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For those who still do not know: to find the source of ladies enjoying a snap. The clitoris is located at the point in which converge the labia (for those who do not know: it is those inside). Could not find the clitoris first time - look for more: in fact, he is out there. Modern physicians are sometimes called female clitoris penis: ladies' widget has a similar structure - the head, the foreskin, the erectile tissues. Only small. In fact, a large part of the organ of pleasure is hidden inside, contributing to the ability of the weaker sex to get an orgasm.

At rest the clitoris is almost imperceptible, but it's worth invade sexual arousal, as it swells. The reason - a large number of blood vessels and nerve endings responsible for the sensitivity of the "pearls". Sometimes trigger female orgasm does not work. The reasons for such a cold can be a lot - from hormonal disruption and to problems in the development of sexual organs. Organize the work of "buttons" help sexologist. clitoral sensitivity -vesch individual: someone like vigorous massage, someone - light touch someone even through clothing stimulation. Learn exactly what caresses like a woman who can only empirically, but not the size of the breast or the sign of the zodiac. And if not an "all you women are the same." German scientists decided that there should be more fun, and offered a welcome service - clitoral enlargement with injections of collagen. But the novelty is not caught. After all, the sensitivity of the clitoris does not depend on its size. You see, even in women size - is not important. Due to the natural asymmetry of the one side of the body catches the buzz is better than another. Want to know which one? Caress it all, but we'll see. Women too are circumcised. Removal of the "hood" (wrinkling of the skin over the body), the clitoris is laid bare, its sensitivity jumps. Unfortunately, the opposite effect is possible: "highlight" zagrubevaet and instead turns buzz unsatisfied "Well, where?"

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To understand what are the popular sexy "chips" are actually men do not like rich personal experience is not enough. Do you know about your partner all the details. Are you sure? Maybe you just think he's delighted with your latex panties? Maybe you are just carried away by the ideas of the film "Bitter Moon," not to mention "9.5 weeks", and your dreams are all about Bob something else? What dreams Bob, we do not know, but that's exactly what he does not dream, try to figure out right now. 
did you get out of the fridge and a can of whipped cream slowly draw sweet heart on his broad chest, and then hot tongue licks ... Tempting, yes ? Now imagine that this chest - hairy men and feel similar to yours, if you poured this cream on his head.

The first myth: men like lingerie

Transparent, lace, satin - choose to your taste. Now, remove it immediately! Because men, in their unanimous statement, much more like a naked woman. Shops underwear wonder hung lace, fishnet, corsets and other thong. Trying all this splendor, every woman thinks about a man who will undress her. And the dreams that now this bra with embroidery certainly grant that the beloved right now to make a marriage proposal. Well, or at least invite her to the restaurant. Ladies, relax.Linen industry works is not the fact, to break a man's heart - she captivates us. And men do not care. No, if a woman put on Grandma's trousers with fleece, then to sex it can not reach, but the difference between the lace and embroidery are only able to understand fetishists, whom men still in the minority. So we can say with certainty that the average man does not matter that is put on the woman. And all the stockings, negligees they take for granted - just because they love us.



Myth Two: men like erotic lingerie from a sex shop

If a loved himself led you to a sex shop and suggested trying yonder leather belt for stockings, all right then. But if you itch to treat it with something new, and you are on their own initiative, they have bought a decent arsenal of sex underwear - you wasted your money. man at best, very surprised to see you in the harness, "Lady" or "erotic" with bra sticking out of the middle of the nipples, and asks to stay - so as not to interfere with the process. In the worst case - scared and run away. A nestrashnye blood-red panties with a slit in an intimate place he probably just is not different from the usual.


Myth Three: men like bed playing with food

You remove from the freezer canister of whipped cream and slowly draw a sweet heart on his broad chest, and then a gentle hot tongue licks ... Tempting, is not it? Now imagine that this chest - hairy men and feel similar to yours, if you poured this cream on his head. dirty Fresh strawberries, cake crumbles, about the chocolate you already own all understood. Sweet sexually only in the movies. In real life, it is sticky and unpleasant, and the men said their unanimous "no" to such toys.Neither one of them wants to be smeared with jam from head to toe. most that they agree - it lick a drop of alcoholic beverage from the navel to the chest or partner. However, offer him a sausage sandwich - perhaps this idea he liked it more.

Myth Four: men like to talk about "it"

I do not mean a gentle cooing Postcoital in a dream, but very real cries of "Oh, yes, more, more" and all sorts of names genitalia and sexual acts. Pro ​​passionate cries and moans of the men immediately said that it was good for nothing they do not. Do they feel as if they are shot in a cheap porn movie, and the cry of "Come on, pierce right through me" all desire to have them disappear. The word "still" and breaks off at all, as it makes them think that you do a little, and now he's right in the course of a voluntary dies, will not give you the desired pleasure. As for the names, it is all a bit more complicated. Most men would like to hear impersonal constructions like "a big" when the very name of the body is not pronounced. Obscene names like not all, the word "penis" seems too medical and therefore not sexual, "member" - also somehow sounds silly. The only thing men are unanimous - no diminutive names and baby talk. So, call it a body "Princess Sophie" is clearly not worth it, although the "Indomitable jade hammer" is not better. Men traditionally prefer not to talk, but to do (if they are not politicians, of course), and sex in this case is no exception.


Myth five: men enjoy anal sex

This is almost true, with one small, but very important exception. Most men are just shy you offer it, and some of them even refuse if you ask. Ironically, need for anal sex, the man was at ease and confident, and, alas, it does not occur very often.Education costs are forcing many men think that anal sex is unpleasant partner, and they keep their desires in themselves. Or already crushed them so that they do not even want. Some individuals are just too squeamish, and some insanely afraid that in response to a woman can offer him to experience the same thing - with a dildo. Overall, anal sex - fun is not for everyone, and if you do not want it - do not worry, most likely, your man of his absence is also not affected.


Myth Six: in bed man only cares about himself

Fortunately, bed selfishness long been in vogue, and the men who, having experienced an orgasm, turn their backs to the wall and go to sleep, now a rarity. majority recognized that true satisfaction they can get only if they were able to satisfy your partner. In their attempts to achieve the desired, they are willing to use its entire arsenal, and his tongue hanging out (not out of zeal), and tirelessly work towards orgasm partner. Many are even willing to sacrifice his own orgasm, having spent all his zeal to appease the woman, but would not disappoint her. However, this coin has another side. Female orgasm - capricious thing and windy. Sometimes it happens that a woman had an orgasm without pleasure, and feels satisfied. But not all men can explain it, and some of them are able to "for Any" you to death, in the fight for your orgasm.

Myth Seven: men enjoy oral sex

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