of the female body, a young man who is a virgin, in a sense feels (by the way, unreasonably) deficient and nedorazvitym.Leshenie virginity Experts say that the best way to lose virginity bath as the warm water relaxes the muscles and nerves, prevents spasms and reduces pain. But if you have the most ordinary domestic bath, it is best not to experiment, because it is difficult to have sex even experienced lovers. Also, the water washes away the natural vaginal lubrication. Forget about those who do it on the landing, in the toilet of the youth club, in the shower, in a rocking chair, in a four-seater plane at a height of two kilometers, on the marble coffee table, in my father's car or outdoors. Then you can diversify your sex life, but not now. American journalist Judith McKay told the world about the problems of loss of virginity in the most sexually advanced countries. According to a study McKay, charming Czech girls this year already hold leadership on the issue of loss of virginity. In 15 years, Czech teens into adulthood, making it easy and relaxed with a beer in one hand and a textbook on algebra - in the other. German Fraulein parted with her ​​virginity at age 17, while the southern Portuguese and Italian beauties start sex quite late - at 20 years of age (this is when a temperament). The average age of onset of sexual activity among Russians - 16.2 years (the world average - 17.4). And the age of sexual debut depends on the well-being of the family, of intelligence and level of education and, of course, on the level of self-esteem. First Sex In order to understand the age at which the average American woman loses her virginity, Judith Mackay offers to look at the sexy Britney Spears. Here you are, typical American at a glance - loves popcorn, chewing nails and cherishes her virginity as something sacred. Touches such a reverent attitude to honor the native nation, though, as the statistics show, the situation in this sphere of life is not so rosy. And the example of Britney Spears - this is the exception rather than the rule. Besides, according to all the same statistics, every second loss of virginity in the United States does not take place anywhere, and in the car. Main, never take the time to become a woman. And not to remember little articles of the tabloids, to learn about milf-seventh grade. At the age of 13-15 years for women during sexual arousal is not always moisturizing vagina due to special grease. Because of this, deflowering and sexual intercourse can be particularly traumatic and end in rupture of the vaginal wall. Also, as mentioned above, the "early deflowering" can lead to frigidity.Engaging in sexual activity "of interest" or "for the company" and not testing the partner of this drive, a teenage girl, feeling a lot of pain during defloration may permanently lose interest in men  Source /first-sex/19-poterya-devstvennosti-defloraciya-kto-kak-i-gde.html


Intimate caresses and exciting prelude sometimes much more attractive than the sexual act itself, in which to invent something new is already difficult enough. Here is a flight of fancy, which is limited only by your desires and the level of trust in the relationship. Kun - exquisite affection that a man can give a woman an amazing treat. What if the technique is so flawed that the expectation of pleasure at first turns into a slight dissatisfaction partner, and after, and do become more like torture. It is not so much irritating and frustrating lack of affection than affection did not live up to expectations. Well, firstly should understand that oral sex - a delicate matter, you should not pretend to be a beast of prey, devouring a victim, and try to grab from the object of desire more.Believe me, it is better to concentrate on the caresses of a particular part - the clitoris or internal lips, and not to torment his partner attempts to just swallow everything you see, comforting themselves with the thought that it is better to a lot of it. following frequent puncture in an attempt to bring the height of pleasure but rather to surprise your partner with their ingenuity - a diversion of some parts of his face. Woman, after all, would rather feel the language, not the nose, rhythmically rubbing against the clitoris, while when the main party to the action is somewhere quite there. Also cause discomfort can serve ... chin. Here it is, by a strange coincidence, often moving as if to somehow magically penetrate the vagina. Well, first of all - do what? There are much more appropriate for this part of the body. Secondly, the male chin, often, is a variation of sandpaper of different stiffness. Intimate places - absolutely do not need such stimulation. third mistake is more scientific and philosophical underpinnings. More precisely, the problem in understanding the act itself, which is called cunnilingus and attitude to it. At first, the body simply ignored by the majority of men believe that once their greatest pleasure stimulation of the penis, then it implicitly implies that women receive pleasure, especially concentrated in the vagina. This sad confidence wavered when all began to tell and write about the importance of other erogenous zones, including the clitoris. So, armed with new knowledge men rushed to the development of the unknown, oblivious to the fact that partial knowledge, perhaps worse than its complete absence. In place of the previous installation came a new installation, there is the clitoris - and for women it is the way to orgasm.What needs to be done to the man in order to bring a woman pleasure? And for some reason the first thing that comes to mind for men - it suck. Which makes sense for them, but the woman is still not a man. And anyway, even without going into the details of craftsmanship, you should remember that the word cunnilingus from Latin literally translates as "to lick the vulva." While sucking and can give pleasure, but it is not important in these caresses, should, so to speak, to expand their horizons. Women love with their ears, it is - the truth, gentle whisper during sex sets them on the right wave, but not in the case of cunnilingus . We all know the saying - "When I eat, I am deaf and dumb," that means - do not talk with your mouth full. Believe me, it is impossible to tell the woman he loves what she is amazing, and as you yourself pleasantly caress her, at that moment, when your tongue makes a completely different manipulations. There are two options: either you absolutely cause it to lose the entire mood of his voice choked with slurred diction, which is penetrated with her ​​between the legs, or for such recitation you will have to escape from the primary task - that really is not worth doing. And the blunder - it inability, and perhaps reluctance to finish it to the end. This compares with if in the process of sexual intercourse, to find that it is enough and leave man without discharge. What is a man? But very often, considering just a few seconds of "treatment" enough, the man jumps on his partner, going to the most interesting, in his opinion. Is that - the humidification process for greater comfort, or just a tribute to what that duty, such as "so necessary"? It is worth considering why some women after these caresses gone over to the other side. Indeed, virtually all lesbians to the first homosexual experience been in bed with a man, and most likely not alone. The answer is simple passing such tricks, the woman knows what she wants, and the same understanding should primarily expect from the other woman. represent the ideal oral sex. The woman lies on her back, legs spread out wide and extended, not bent at the knees, it is better to just put a pillow under your hips. In addition to convenience, this position will allow your neck to be less stressful, and therefore as long as possible to continue petting. Outer labia are slightly parted, but really full of caresses need more space. Two hands, acting gently and carefully, open them wide. The whole area is covered with nerve endings, and the clitoris - a place of their concentration. He will be the main object of caresses, but we should not forget that the sensitivity can play a bad joke - the constant, excessive attention and movement language on it one lead first to irritation and discomfort, and then blunted sensitivity. Better to start with the easy polizyvaniya along the genital slit, passing ripple, then start a circular motion around the clitoris language, gradually narrowing the diameter of their movements. Take a few concentrated movements - lick the clitoris itself a few times, then moved back to the area around it, it will only strengthen the feeling.Orgasm, on the one hand - a desirable goal, but on the other - the logical end of caresses, so it's worth it to delay. If a woman is ready to finish, is to change their affection, to move, for example, to the entrance of the vagina, licking it, you give respite main object caresses - the clitoris, to start a new round of pleasures. When, after all, the moment of orgasm, does not come off try to keep lips clitoris - you will feel the heartbeat that pervades it.
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Each of the women (girls) at least knows something about oral sex, even if you did not deal with ever. From friends, from the literature, some of the films. Information about this moment of intimacy anyway reaches our ears and mind. And sometimes plunges into shock. How is that, you need to take in your mouth? My God, how disgusting! Perversion of some sort! Could someone like this can? turns out you can! And very good! And those who give up on this, a lot, believe me, losing in their sexual relations. But they have some justification. Why do we sometimes reject this most intimate part of sex? 1. We think that this is something of unconventional sex, in other words, it is perceived by us as a manifestation of homosexuality.Though, if it comes to that, then the usual kiss in this case can be attributed to this category of merely on the ground that it is used unconventionally oriented citizens. 2. We see it as something dirty, impure, shameful. And forbidden. So we brought in childhood and these old parental restrictions do not allow us to be liberated and enjoy a full merger with the body of his beloved. 3. We already had a bad experience such contact, which stuck in the subconscious mind and can not relax. 4.Smell. Alienates us from the unpleasant smell of semen or male intimate places. And this is connected only with low hygienic culture of our partner. 5. We see this as a desire to humiliate us, to use as a tool for pleasure, sometimes it hurts us. Again, much depends on our partner, not knowing how to be grateful, gruff or even openly rude, do not think about the fact that we can experience in this moment of his words, comments and reactions to what is happening. 6. We believe that the sperm is required to swallow, so as not to offend the favorite, but the taste makes us sick. Or it is bitter, or seems nasty, still, swallow it for some of us, like death. 7. We overpower yourself and do it reluctantly, to please him, and thereby deprive themselves of the opportunity to enjoy the most of this moment of intimacy. And we just need to relax and trust him. 8. We turn away, spits, wipes quickly and hurry to the bathroom to wash off the semen and do not understand that at this moment we destroy the most intimate, that was in our communication in bed. We have entrusted themselves all with all the guts and deepest fluids, and we rejected it in the finest moment of intimacy. And he remains after that? Turn back from you ... Go to the other, which will take it all, with all its goodies and not so ... wrapped up in themselves ... angry at you and avenge some similar way .... So, unwittingly, you awakened the beast in him, so blame yourself ... And could! Oh! What point the buzz you missed! Let's try to understand why they love it so much, why almost all men are raving about oral sex, looking for it, crave, and in the end, be sure to find, perhaps, and not with you ...? They see it as proof of your true feelings, that you take them in detail, intimacy and intricacies. Men are most vulnerable at the moment of orgasm, and during fellatio (the so-called language therapists this habitual blowjob) reveal to us their most intimate places in the hope that we will love them as well as their head, eyes and ears. Gentle touch favorite lip and language to the most erogenous zones thin men bring him indescribable pleasure. If a man sees that you enjoy doing it, then it penetrates you even more love and trust, to some extent, he feels power over you and it makes him proud a. Sometimes problems occur in men with erectile dysfunction, which may be a consequence of fatigue, anxiety, physiological properties, etc. But when you gently touch the source of his male power, caress it and watch as it is filled with this same power, the man immensely grateful to you for your understanding and acceptance of it in any state, the more that feeling of lust and erection - a few different things. Man feels confidence in you, relax and stop to think hard about what will not be able to cope with their male task in bed. If you want to strengthen your relationship with your partner, to diversify the usual sex, make it better and more confidence, do not give up oral sex !Moreover, it is necessary to learn how to do it nice and high quality. Do not be surprised, this really needs to learn, or you can instead of burning pleasure to deliver his beloved smarting. Here one can not take enthusiasm, there must be understanding, attention, and it is best to consistently and constantly consulting with him. It would be great if it responds to your touch, and not just silent, like a fish, speechless with delight or surprise. When people trust each other, like, any action in bed perceived by them naturally and spontaneously. When your man knows that his genital organ like you, love is the subject of your loving-kindness, affection and pride, he will grant you a hundredfold, and in gratitude for your attitude towards it. never labeled as "his buddy" offensive, rude words, do not try to weave it into the definition of "small, tiny", "thingy, silicle, kryuchochek etc." and generally diminutive suffixes here are misplaced. Your loved one is more like the comparison in the direction of exaggeration ... Although everything is very individual. Just have to be careful and cautious in the choice of vocabulary, no neglect, ridicule, negative evaluation, etc. Your words - is an integral part of oral sex. They remembered a man for a long time and may be the subject of bitter sweet memories or thoughts the rest of his life, and there is nothing you can do about it, so they are oddballs because give this area of life is as important as his success in life in general, and perhaps even and more. Remember this.

How to turn the horrors of oral sex in the delights of: 1. If he insists, try to explain to him in soft expressions all your fears and doubts. Surely he will understand and help you overcome them. 2. Try to start it right in the bathroom, then you will be assured of complete purity and pleasantness of odors that you might be repelled by it. Existing tools intimate hygiene to neutralize all the trouble and completely calm your excitement about it. As for the microbes that you are so afraid, in your oral cavity are many more, believe me. And if you are suffering from dental caries, stomatitis, inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth, herpes, oral sex with her ​​beloved man is not worth doing, so that your love is not the end of problems for him. The same goes for him. For the reverse process (more mutual, with kuninilingusom - oral sex on his part) can be just as unsafe for you. Be attentive to each other, take care of your health and that of your loved one! 3. If you disliked his view (and this happens, believe me!), Try to close your eyes and try to touch. Slowly bare head, allowing the skins to slip down, I think it will help you, if you fail or do not dare to do it. Do not be afraid, it is not a crystal, it does not hurt, and it is pleasant, but without coarseness and sharpness, smoothly, as if pulling chulochek you undress him, the foreskin will open the innermost. Peel the sweet-sweet, thin, such as a baby, it's like a warm foot kid lick her tongue, like ice cream, then it will become slippery and a pleasant, open your eyes, maybe you'll see that it looks like a tulip or a rose bud, abstracted from their negative programs, try to dream up, tell your loved about it, he likes it, dream with him. And then think of a baby, what did you do most often, and that brings you pleasure inexplicable - sucking. Try to imagine yourself in that state, immerse yourself into it with all his being, it is surprisingly pleasant. And there is nothing to be ashamed of, believe me.4. Do not bite, do not make any sudden movements rough, do not recycle it as a plunger, not milk the like cow. Do this gently, carefully, experiment, advice from a loved one. If he is silent, as a partisan, which I highly doubt, then try to feel his condition by the movements of the body. The most sensitive area of the head and the bridle. Operate here her soft tongue and lips. Kiss it all, immerse in the mouth and slide, wet saliva profusely, so lips rolled like a roller coaster, if you are afraid to ask about it, try to do it with your finger as you enjoyable - and to him. Listen to his reactions. When this action involves your fingers, hands, touching his chest, and you do start to get pleasure from this amazing process. In addition, you suddenly feel their power over him when he obediently succumb to your gentle touch and becomes hard as jade rod. 5. Scares you ejaculation, sperm seems you nasty, sticky, mucus-like ... Well, in general, this is the slime ... Just do not think about it, you are sufficiently wetted with saliva all around her, she was a pleasant and habitually and his sperm and dilute it becomes less viscous. You will not notice it sklizkosti. Imagine that the ice cream had melted and run down ... Someone can swallow it, someone prefers that all came out on his stomach and hands, and someone turns away in disgust and rushes dry off. Latest amenities for the moment is unacceptable, we have already talked about this. Take it all in his manifestation as his saliva when he kisses you deep kiss, do not reject, try it. He will thank you for it. Taste can be different. Depending on whether you today it fed. Ideally, of course, pineapple and celery, not pickles and herring. You disgusting even to read about it, gastronomy some as if it sewage digested by the body. This oatmeal, Miss! Protein, if you want. Say useful. I do not know.In any case, it is harmless. But it is very important in terms of your relationship to him, your man. And yet, if he is offended at you for something that you prefer not to swallow - let him try, offer it to him. How did he react to it? In the end, we can take to bed with a towel or cloth and gently wipe it and yourself if you are really very unpleasant. Only gently, without disgusted grimace and the word "phew!" 6. If you are still uncomfortable, if you choke, you are sick, try to restrain the impulses of her lover, tell him about your feelings, gently monitor its onslaught. And if he does not understand a joke, take sometime to Do cucumber, about the size of a suitable and try to shove it in your mouth jokes his sweet straight to the ground. I do not think he'll like this procedure. Gag reflex work. And then gently chided for his active movement in your direction during oral sex. I think this will be enough to make him understand that he needs to be careful. Sometimes it really can be difficult to control yourself, so it starts a process. THEN DO NOT LET YOURSELF it to behave the way you trouble. 7.Oral sex does not always end orgasm, sometimes it is a prelude to the usual sex, which will allow you and for him to experience a more vivid impression of intimacy. 8. Despite the fact that this kind of intimacy iozhet be very pleasant to practice it constantly may not be worth it because of the area of extreme erotic experiences, he moved in the routine and losing attractiveness. Let it be not so often, but quality and virtuosity, a kind of gift to each other in moments of your special location. 9. If your loved one wants to bring such pleasure, and you (as he ever wants to be sure), do not deny it. It's even nicer, and it included! And do not think that he's doing it only out of gratitude, to give you pleasure, but in fact he does not like. Do not torture yourself with doubts about your smell. That you did not care, more thoroughly wash their folds, longer, with the help of special tools intimate hygiene. And still make a neat hairstyle an intimate space to vegetation was low, and the pleasure - the maximum, in addition, it is much more hygienic. If you are still not sure of their smell, try for yourself how it smells and how the taste - if you like it, then do not worry, it is exactly like it. He is from the smell just go crazy. However, a really bad odor may be a consequence of an inflammatory disease, thrush etc. To remove it, remove the cause. 10. And another warning. If your and his private parts (well, I hope, is not about you) have ulcers, red stains of unknown origin, warts, rashes, papilloma, etc., to engage in oral sex is not recommended, as, indeed, and normal. course, I do not sexologist, and some interesting moments oral contact, men and women, perhaps not quite lit up professionally. But I have a rich experience of a happy family life and a harmonious sex. Therefore, I am taking on such a blatant and smug audacity to advise you to do it with pleasure and without effort!
How to please a blowjob

kiss favorite can go anywhere, his penis is not an exception. Legie and teasing kisses quickly lead him into a state of high alert, if he did not come into this state only by the thought that he was doing a blowjob. In this case, it is not necessary to confine himself only kisses head of the penis, almost the whole area "out there" in one way or another excitable: from pubic hair around the edges (here carefully: it must be sufficiently excited, otherwise it can be tickled) and to place under a member of: the beginning of the legs and the area between the scrotum and the anus. way, nobody said that there are other reasons not to kiss the entrance to the anus than outdated prejudices. Naturally, washed partners implied. But we do not forget that kissing - that's not all. All the same places you can licking. And caress on the force can be varirovatsya from mild teasing, subtle touches to the "heavy licks." Good analogy here can make ice cream on a stick: any method other than biting well and will act on the penis. By the way, the force of impact on the member also depends on whether you want to make your partner cum or blowjob - it's just part of foreplay to tease your partner over other types of sex Continuing the analogy with ice cream, your partner would have appreciated if you sucked penis lips shallow taking in the mouth member, so that the lips covered his ring immediately behind the head, slowly taking it out yourself (literally and figuratively), while continuing to cover his lip ring. By the way, here pay special attention to the fact that the member is not particularly prone to contact with the teeth. In the moments when a member is in the mouth, do not forget to tickle his tongue. Separately say a few words about breathing, is also an important part of a blowjob. Head of the penis - a sensitive organ, but it does not mean that it can not breathe. Conversely, sensible and wet, it will respond to any movement of air. For example, holding the penis in the mouth and breathing through a loosely covering the lips, you can create a pleasant sensation of coolness. Conversely, mouth breathing, you can act on it sogrevayusche. Breathing also allows you to create a vacuum in the mouth to create the impression that you can really suck the soul out of a partner. But a member - it's not all that can be captured in the mouth.You can also take the testicles, caressing them with the language. Draw and pulling their lips, but not so hard as to make favorite hurt! And some of the places that are nearby. About the fact that you can lick (and time), the region between the scrotum and the anus, I subtly hinted. Also in this area there is a point that will allow when pressing on it to hold ejaculation - it is useful to know if your man is ready, and you're going to tease him further about the very term should also say a word, not even one! I dare say that the lower part of the member - the barrel is below the crown - not very sensitive. This does not mean that it is not necessary to caress the tongue and lips, making blowjob, but keep in mind that your man's arousal is likely subside. I will also say a few words about the bridle: this is the most sensitive and excitable place for all members, or even the whole man! Handle it carefully, with due reverence, not leaning heavily on her tongue. But do not leave unattended!Hands during all this action is not idle. Depending on the posture in your hands will be different freedom of action, as in the position where a man lies on his back, and you bent over him, it's hard not to draw at least one arm, but the second your hand free. And your man would not refuse caresses scrotum and ... will understand where it is better to caress. By the way, an interesting place for a hand (or rather for the fingers) just a man in the anus. Unlike women, men in there is such a tricky thing called the prostate. And with its stimulation, especially during a blowjob, a man commits almost fountain. About where to get the grease to enter his fingers in there, you can guess yourself, except that this action is very, very well, you are not turned on. Remember that between pain and pleasure is only one step. And not a big step, but a small, quite arbitrary boundary. And when a man is overly excited, touching the most sensitive and excitable places can be painful: just then and it is desirable to move to less sensitive areas. Also remember that after you have driven a man to orgasm, the head of the penis is very sensitive and it is better not to touch. You can boost self pleasure during ejaculation, if you soak the seed flow, and not just give him a shed (or shot - it depends on what you have previously done in bed), but it should be done very, very carefully, preferably - touching lips member below the crown, for the less sensitive part of it. And most importantly - is not confined to any one technique a blow job, especially if you tease him. Diversify impact, dream, and you will see how your man moans and squirms! Do not be surprised if he lashes out at you before you finish to show him all that can! By the way, in order to protect themselves from such isolation, try to tie him to the bed, and then tease him, mocked him for as long as you want it. And only then let him finish!

WORLD ORAL SEX (tutorial)
Women are regularly doing their favorite blowjob and swallows sperm 40% less likely to develop breast cancer. This proves the scientific research conducted at the University of North Carolina.
participated in the experiment almost 16 000 women aged 25 to 45 years, who regularly engaged in oral sex the last 5-10 years. Of these, 6 246 - swallowing sperm, and 9728 - did not. study showed that those of the fair sex who engaged in oral sex 1-2 times a week with swallowing ejaculate, 40% less likely to develop breast cancer. Oral sex without swallowing sperm did not give results, according to "The World of Health." Dr. Kramer of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, who was not involved in the study stated that the results obtained allow to discard the past prejudices regarding depravity blowjob. One of the leaders of the study, Dr. Elena Shiftir recommends that you regularly make a blowjob and make it an important part of the daily routine. "I myself, after the first results of research, practice blow through the night to reduce the risk of cancer," - said the researcher.

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