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If you still are convinced that fashion exists only in dresses, suits, accessories, then forget about it now. Fashion has absolutely everything, even the size of the breast.

Yes, the so-called "fashion on the chest," there is a very long time. For example, in the Middle Ages were valued quite modest, "apples", then established the ideal brittle, translucent women: weight 45 kg, the volume of the chest - 79 cm. Nobody at that time and did not think about how it would be great to have big breasts. On the contrary, the owner of large volumes of not very much, and were proud of their charms. Which of countesses or Viscountess would seem like a peasant?Pamela Anderson would have taken for the freak-mutant, however, some people today consider it as such.
Periodically preference for a flat chest, a lush. It was only in the mid-80s and have taken, "approved" ideal standards figures - 90-60-90, which presuppose the existence of something which lovely bumps. Owners of very small breasts notorious, plastic surgeons rejoiced. Want more? - No problem. Give us the money - you get the chest.
Why do women have different breasts of different sizes, and why there is no direct relationship between, say, growth, total amounts varying ladies and size of her breasts? Perhaps something that will explain a simple description of its "device".
hiding right under the skin of iron, as it is called, glandular tissue, - the same body in which the milk is produced. It is secured by a connective tissue to the muscles of the chest. Around the glandular tissue between her shares is fatty tissue. The amount of fat in the female breasts vary in very large limits. In some women, the breast is composed almost entirely of fat.As a consequence, their bust can vary in size with fluctuations in body weight. Others have glandular tissue (its growth is controlled by hormones) - conversely - much more than the fat and size of their breasts by weight is practically independent, so that they can sit on diets as much as they fit. Their beauty will not suffer.
For the record - to this day the biggest breasts in Europe have Englishwoman. It was in England about 30% of women aged 30 to 39 years old wear bras sizes 4-6. Followed by Dutch women - one in five of them in the course of the same size "cups."Further, as the breast reduction, lined Danish, Belgian and French.

If all men knew that the "big-lady" living in England, they would probably go more often drove. However, the myth that the modern peasants necessarily Give poroskoshney bust, has not always been confirmed. For example, in the course of the blogosphere survey found out that more and more popular among men enjoy breast size 2-3. Rarely - 4th. But 5 and 6, the size of a man seen as a threat to life. These women are, judging by the comments, they are afraid. However, there is also such an observation of life, often even very magnificent forms lovers would not want to the same decorated them with his own wife. "What next! To any reptile staring at you !?. " ideal shape can be considered a bust girls in late adolescence and up to 20-21 years. Exceptions, of course, there are. Important, of course, and the overall proportions, as the bust - not "bust the home hero." He's not "live" in itself, it is important to what he "fastened"! Probably 90-pound "Rubens" matron and the second size is small, and the subtle "snake" in which the weight of the half, the presence of only a slight hint of a bulge and can forgive the way, who wrote: "I do not like fat women with small breasts - they seem to me some insincere? "Dovlatov not it?

There are ways to determine the ideal state of the chest, and, quite funny. For example, the tone and the height of the breast is determined by the following method - placed under the chest pencil. If it falls out, it's nice to remain - it is a problem of sagging breasts already exists. It's funny to imagine a woman in front of a mirror, which is so hard trying to hide a pencil under her charms.
But that's not all. There is almost a mathematical formula for determining the ideal breast. "The nipple should" stand at the zenith "(sorry, a bit bully-up), the distance from the top of the breast to the nipple should not exceed one third of its full size." After you read this, do not ask questions, making line in your wife's purse.
Generally speaking, it's great that once people come up with clothing that hides a miracle, like a woman's breasts! Must be a woman some mystery, even if the mystery - merely the size and shape of her bust. Papuans can only sympathize: all this joy is constantly before their eyes, undisguised, and they have nothing to solve. So boring, probably! 
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