Sunday, 14 September 2014


During sexual intercourse can occur a lot of embarrassing situations, but the most important rule that everyone should know - do not panic! Hee tips: What to do if ... ... it did not work? At least once in a lifetime sexual fiasco suffers every man. It is this idea, you must implement the consciousness of your favorite, until he found himself hopeless impotent. Surely the day before he was very tired or too nervous. Or maybe yesterday, you had a rough night of love? The main thing - that no one felt guilty for what happened. And what actually happened something ?! Let man understand that it is expensive you regardless of whether it is or not an erection. Believe me, these words are better than any Viagra! ... intimacy is accompanied by pain or discomfort? One of the three. Either you are for some reason afraid of intimacy, or do not want it.This prevents muscle relaxation and normal vaginal moisturizing. These problems are resolved in one visit to the sex therapist Either you have a place to be a cyst or an inflammatory process, such as cervical erosion. Either in your body goes through some hormonal changes that trigger vaginal dryness (as often happens at menopause). If pain occurs rarely and only at a certain position, it may be due to the pressure member on the ovaries. Enough to change the pose - and the pain will disappear. ... you caught him masturbating? Join now! Anyway, behave as if a man masturbates - a common occurrence in your life. By the way, the representatives of the male tribe masturbate twice as likely than their weaker half. Why do they do it? First - rehearsing. Second - mentally alter other. Third shed accumulated per day stress, anger. Why not you? Yes, because I do not want to see the woman he loves the car to remove the negative energy! So, anyway, the only benefit Besides, by their own admission, masturbation further reinforces their desire to do the "real" sex. ... he categorically rejects this method of contraception such as condoms? Try to find out why. Maybe the process of putting on "gum" it seems unaesthetic and asexual? So turn it into a piece of erotic games - putting on a condom, for example, by mouth. Perhaps one day he had an allergy to defective condom. Give him packing the most reliable and hypoallergenic products. Or maybe he has a problem with the State Standard of? Of course, it is possible to show solidarity, but American girls, for example, refuse condoms only upon presentation of a doctor's partner. Tips for Him: What to do if ... ... it is against oral sex? Proceed by example. Against this, it just will not mind. We can assume that she will understand how it is divine, and as you enjoy doing it for her, then it will have a reciprocal desire to please you. Have arisen? Do not rush to accuse her of being selfish, transfers Sometimes women refuse oral sex because they are afraid to be not up to par, they just do not know how to do (or think they do not). Technical side of things can be solved with any pornographic tapes. And the emotional side depends on your stroke and mild persistence. ... one day she will express some nontrivial wish for example, offer to shave your pubic hair? Do not give up! Unconventional sexual desires, in most cases do not speak about the disease and about the lack of fresh impressions. Agreeing on its "quirks" in parallel and do Be creative. So you avoid the routine and boredom in your intimate relationships. ... you want to become a father? The best position for conception, according to experts, - when a woman lies on her back, pelvis tucked under the pillow, but ideally the birth of a new life must be preceded by a variety of activities: smoking, alcohol and potent drugs for at least three months prior to this important event. And again, experts recommend 3-4 man-day sexual abstinence - to mature the most strong and healthy sperm. Tips for All: What to do if ... ... the condom broke or there was sexual intercourse, dubious in terms of contraception? Experts recommend women take the pill so-called "day of appointment for tomorrow" - for example, Postinor, or PV 486. Basically, for this purpose, to suit any hormonal contraceptive product in an amount of 4 tablets. The main thing to take them no later than 72 hours after the "dangerous act." ... there was a spasm of the vagina? Just do not jerk! Natural desire of men will immediately break out of the bondage of love - you can not do in any case, otherwise it can seriously travmiroat partner. It should relax with the help of no-spa or hot tub. But it is easier and faster to "open valve" by entering into the anus women finger and gently pulling it down. ... man wants only in the morning, and the woman - only in the evening? The peak of male sexual activity from five in the morning. But this does not mean that nature can not be fooled. Rebuilds! It is better to start during the holidays, when you do not need to be present at work at 9:00. Once you realize that waking up at first light and immediately make love - it's great! And he agrees that sex under the moon no worse.

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